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This is Why The Mythbusters Cast Hate Each Other

Discovery Channel‘s MythBusters registered a 14-season-long successful run before coming to an end in 2016. The show tested various scientific myths and legends and basically looked into how the world works. Audiences loved the show not only for its content. But its two main hosts – Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman – and their chemistry. It was also fun to watch the Build Team blow up stuff from time to time. However, not many people know that Savage and Hyneman did not get along at all behind the scenes.

In fact, after the show ended, Adam told reporters that it is very unlikely that the two would ever do another show together. Similarly, many MythBusters fans also do not know that the episodes did not always go as planned. Mishaps were a common occurrence on the sets of MythBusters. In this video, we give you the details on Why the MythBusters cast hate each other as well as share with you many other interesting facts about cast members and the show itself.

John Hyneman Ran Away from Home When He Was Just 14

During one of the interviews, the show’s host Adam Savage. John Hyneman were asked what led them to become so interested in science. Savage shared a few stories about how his hands-on approach often had him run into trouble. It is with his teachers at school and parents at home. Hyneman surprised audience members by sharing that he was a problematic child who ran away from his home. At the young age of 14 and went hitchhiking through the country. Well, Hyneman may have been a difficult child but he came around eventually and changed into a responsible adult.

The Episode on RFID Chips in Credit Cards Never Happened Because of Pressure from Credit Card Companies

One time, the MythBusters decided to do an episode on whether it was possible to hack RFID chips in credit cards. However, as soon as the credit card companies came to know about this, they gave an ultimatum to the show’s makers. The MythBusters team was clearly told that if they decided to go ahead with the show, the credit card companies would immediately end their association with the show. Adam Savage later said that they had to bow down to the pressure as the makers of the show. As well as the network greatly depended on the ad revenue from the credit card companies. And so, the audiences never got to see the episode on RFID chips.

MythBusters Did a Full Show Just on Farts

Throughout its run, the show members maintained a good camaraderie with the executives of the Discovery Network. The network gave show members full freedom to do whatever they wanted. Thus, it is not very surprising that MythBusters once did a show that was entirely on farts. However, there were certain restrictions as well — the team members weren’t allowed to say certain words to keep the show family-friendly.

Adam and Jamie Do Not like Working with Each Other and Will Never Do a Show Together in Future

Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman appeared together on every episode of the MythBusters between 2003 and 2016 and therefore, fans may be surprised to know that the two never got along well with each other. The two also never tried to hide this fact. In an interview given in 2015, Savage said openly that though he and Jamie have known each other for over 25 years, they are two different people who don’t connect much on a personal level. He further shared that the two have never gone to dinner together or hanged out with each other. So, what allowed them to work together for almost 15 years? According to Adam, they respect each other’s attitude towards work and while on the sets, tried their best to keep their ego low, which is the only thing that worked out for them.

So, would they be open to doing another show with each other? Well, to this question, Adam’s answer was a straightforward no. Why? According to Adam, while they respect each other, they also make each other go insane. In fact, Adam also said that the two enjoyed their time apart quite a lot after the show went off the air in 2016.

Are you a MythBusters fan? Do you know of the time when a MythBusters experiment went terribly wrong and the explosion shook many homes in the nearby town? If not, stay with us. We will tell you all about the incident in a while. Meanwhile, if you are enjoying this video, do not forget to like and subscribe to our channel.

No One Knows What Happened During One Particular Episode

After filming one particular episode, Grant, Kari and Tory destroyed all the footage from that specific episode. More importantly, everyone who was present on the set was told to never talk about what had happened during that day. The team also alerted the government about the findings from that particular episode. It is said that the episode had something to do with homemade bombs and when the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency asked the team about the experiment performed that day, MythBusters told them about everything they had discovered during the episode which the audiences never got to see.

Grant Imahara Drew a Lot of Criticism for Doing a McDonald’s Ad

In 2014, Grant Imahara was approached by McDonald’s to feature in one of their ads. Imahara liked McDonald’s food and therefore, he readily agreed to do the commercial. However, after the ad appeared on TV, Imahara drew a lot of criticism from his fans, especially parents. Parents were surprised to see a science guy sell out to an unhealthy fast-food chain for money. Everyone started taking sides — John Oliver even made fun of Imahara on national television.

Tory Belluci Escaped Arrest at the Age of 19

According to his neighbours, as a child, Tory Belluci was a special-effects junkie who often blew stuff up. One time, the experiment he was doing at home went all wrong which led to fireworks. Some neighbours immediately alerted the police. Thankfully, his neighbours also came to his rescue and informed the police about Tory’s love for science experiments. Thankfully, Tory was left with just a warning.

Byron Lost Faith in Religion When She Was in Second Grade

In 2011, during an interview, Kari Byron addressed the topic of her religion and said that though she grew Catholic and firmly believed in God until the second grade, a conversation with her grandmother shook her faith in her religion. She and her grandmother were talking to one of Byron’s friends who was Buddhist and during the conversation, Byron’s grandmother told Byron’s Buddhist friend that she would never go to heaven as she did not believe in Christ. This conversation shook Byron’s faith in her religion and she began to question everything from a very young age.

Chris Hackett, from the MythBusters Spin-Off, Was Arrested for Carrying Around a Bomb

Chris Hackett is an adjunct professor at the New York University who contributes regularly to various science magazines. He was also chosen to be a contestant on the spin-off of MythBusters. Hackett’s unconventional projects had often drawn attention. However, he was never seen as a dangerous man until he was arrested by the Brooklyn police for carrying around an object that looked like a bomb. His lawyer later released a statement saying that the bomb he was carrying was a non-explosive piece he was building for an art exhibit.

One Florida Student Was Arrested for Setting off a Bomb He Had Learned to Make from MythBusters

In 2012, Christian Barnes Duke, a student at the Florida Institute of Technology, set off a homemade-explosive bomb inside his dorm. When the police arrived on the scene, Christian told the police officers that he had learned how to make the bomb from watching an episode of MythBusters. His lawyer further added that he was just testing what he had seen on television and had no intention of hurting anyone. However, the police weren’t convinced and Duke was sent to jail on a bail bond of $10,000.

In Florida, One Person Refused to Take a Sobriety Test Because of MythBusters

On September 12, 2012, Dustin Edward Carpenter was asked by a St. Lucie County Sheriff to take a breath analyzer test as Edward smelled heavily of booze and couldn’t even speak or stand properly. Funnily, Dustin refused to take the test and his reason had something to do with MythBusters. MythBusters had once done an episode on breathalyzers and concluded that it was impossible to cheat the test. Thus, Edward knew that if he took the test, he would end up in jail. Not surprisingly, ‘I have seen this on MythBusters and therefore, won’t do this’ isn’t a legit reason and therefore, Edward was compelled to take the test. He failed and was immediately arrested.

The Esparto Accident Made It Difficult to Hide the Show’s Location

All those involved in the filming of the show as well as the local authorities made it a point to hide from the Esparto’s residents the show’s presence to maintain privacy. Thus, for the longest time, the people of Esparto had no idea that MythBusters was filmed in their town. However, during the filming of one episode, a huge incident happened at the sets, which shook homes and broke windows. Thankfully, there were no reports of any injuries or damage whatsoever.

It’s Surprising That No One Was Hurt After the Cannonball Accident

The Esparto accident is only one of the many mishaps that happened on the sets of MythBusters. One time, the team was testing a myth about cannonballs in Alameda County. The ball missed its target and instead, went flying into the nearby neighbourhood. The ball then entered a home where a couple was asleep and thereafter, passed through the roof of a house before finally hitting a minivan. Surprisingly, no one was hurt. However, you can imagine the kind of dangers the Mythbusters team subjected itself to during each episode.

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