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This Is Why Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer Don’t Talk Anymore

For a time, Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer were costars on one of television’s most popular series. That series was Two and a Half Men, which premiered on the CBS network in 2003 and ran for 12 seasons before coming to an end in 2015. In 2011, after the show had been on the air for eight seasons, Charlie Sheen was fired for erratic behavior. Today, the two no longer talk, though Jon claims he has no ill will against his former costar. Join Facts Verse as we explore why Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer don’t talk anymore.

Charlie Sheen Is Trying to Take Responsibility… Again

In the years since Charlie Sheen was fired from his hit series Two and a Half Men, the star has apparently become a good deal more balanced. The CBS sitcom proved a career renaissance for the actor after his movie-star days ended in controversy. At the time that Charlie began acting on Two and a Half Men, he was two-years sober. He had also recently married second wife Denise Richards. The two tied the knot in 2002, and would remain married until 2006. Their marriage began falling apart during the filming of the show’s second season, and this is when Jon Cryer started noticing some troubling things regarding his once-sober costar.

Though Charlie Sheen wasn’t officially fired from Two and a Half Men until after the filming of it’s eighth season, production first started becoming rocky for the controversial icon during the filming of season two. Charlie would eventually overcome his failed second marriage and move on to a third marriage in 2008. Sadly, this marriage would only last a few years before ending in similar disaster in 2011. It was around this time that Charlie Sheen was finally let go from his role of Two and a Half Men. It seemed that Charlie had hit rock bottom yet again, and many wondered if he was going to be able to pick himself up for a second time.

Though Charlie has since moved on from his Two and a Half Men firing, it seems he still doesn’t talk to former costar Jon Cryer. This seems to be more as a result of the fact that the two simply don’t have a whole lot in common than any grudge that either party holds against the other. Charlie Sheen joked in interviews after being fired from Two and a Half Men that he considered Jon Cryer to be a traitor for continuing to perform on the series. However, it seems that Charlie was just kidding around. Jon has claimed he’s happy that Charlie is doing well for himself.

Charlie Says His Firing Was His Own Fault

According to Charlie Sheen himself, it was completely his fault that he was fired from his successful sitcom. Charlie alleges that there’s no one to blame for his firing from Two and a Half Men but himself, so it seems that he doesn’t have any hard feelings against Jon Cryer or series creator Chuck Lorre. Charlie says that the problems that he was experiencing around the time that he was fired from the series came as a result of his years of relapsing drug abuse. Recently, Jon Cryer has made some steps to show that he doesn’t have any bad feelings about his former costar, either.

Years before Two and a Half Men came on the air in 2003, Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer were fellow movie stars. In 1991, the two appeared together in the classic comedy Hot Shots! After seeing the success of the recent Top Gun: Maverick, which followed up on the 1980s classic Top Gun after over three decades, Jon made a Tweet suggesting that he and Charlie should reunite for a third Hot Shots movie. Charlie Sheen came back for a sequel to the original in 1993 that is just as beloved, though Jon Cryer sadly didn’t return. Still, the two ended up reuniting on the set of Two and a Half Men a decade later. Though Jon Cryer was likely just making a joke about the unlikely success of Top Gun: Maverick, it can’t be denied that his Tweet had a subtext that suggested he many be open to working with Charlie Sheen again soon.

Though things got pretty bad between Charlie Sheen and his coworkers on the set of Two and a Half Men by the time that the former movie star was fired, they didn’t start out that way! According to Jon Cryer, Charlie Sheen was great to work with during the first few years of the successful series. It wasn’t until the dissolution of his second marriage that things slowly began turning sour between Charlie and everyone else. If you’re enjoying this video so far, be sure to hit the like button to show your support! Also, subscribe to the channel if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

Jon Noticed Charlie Acting Erratically on the Show

According to Jon Cryer, Charlie Sheen began acting erratically during the filming of Two and a Half Men’s second season. It was around this time that Charlie’s second marriage was falling apart. Charlie’s second wife was Denise Richards, and the two had a pair of daughters together. Jon claims that Charlie began acting irritably towards others on the show’s set when his second marriage started falling apart. He would come up with contrived issues with the show’s scripts, and this would cause trouble for the writers.

Jon Cryer has said that there was a moment during the filming of Two and a Half Men’s second season where Charlie Sheen came knocking on the door of his trailer and asked him to hide a bag of porn. Jon initially assumed that the bag contained drugs, as he had already begun to suspect that his costar was relapsing. When Jon realized that the bag contained porn, he wondered why Charlie needed to hide it. As it turns out, Denise Richards had shown up unannounced to check her husband’s trailer.

Jon wasn’t too bothered by being asked to hide a bag of perfectly legal porn for his costar, but he claims that things got a bit weirder later. As Charlie was divorcing from Denise Richards, Jon was going through a divorce himself. Jon alleges that Charlie would try to show him pictures of the genitals of the numerous women that the actor was hooking up with around the time. Some time after his own divorce, Jon Cryer got lonely and allegedly turned to Charlie Sheen, asking for his costar to refer to him a good prostitute. Of course, Charlie Sheen knew exactly where to find one.

Charlie Couldn’t Put His Bad Behavior Behind Him

When Charlie Sheen got married for a third time, his coworkers on Two and a Half Men hoped that the actor’s erratic days were behind him. However, they were only going to continue to get worse up until the point of the star’s firing in 2011. Things came to a pretty major head around Christmas of 2009, which Charlie Sheen was arrested for battering his aforementioned third wife, whose name was Brooke Mueller.

Charlie ended up going into rehab after being arrested for spousal battery, and he was then allowed to come back onto Two and a Half Men. Not only that, but he was given a raise! Still, the actor’s troubles would only continue to get worse up until the point of his firing. Jon Cryer recalls how his problems with Charlie only became more and more severe. For one thing, Jon was jealous of the fact that his costar had received a raise instead of being booted from the program. After the raise, Charlie was making three times as much as Jon was per episode. Jon also began noticing that Charlie was having a much harder time focusing on set. It seems that Charlie was in a drug-induced stupor, and something was going to need to shock the actor out of it.

As Charlie’s problems continued to worsen, the actor began having an increasingly hard time performing his duties on Two and a Half Men. Around this time, Jon Cryer had a secret meeting with Chuck Lorre and asked the creator if he thought that the series was worth continuing. The two agreed that the show couldn’t go on with Charlie Sheen in the state that he was in. However, they were unsure of how to proceed. The pair ended up referring to the executives in charge of the program, and a meeting was set up where these executives would have a talk with Charlie. Charlie never showed up to the meeting, and this made it clear to everyone that he no longer took his work on the show seriously. Charlie Sheen was let go from Two and a Half Men and replaced with Ashton Kutcher.

Chuck Lorre was initially unsure whether or not he wanted to replace Charlie Sheen or end Two and a Half Men altogether. Eventually, he decided on keeping the showing going and bringing in some new blood in the form of Ashton Kutcher. Charlie’s character was killed off, which was a decision that was met with a mixed response from fans. Ashton Kutcher’s presence was met with a mixed response, as well, though the show still lasted for several more seasons before finally coming to an end in 2015.

Though Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer starred together on one of television’s biggest series for over a decade, they no longer talk. Now it’s time to hear from you: did you know that Charlie Sheen helped Jon Cryer hire a prostitute during the filming of Two and a Half Men, and that the former costars no longer talk? As always, like this video to show your support, and subscribe and hit the notification bell if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

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