Things Your Sleeping Position Reveals About You

#1 Sleeping On Your Side With Your Knees Sticking Out If you sleep on your side with your knees sticking out, it means that you are a relatively calm person. It also means that you are reliable. If someone insults you, it takes a lot to offend you. Also, when you think about the future, you don’t worry too much. It is easy for you to smile, even if things just aren’t going your way. Sleeping in this position means that if a problem arises, you can handle it with ease, and you don’t really need to disrupt your life to do so. You are often able to take things in stride. If you sleep like this, you are a real problem solver.

#2 Sleeping in the Fetal Position

If you sleep in the fetal position, you have a strong desire to be protected. You also need for people to understand you and to sympathize with you. When you curl yourself up this way, you are trying to cut yourself off from the problems that you face. You are trying to cut off the world when it is too much to face. If you sleep in the fetal position, you often have a talent for dancing, painting or writing. You mainly lean toward creative outlets. Even if you don’t make these things your career, you have a passion for creative ways of expressing yourself.

#3 Sleeping on Your Stomach With Your Arms and Legs Out

A person who sleeps on their stomach with their arms and legs out is considered to be a leader. You are very impulsive and you take the initiative in most situations, in both your personal life and your professional life. Because you don’t like surprises, you try to plan everything in advance. When it comes to your birthday, you prefer a well thought out party planned weeks in advance. Surprise parties are not your thing. You have a strong sense of relationship. The people in your personal life and the people that you work with are very important to you. You also have a strong sense of self-preservation, therefore, you are able to achieve great success in your life.

#4 Sleeping on Your Back If you sleep on your back with your arms down by your side, it means that you love life and you are a positive person. You love to be around people and when you are, you love to be the center of attention. While you can be very stubborn and persistent, you are also very rational. You often prefer to always be truthful, both to other people and yourself. A person who sleeps in this position often has a strong personality. Rather than bending to another person’s will, they often bend to yours. Not because you force them to, it’s just that your personality draws them in.

#5 You Sleep Like a Solider At AttentionIf you sleep on your back with your arms down by your side like a soldier at attention, it means that you are a well-adjusted person. You have your life goals in mind and you know what you need to do to achieve these goals. You can be demanding at times and you are also strict. If you are a parent, you expect obedience and respect at all times. Of all the people that you know, you expect and demand the most from yourself. When you don’t reach your goals or accomplish the things that you had hoped to, you take it very hard and you often take it out on yourself. Rules are important to you and you expect the people in your life to be on the straight and narrow as well as yourself.

#6 You Sleep With One Leg Raised There are things your sleeping position reveals about you and this one says a lot. Sleeping with one leg raised is unusual, and it means that you are an unusual person. You have a very unpredictable personality. You are also drawn to all types of adventures. It is very easy for your mood to change, you can go from happy to mad in a second. This can often confuse those around you and some people may not be able to deal with it well. It can be hard to maintain lasting relationships due to your sudden mood changes. You are also very indecisive. When it comes to making a decision, even about the smallest things, you often go back and forth, unable to settle on a decision. This can be frustrating for those around you. If they need you to make a decision and you keep going back and forth, it can result in trouble at work and in your personal life. You likely desire peace, quiet, and stability in both your personal life and in your work life. You are also extremely thorough.

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