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They Were Just Friends, Then Discovered This

Rachelle Arthur Dyer

Rachelle was preparing for a life-changing move in 2004. She was working in Washington State as a primary school teacher, several hours outside Seattle. This is where she grew up and decided that it was time for a change. She was offered a new job across the country, and she accepted it. Rachelle knew that taking the job would mean leaving a lot behind, but she was willing to do that. Rachelle was ready to start a new chapter in her life.

Rachelle’s Twin Sister

Moving would mean that Rachelle had to leave her twin sister, Kristelle Arthur Harrington, behind. The two women grew up together, and they were very close. When the girls were born, they were separated from the rest of their family because their mother put them up for adoption. They didn’t even know who their birth mother was. Fortunately, the twins were adopted by a loving and nurturing family, complete with loving parents and two younger brothers. The girls had always been curious about their birth mother’s identity, but they never acted on it.

The East Coast

Rachelle and her family left the West Coast and headed to the East Coast to Virginia Beach, Virginia. She got a job at Tallwood Elementary School as an assistant teacher in the special education department. At first, leaving her twin sister and extended family behind was difficult. She started getting adjusted to her new surroundings and started making new friends.

Strange Comments

From the day Rachelle started at her new job, people kept telling her that she looked familiar. Some insisted that they had seen her face before. Since Rachelle had never been to Virginia before, she knew that they had to be mistaken. There was no way that they had ever seen her before. Her co-workers told her that she looked just like a teacher who had worked there previously, but since the educator no longer worked there, they couldn’t introduce Rachelle to her doppelganger.

Shannon Holley Nicoll

Rachelle’s doppelganger was Shannon Holley Nicoll. She was several years younger than Rachelle, but they told her that the resemblance was uncanny. Shannon had left the school because she got a new job at King’s Grant Elementary.

Kenny Chesney Concert

When country music star, Kenny Chesney, was coming to concert in 2009, Rachelle’s friend from school asked her to go. The friend also asked Shannon to attend because they were still close. Finally, Rachelle was going to be able to meet this woman that she had heard so much about. When Rachelle and Shannon met, they both agreed that everyone was right. They did look very similar. And they both said that seeing each other was almost like looking in a mirror. They posed together for a photo to prove how similar they looked to one another.

DNA Testing

After moving to Virginia and meeting her doppelganger, home DNA tests became popular. Rachelle’s husband suggested that she take the test. He thought that maybe she could find some of her relatives. Since she was adopted, she didn’t know much about her past. Rachelle agreed that it might be a good idea.

A Match

The DNA tests register each user. If there is a DNA match, the person tested will be informed. When Rachelle got her test back, she found out that she had a cousin. Her name was Tracey Hall. Both women were shocked and excited to find this new family member.

A Secret

For most of her adult life, Tracey’s mother had a secret. Her sister, Janice, had two daughters, but before she gave birth to these girls, she gave birth to twin girls in Washington, and she put them up for adoption. She couldn’t care for them on her own, so she had no choice. Tracey knew that Rachelle existed somewhere, and now she knew who she was. Rachelle’s meeting Tracey allowed her to find out more about her birth family. What was even more shocking was that Rachelle’s doppelganger and now friend, Shannon, was actually her younger sister. They were just friends, then discovered this. She also learned that she had an older sister named Lisa Holley Vann, who also lived in Virginia Beach.

The Odds Are Astronautical

The odds of Rachelle moving to the same city that her birth family lived in are astronautical. Of all the cities in the world, Rachelle got a job offer in the same city where her long lost family lived. Despite the odds, Rachelle found sisters, cousins, and aunts. She says that making the move to Virginia Beach was the best thing that she could have ever done. A reunion took place and Rachelle’s twin sister. For the family, it was an incredible reunion.

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