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This Grandpa Was Touring His Son’s New Home When Three Words Brought Them Both To Tears

Angry Grandpa

Charles Marvin Green Jr. is known to his fans as Angry Grandpa. Angry Grandpa is a YouTube celebrity, with 4.2 million subscribers, and over 1.1 billion views on YouTube. Angry Grandpa came to be by accident on Christmas Day in 2007. His son, Michael, got a new camcorder for Christmas. When Angry Grandpa finds out that the family opened presents without him being there, he went into a fit of rage, which was common for the elderly man. Michael managed to capture it all on tape.

The Video

In the video, Angry Grandpa can be heard yelling, “I should have been here for this! What is your problem? I’m your dad! You can all kiss my fat ass!” While all of this is going on, Angry Grandpa’s daughter can be seen crying on the kitchen floor while her baby is crying. Michael says that he wanted to catch his father’s tirade on film so that he could show him what he looks like when he behaves this way. He never expected it to become a viral sensation.

Michael uploaded the video to a humor website called He did this to share the video with his sister, and he never expected people to love it. The video was featured on the website’s homepage and garnered tens of thousands of views. People thought that Angry Grandpa’s outbursts were great. Due to the video’s popularity, the brand grew. Angry Grandpa had his own YouTube channel alongside his son. He also appeared on MTV, Comedy Central, truTV, and Rude Tube. Michael and his father created a lucrative business simply by taping Angry Grandpa in one of his tirades. They also liked to prank one another, with Angry Grandpa becoming very angry when he was the target of the prank.

Videos and Fans

There are plenty of Angry Grandpa videos on YouTube. One featured Angry Grandpa flying into a rage at a pizza parlor when he had to wait two hours for his meal. Another was when she smashed his son’s PlayStation 4 and his own coffee table when Michael failed to show up to help make Christmas cookies. Some people believe that Angry Grandpa’s rages are staged, but his die-hard fans believe it is true. Some of his fans say that the Angry Grandpa videos have helped them with anxiety, depression due to bullying, and even bipolar disorder. His fans say that his videos offered them therapy thought laughter.

A Surprise

Michael and his wife Bridgette were planning a surprise for Angry Grandpa. They had been house hunting with him, telling him that they were looking for a new house. Angry Grandpa would go along to see the houses to offer his opinion. Finally, Michael and Bridgette found a home, and they wanted Angry Grandpa to see it. Michael brought along his camcorder to capture the whole thing on film.

Touring the Home

While Michael and Angry Grandpa toured the home, Bridgette followed them, filming the whole thing. The first thing that Angry Grandpa points out if the wainscoting, which Michael had no idea what it was. Angry Grandpa tells him that it is a wall accent. Next, he admires the fireplace. As they’re walking through the house, Angry Grandpa remarks on the incredible features. He immediately fell in love with the extra-large shower. After the tour was finished, Micheal said, “I’d like you to have something like this too, Pop.” Angry Grandpa doesn’t seem to understand what his son is trying to tell him, and she says that one day, he will have a house like it.

The Surprise

This grandpa was touring his son’s new home when three words brought them both to tears. When Michael hands his father the keys to the house, he assumes that Micheal is letting have a spare set. When Micheal tells his father that they bought the house for him, Angry Grandpa is speechless. The three words Michael used was, “this is yours.” Next, he breaks down in tears and says that he doesn’t deserve it. Angry Grandpa tells Micheal that he loves him more than life itself, and they hug. It is by far the most touching Angry Grandpa video on YouTube.


Angry Grandpa lived in his house for two and a half years until he died on December 10, 2017. He had cirrhosis of the liver. After his death, Michael made an emotional tribute to his father that he posted on Facebook, YouTube, and His loved ones and his fans have sorely missed Angry Grandpa. Micheal makes sure that his audience knew what the house meant to his father. Before moving there, his father lived in a trailer, and he was in debt. After buying the home, Angry Grandpa didn’t have to worry about rent payments, allowing him to spend his money on himself for once. Micheal says that he is thrilled that he made his father so happy during the last years of his life.

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