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This Hot Builder Says He Can’t Live A Normal Life Because He Looks So Much Like Brad Pitt

Nathan Meads

Nathan Meads is a humble builder from Oxford in England. By trade, he is a groundsman, and he spends most of his days working to build curbs and driveways. Nathan is a quiet guy, and he has a problem that most people would kill for. He looks just like Hollywood actor, Brad Pitt. He looks so much like Brad that his coworkers don’t even call him Nathan; they refer to him as “Bradders” or just, “Brad.”

Brad vs. Nathan

Brad Pitt is a Hollywood A-lister, who has won a number of awards and many Oscar nominations. He lives in a huge, luxurious home, and drives some pretty incredible cars. He also has a net worth of about $240 million. Nathan, on the other hand, lives a relatively meager life, bringing in just $37,000 a year as a builder. His blue-collar job is a far cry from Brad’s career. Nathan says that looking just like a Hollywood celebrity comes with all kinds of complications that he would rather not deal with. This hot builder says he can’t live a normal life because he looks so much like Brad Pitt.

Unwanted Attention

Nathan says that because he looks just like Brad Pitt, he gets a lot of unwanted attention. When he is out in public, people always go up to him, asking for an autograph. He hates when he has to tell people that he isn’t Brad Pitt, and his name is Nathan. Some people believe him, and they laugh it off, telling him how the resemblance is uncanny. Others don’t believe him, and they get angry, thinking that he is the real Brad Pitt and just doesn’t want to give an autograph.


Nathan first realized that he looked an awful lot like Brad Pitt around 2009. It was then that Brad Pitt was starring in Quentin Tarantino’s World War II drama, Inglorious Bastards. When the movie was released, people came up to Nathan all the time, telling him how much he looked like the famous actor. At the time, all the attention came as a shock to Nathan, because he didn’t really see any physical similarities between himself and Brad Pitt. This didn’t stop strangers from asking Nathan to take photos and his autograph. At first, Nathan was bewildered.

A Modest Guy

Another reason that Nathan was surprised that he was being compared to Brad Pitt was that he is a very modest man. He says that he isn’t the type of guy who thinks that they are really good-looking. He says that he has had quite a few girlfriends in his life, but he didn’t look at himself as a heartthrob like Brad.

Too Much Attention

Nathan says that ever since 2009, he gets Facebook messages on a daily basis, mostly from women asking to meet him. Nathan says that he cannot even go to the shops, because when he does, he sees people nudging one another, whispering that he is Brad Pitt. He also cannot take one trip out in public without at least a few people asking for a selfie or an autograph.

Romantic Troubles

You would think that looking like Brad Pitt would help a guy’s love life, but Nathan says that it has done nothing but cause problems in his.

8 Brad’s Love Life

Brad has had a very successful love life over the years. After dating some of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, he settled down and married actress, Jennifer Anniston. When he filmed Mr. and Mrs. Smith with Angelina Jolie, the two fell in love. Brad and Jenn’s marriage ended, and he started dating Angelina. The couple adopted children and had children of their own. They got married in 2014, but later went through a bitter divorce. Brad may have had trouble in his relationships, but he was married to two of the most beautiful women on the planet.

Nathan’s Love Life

Nathan says that looking like Brad Pitt has put a strain on his relationship with the mother of his two daughters, Grace and Laila. She hated the fact that everywhere they went, people approached them. All of the attention made her very uncomfortable. She didn’t want to go anywhere without their children because people would ask him for photos and autographs if they were alone. It was one of the reasons why their relationship ended.

Other Doppelgangers

Nathan isn’t the only person out there who looks just like a celebrity. There are plenty of others who resemble someone famous, and many don’t mind. Some even make a living off of looking like someone famous. Nathan says that he would rather live the life of a regular Joe, and keep to himself. Unfortunately, that isn’t the way things have been going since 2009.

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