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This Is Why You Should Never Just Throw Away A Boarding Pass

Traveling By Plane

If you are planning a trip that will take you halfway across the country or halfway across the world, traveling by plane is the fastest and the most convenient way. Rather than sitting on a train or in a car for days, you can get to your destination in 12-hours or less, depending on how far you are traveling. For the most part, planes are comfortable, and you can have food and drinks during your flight. This is why millions of people board airplanes each day, ready to get to their destination. According to the FAA, over 2,600,000 people get on an airplane each day all around the world. This number is staggering.

Buying a Plane Ticket

Thanks to the internet, buying a plane ticket is much easier than it once was. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can book your seat on the plane, print out your e-ticket, and print out your boarding pass. This completely eliminates the need to stand in long lines waiting to buy a ticket. Unfortunately, this convenience has opened us up to dangerous situations with severe consequences.

The QR Code

On your boarding pass, there is a QR code. This allows you to have quick access to your scheduled flight and you can make any changes with just a quick click of the mouse. While these codes make traveling easier, they can also open you up to a world of problems.

What Does the QR Code Contain?

The QR code contains several important details. It contains your first and last name, your flight number, and seat, and your frequent flier information. It also includes the credit card information of the card that you used to book the flight. If your QR code gets into the wrong hands, it can be disastrous.

Cyber Criminals

For years, the criminals that we had to worry about were the ones who would break into your house, steal your wallet, or break into your car. Today, criminals are able to break the law with complete anonymity. They sit in their homes, in front of the computer screens, and they steal everything that you own. The invisible criminal is the one that you need to worry about the most.

Stealing Your QR Code

There are always people watching at the airport. You never know if they are people watching, or if it is a criminal just waiting for you to throw away your boarding pass so that they can steal your life savings. These cybercriminals have apps such as bar code scanners that help them to learn everything possible about you. When a cyber criminal gets their hands on your boarding pass and QR code, you might wake up to discover that your credit cards have been maxed out or your bank accounts empty.

How To Protect Yourself

The best way to protect yourself and your personal information when traveling is to keep your boarding pass and anything else that contains your QR Code with you at all times. Even if you get to your destination and you no longer need it, you should keep it with you. If you throw it away at the airport, a cybercriminal can easily take it out of the trash and steal your identity. When you are home or at your destination, you should shred your boarding pass. This will prevent anything serious from happening to your finances and your credit score.

It Is Not Just Airlines

It isn’t just airlines that use this type of technology to make life easier. There are plenty of purchases that are made today using bar codes; therefore, you always need to be aware of what you are doing. Many businesses use QR Codes on the back or front of their business cards to get you to their website. They are also used in marketing materials. Some restaurants use these codes on their menus, allowing you to download the menu on your phone. You may have even seen a QR Code on a can of your favorite soda or beer as a marketing tool. The number of applications is limitless. It is expected that over the next decade or so, more and more businesses will take advantage of this technology.


Many people are against new technology because of all the dangers that it can create. These dangers aren’t going to stop airlines from making your flying experience quick and convenient. They will just require you to be more vigilant when traveling.


This is why you should never just throw away a boarding pass. The information that is on the pass has the ability to literally destroy your financial future in seconds.

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