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This Is What President Trump Typically Eats In A Day

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States, and he is by far the most controversial president in the history of the United States. Between the accusations of lies, sexual misconducts, financial misconducts, and a number of other things, the country is divided when it comes to him and his office. Anyone who reads the news knows everything about his policies and his controversies, but you may be surprised when you find out what he eats. This is what President Trump typically eats in a day.


Donald Trump eats a lot of McDonald’s. When the White House hosted the winning sports teams at the White House, one of the dishes that he served the athletes was McDonald’s. While most former presidents served the athletes steak, lobster, and shrimp, the current president served McDonald’s. He says that his favorite menu item is the Fish Delight, but he orders most to the items on the menu.


Many of Donald Trump’s regular meals come from KFC. It isn’t the healthiest option, but it does taste good. He tweeted a photo of himself on his own private jet eating a $20 Fill-Up bucket, which comes with plenty of chicken and three sides. In the tweet, he was eating his KFC with a stainless steel silverware. While eating his KFC, he was reading the Wall Street Journal and going over some very important legislation.

Well-Done Steak

Like many Americans, Donald Trump loves a good steak. When he orders his, he orders it well-done. According to his butler, Anthony Senecal, most of the time it looks like a ‘rock on a plate.’ Studies have shown that over-cooked meat can lead to memory problems. This could be why he believes many of his lies. His lapse in memory due to consuming over-cooked meat has made him forget that many of his statements are untrue.

Taco Bowls

During the Presidential campaign, trying to win over the Hispanic vote, Trump tweeted a photo of himself eating a taco bowl at the Trump Tower in New York City. He plugged the restaurant where he got the bowl, and added, “I love Hispanics!”The taco bowl came from the Trump Grill, and when a food critic went to try it out, it didn’t get good reviews. He stated, “its passable at best, mediocre at worst.”

No Alcohol, Maybe

According to Donald Trump, he has never had a drink because his older brother, Fred Trump, died from alcoholism at the age of 41. Many people disagree with this statement because he has been photographed many times with what looks like alcohol. For example, during his meeting at the UN, he had a class filled with a red liquid, that appeared to be red wine. Since dishonesty is what his presidency is based on, this isn’t a surprise.

Burger King

When Donald Trump has had his fill of McDonald’s and KFC, he heads to burger King. After a speech in Florida, he sent his driver to pick up Burger King for everyone in the group. He says that he chose fast food because it was quick. After he won the election, the Burger Kings in Russia created a burger in his honor called the “Angriest Whopper,” and it was much larger than a typical Whopper.


Like most people, Trump is a fan of pizza. He doesn’t eat pizza like a normal person. He eats the cheese and toppings off the pizza, leaving the crust behind.

Meatloaf Sandwiches

Trump loves meatloaf sandwiches, and he appeared on Martha Stewart to learn how to make his own. Sure, he looked a bit ridiculous wearing an apron and chef’s hat over this three-piece suit, but he loves his meatloaf sandwiches. While putting his sandwich together, he spent most of the time plugging the show he was working on at the time, The Apprentice. The sandwich looked almost passable.

Diet Coke

When it comes to his beverage of choice while eating a meal, Donald Trump goes with Diet Coke. Fortunately, his favorite fast-food restaurants serve Diet Coke. He is often seen sitting on Air Force One with a Diet Coke close by. Unfortunately, Diet Coke is linked to many health issues such as type 2 diabetes, migraines, a higher heart rate, and migraines.


Donald Trump admits that breakfast is his least favorite meal of the day. If he does eat breakfast, he says that he eats eggs, bacon, or cornflakes.

Fine Dining

There are nights when President Trump likes to sit down for a meal in a fine dining restaurant. He is famous for eating the same thing often. He went to the restaurant with Governor Chris Christie and called the chef out to find out what he ordered the last time he was there. And he wanted to order the same thing again.

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