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Things You Did Not Know The Use Of

Things You Did Not Know The Use Of

#1 The Lettering On a Makeup JarIf you have ever bought a bottle of face makeup, you may have noticed that there is a mark on the bottle that could read 6M, 12M, 18M, or 24M. These aren’t markings that they need in the factory, they are actually the expiration dates. If you use face makeup for too long, it can result in a breakout, a rash, or an infection. These marks are to let you know when it is time to toss your old makeup and replace it with new makeup.

#2 The Small Hole Between the iPhone Flash and CameraIf you have one of the newer versions of the iPhone, you will notice that there is a tiny black dot in between the camera’s back camera and the flash. This isn’t there for show or a mistake, it is actually a tiny microphone. Apple added this to the newer iPhones so that you can get better sound quality when you are taking videos.

#3 The Lines On an X-Acto KnifeIf you have ever used an X-Acto knife, you may have noticed the horizontal lines that run up and down the blade. These are there to extend the life of the razor. When the razor begins to get dull, you would snap it off at the line and you would have a fresh new razor to work with. This can be done up to 10 times, depending on the knife that you have.

#4 The Tabs On the Ends Of an Aluminum Foil BoxThere is nothing worse than needing aluminum foil only to have it fall out of the box and roll out on the ground. What you may not know is that there are two tabs on each side of the box that you are supposed to push in. When they are pushed in, they will go right into the holes in the tube, holding the foil in place when you use it.

#5 The Extra Piece of Fabric That Comes With New ClothesIf you have ever bought a new shirt or a new pair of pants that came with a small piece of fabric in a bag, you might think that it is a patch. If you were to rip the clothing, you would have a small piece of material to patch the hole. This isn’t the real reason why clothing manufacturers include this piece of fabric. It is actually so you can put it in the washing machine so that you will see what the washer and the soap will do to your clothing so that you don’t end up ruining it. It is actually just a test piece of fabric. The button that comes with the fabric, that is often included just in case you lose one.

#6 The Extra Holes In Converse SneakersMany people who wear Converse sneakers know that there are two extra holes on the sides of the feet. These aren’t there for decoration like most people think. There are some people who think that they are there to lace the sneaker up tighter and to offer more support. Both of these theories sound plausible, however, they are both wrong. These holes are actually there for added ventilation. Since many styles of Converse are high-tops, the more ventilation, the better.

#7 The Hole At the End of a RulerMany people think that the holes at the end of the ruler are there to help you make a perfect circle. The hole is really small, so this explanation is pretty silly. There aren’t too many people who would need to draw a circle this small. This hole is actually there so that you have a way to hang the ruler up rather than trying to fit it inside a desk drawer.

#8 The Hole At the End of a Pan HandleOf all the things you did not know use of, this is the most useful. Most saucepans and skillets have a hole at the end of the handle. Most people think that this hole is there so that they can hang their pan on the wall. They are half right about this. The hole at the end of the handle is a great way to hang a pan if that what you choose to do. The other purpose of the hole is to put a spoon handle through it. If you are cooking and your stir your food, whatever you are cooking will get all over the counter unless you rinse it off each time. If you put the spoon through the hole, it will hover over the pan, preventing anything from dripping.

#9 The Arrow On the Side of the Gas Gauge IconMany vehicles will have a small arrow on the side of the gas gauge icon. This icon is there to let the driver know which side the gas tank is on. Whichever way the arrow is pointing is the side that the gas gauge is on. Since most drivers know which side their tank is on, this little arrow is more helpful to people who are borrowing a car.

#10 Pom-Pom and Backpack LoopThe pom-pom on a hat goes all the way back to the 1900’s when sailors were living aboard ships. Sailors would wear the hats and if the pom-pom scraped the ceiling, they would know that they needed to duck and they wouldn’t scrape up their head.
The loop on the pocket of a backpack is called a hauling loop. These come in handy with people out in the wilderness, however, there is no need to put them on a kid’s backpack. There aren’t too many kids out there who are going to be hauling heavy items at school.

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