Things You’ve Always Done Wrong

#1 Why We Do What We Do

When you are little, you watch what your parents do. You learn most of the things that you know from watching and studying your parents and then mimicking their movements. If your parents perform everyday tasks the wrong way, you are going to grow up doing the same thing. In some cases, things have changed over the years and you just haven’t changed with the time. This is a list of things doing wrong. You may not even realize that you are doing these things wrong.

#2 Holding a Steering Wheel

Anyone who learned to drive from when cars were invented until the 90’s was taught that when you are driving, you should hold your steering wheel at positions 10 and 2. Driving schools, drivers education teachers, and even parents have taught new teen drivers that this was the safest way to hold the steering wheel while driving. Today, this is no longer the case. Now that almost every car on the road has a driver-side airbag, the rules have changed. The safest way to keep your hands on the wheel today is at positions 3 and 9 on the steering wheel. If the airbag deploys and you are at 10 and 2, your hands and arms can be seriously injured. Now that the rules have changed to 3 and 9, you won’t be using any drivers education books that were printed before 2000.

#3 The Toilet Seat

Most people know the rules of the toilet seat. If you are a boy or a man and you have to use the bathroom, you put the seat up before you go to the bathroom. When you are done, you put it down. This is respectful for the women who live in the house. One rule that many people don’t know is the one about closing the toilet before you flush. Many people leave the toilet lid up all the time. The ones who close the lid do so after flushing the toilet. Each of these is wrong. You are supposed to close the toilet lid before you flush the toilet. This will keep the germs in the toilet bowl from flying around the room when the toilet is flushed.

#4 Applying Deodorant

It may sound strange but there is a good chance that you have been using deodorant wrong for your entire life. Most people get out of the shower, use their deodorant, and head to work. This is wrong. The correct way is to apply the deodorant at night before you go to sleep. At night, you sweat less. This means that your sweat glands will react better to the active ingredient because it can penetrate into the glands more effectively. This would give the deodorant a chance to work better.

#5 Organizing Your Drawers

Since you were a small child, your parents have been telling how to fold your clothes and put them in your drawers. What you may not know is that this is not the best way to do it. If you roll your clothes up and put them in your drawers, they won’t get wrinkled and it will save a lot of space. Also, if you are looking for a certain item of clothing, you won’t need to dig through a pile of folded clothes in the drawer. Everything will be in plain sight.

#6 Cleaning Your Blender

If you have ever cleaned a blender, you know that you need to be really careful. If you aren’t you could cut your hands on the blades at the bottom. If you have been cleaning your blender by hand, you are doing it all wrong. The best way to clean the blender is to fill it halfway with water, add a bit of dish soap, and turn on the blender. When you are done, rinse it thoroughly and you are ready to blend again.

#7 Sleeping

Since the day you were born you have been sleeping. If you have been sleeping on your stomach all your life, you are sleeping the wrong way. When you sleep on your stomach, it puts added strain on your back and your spine. This can cause your back to feel sore during the day. If you want to wake up feeling great with no pain, you should start sleeping on your side. You may roll over to your stomach in the middle of the night, however, if you start on your side, you will notice the difference when you wake up in the morning.

#8 Typing

When you first start learning to type, you are supposed to extend the stands at the bottom of the keyboard. This is so that you can see the letters. When you can type without looking, you should close the legs on the keyboard. If you leave them up, it can make your wrists ache.

#9 Tying Your Shoes

When you first learn to tie your shoes, you are taught the bunny ears method. This is where you make a bunny ear with each lace and then tie them in a knot. When you start getting better, you are told to make just one loop and wrap the other lace around it and go into the hole This is a mistake. You should stick with the bunny ears method if you want to keep your shoes from coming untied.

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