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This Is How Betty White Lives Her Life at 100 Years Old

Betty White is a beloved celebrity that holds a title in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the longest-ever career in the entertainment industry. After a decades-spanning career that has seen the actress take on iconic roles in shows such as The Mary Tyler Moore Show and The Golden Girls, Betty is still working today. However, the vast amount of wealth that she has accumulated through her work also provides her with plenty of time to take it easy and cruise around in her Cadillac Seville. Join Facts Verse as we explore how Betty White lives her life at 100 years old.

The almost legendary actress, Betty White, was born on January 17, 1922, in Oak Park, Illinois. Her father was an executive at a lighting company. Though he also sold radios during the Great Depression to get his family through the tough times. When Betty was just a little over a year old, her family moved to California.

Betty’s Childhood Life

In 1938, Betty graduated from Beverly Hills High School. During high school, she had developed a passion for writing and would later develop a passion for writing and performing her own dramatic material while attending the Horace Mann School. Both of these artistic passions overshadowed by Betty’s love of animals and nature. However, It Betty’s plan to be a forest ranger when she finish her education. Sadly, this plan didn’t quite turn out.

During Betty’s childhood and teenage years, her family took many vacations to Sierra, Nevada. And it was during these excursions that Betty developed a special appreciation for animals and nature. Although Betty truly desired to be a forest ranger; the sad fact of the matter that not allowing the women to occupy the position back when Betty came of age. Because of this, Betty forced to find another career besides the one that she felt the greatest passion for.

While it was certainly sad that Betty couldn’t make a career for herself as a forest ranger like she wanted to. She has since accumulated enough wealth to have one-on-one experiences with any wild creature in the world! Things turned out quite well for Betty, despite the discrimination that she faced. As she was able to use her passions for performance to start a career in the entertainment industry that has led to her becoming one of the biggest stars ever!

Although Betty didn’t make the decision to pursue acting as a career until rejected from being a forest ranger. She technically got her start performing just after high school. In 1939 when she got the task with singing songs for an experimental television show. After this, her first professional acting role at the Bliss Hayden Little Theater. Which since come to known as the Beverly Hills Playhouse, where many other stars got their start.

Betty White’s Acting Career

Soon into Betty’s acting career, she took a break to serve in the American Women’s Voluntary Services during World War II. While serving, she help transport supplies throughout the state of California. And also participated in various events meant to entertain the troops about to deployed.

When Betty done serving in the war, she started finding steady work on the radio. She could heard reading commercials and also got some small parts in radio plays. Interestingly, some of the work that Betty did during her radio days also saw her providing voices for the crowd sound effects that would used in various programming.

Although Betty’s early work was almost exclusively on the radio, she eventually started getting more and more work on television. Eventually, Betty given the lead role on the 1952 sitcom Life with Elizabeth. This led to a decades-spanning career in the entertainment industry that has seen the actress go through many phases. In 1970, Betty took on her most iconic role yet as an adversary to Mary Tyler Moore’s character on The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Betty portray the character of Sue Ann Nivens, and that role got a big hit with audiences.

Betty had already been acting for over 40 years and reinvented herself twice by the time she took on what is arguably her most iconic role to this day. With that being the role of Rose Nyland on The Golden Girls. The Golden Girls premiered in 1985 and took advantage of Betty’s aging appearance. The show focused on a group of elderly single women navigating the dating scene and was one of the most popular television sitcoms of its day.

Not only was The Golden Girls popular during its initial airing. But it has also stayed on the mind of the public much longer than many other shows of its time. This is part of why Betty White is more popular today than she’s arguably ever been before.

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While Betty White arguably could’ve called it a day after The Golden Girls came to an end, she has never stopped working. Betty has even starred in another successful sitcom since The Golden Girls ended, with that being Hot in Cleveland. With a career spanning nearly a century, Betty White proudly claims the title of the entertainer that has maintained the longest-ever career in show business.

With all of the work that Betty has put into entertaining others, she has accumulated a vast amount of wealth for herself! Betty’s estimate worth around $75 million. This puts her well above most other of her television contemporaries when it comes to net worth. But that’s because they aren’t Betty White! Some of the things that Betty loves to spend her extra money on include Cadillacs; as well as charities for the benefit of animal rights.

Betty’s predilection for Cadillacs started when her third husband, Alan Ludden, gifted her a ’77 Seville during their marriage. The car had a custom-fitted car phone and also painted with custom sea-green paint. Betty drove the car around for 25 years before eventually donating it to the Los Angeles Humane Society. The Los Angeles Humane Society subsequently sold the car to a museum.

Although Betty gave up the ’77 Seville that had been a gift from her third husband. She still has a Cadillac of her own to drive around when she wants to. In recent years, she has upgraded to a newer Seville, this time in silver. Betty’s original Seville name Parakeet, while her new one name Seagull. She likes to name her cars after birds, perhaps given her affinity for animals of all kinds.

In addition to luxury sports cars, Betty can also afford some fairly luxurious living quarters. Betty lives in Carmel Meadows, which is a beautiful and incredibly wealthy community in California. The area is naturally glorious. Its hilly terrain offers great sights, as well as seclusion for its rich and famous residents. Some of Betty’s neighbors in Carmel Meadows include Sammy Hagar and Clint Eastwood. The homes in the area will set you back a few million, with the average home costing around $3 million. Betty and her late third husband having the house built before the latter’s death. The home finished in 1981, just weeks after Alan Ludden’s passing that same year.

Before marrying Alan Ludden, Betty had been married twice. However, Betty has never had any children of her own. She helped Alan Ludden raise his three children from a previous marriage but has made the decision to focus on her career instead of having any biological children. After Alan passed away in 1981, Betty never remarried. Instead, she has spent her time and energy focusing on her work. As well as her various charitable endeavors to benefit animal rights.

Given that Betty is 100 years old and still working, many might wonder how exactly the star does it. Betty has been grilled multiple times over the years about where all of her energy to continue working comes from, but her answers are never anything too surprising. According to Betty, having a sense of humor and a healthy outlook on life can go a long way, and it also helps to try and keep your complaining to a minimum, so the negativity doesn’t bog you down.

Some may assume that Betty has survived into the triple digits thanks to some miracle diet, but that apparently couldn’t be further from the truth. Betty can be found consuming comical amounts of hot dogs and vodka when she isn’t hard at work entertaining the masses. Perhaps, not stressing over what she should be eating and when is the reason that Betty is so healthy! However, it’s hard to believe that the iconic star could be eating too many hot dogs; as her petite frame likely couldn’t take more than a few at a time.

Although Betty isn’t running any marathons nowadays, she is sure to keep her mind active. Betty likes to exercise her mind even when she isn’t working, occupying her free time with crossword puzzles. When she isn’t working or doing crossword puzzles. She can probably be seen spending time in the extravagant backyard of her Carmel Meadows home with her dogs. Although Betty will likely always be remembered best as one of the longest-working entertainers in show business history. She would prefer to be remembered for all that she has done for animal rights.

Betty White has been through multiple stages of her career, and she refuses to call it a day even at the age of 100! Comment down below to share what you think the absolute most iconic performance from Betty has been, or if you were shocked to learn that the secret to her good health is consuming vast amounts of hot dogs and vodka. As always, like this video to show your support, and subscribe and hit the notification bell if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

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