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This Is Why You Shouldn’t Throw Away Empty Soda Cans

The simple pleasure of having your own garden is good for your health and it is great for your yard. Sometimes, gardening can be an expensive habit but that should not discourage you. Below are some wonderful strategies and tools you can use to save money and time in your garden.Use Your Tins Creatively
First, you prepare the soil until it is soft and ready for the plants. Now, push the bottom of the muffin tins into the soft soil. This way, you create proper spacing for the plants without much effort.

Use Wine Bottles for a Walkway

You can use your empty wine bottles to create a perfect walkway. Just push the bottles into the soil neck-first and you have a great walkway. In addition, this walkway will prevent people from trampling on your plants.

Use Your Spoons

You probably have old spoons somewhere that nobody is using. Now, you can put these spoons to good use. Just get a hammer and flatten the spoons you want to use. Paint the spoons in bright colors the use your paintbrush or color pens to label the plants. Push the spoons into the soil and you have brightly colored spoons announcing the presence of herbs and plants in your garden.

Give Your Plants Coffee

If you drink coffee in the morning, you must have noticed that this wonderful drink perks you up and lifts your mood. Coffee is great for your plants so do not throw your coffee grounds away. Just mix your coffee grounds with the soil and this will do the plants a world of good.

Use Empty Bottles for Drip Irrigation

If you are going away on vacation, you can create your own drip irrigation process using an empty wine bottle. Just punch a hole in the cork of an empty wine bottle then fill it with water cover the bottle with the cork. Turn the bottle over and push it into the soil. This water will keep your plants hydrated until you return from your trip. The best part is that this smart move will save you money because you will not have to buy expensive water globes.

Use Your Old Sink

If you re-design your bathroom, you can use your old sink as a planter. Tie off the plumbing ends and put soil in the sink. Now, your old sink is chic and useful planter.

Use Disposable Forks

You can use forks to scare away rodents and birds that want to snack on your seedlings. Stick the forks into the soil so that the business end is facing the sky. All those white forks will do the trick and you plants will be safe.

Use Your Metal Strainer

You need a wind chime but you do not want to spend money big on an expensive designer product. You can turn your old metal strainer into a wind chime by hooking safe spoons onto the base of the strainer.

Compost Your Banana Peel

Do not throw your banana peels away because they are full of nutrients for your plants. Banana peels contain sodium, phosphates, sulfur, calcium, magnesium and potassium. Just compost the banana peels and they will enrich the soil and make your plants grow.

Use Empty Soda Cans

Do not throw away your empty soda cans because you can put them to good use. Just use a can opener to cut out the tops of the cans then paint the cans in your favorite colors. Drill holes in the bottom of these cans and put some rich soil in the cans. Plant your seedlings here and you have gardens in your painted cans.

Use Egg Shells to Fertilize the Soil

Dry your eggshells and grind them into a fine powder. Add the eggshell powder to your soil and you increase the calcium content of the soil. This is great for your soil and it will make the plants grow.

Use Empty Bottles

In case your apartment does not have much space for a garden, you can use empty bottles. Cut a hole in the base of the bottle then add soil and plant the seeds. Just place these bottles in strategic places and you have a suspended garden.

Plant Seeds in Egg Shells

Crack the egg shells at the top and you can use them as tiny pots for your seedlings. Fill the egg shells with soil and add a little water. Now, plant your seeds and watch them grow. If the egg shell can nurture the chick, they can nurture you plants too. You can always transplant the seedlings when they get too big for the egg shells.

Use White Vinegar

White vinegar is a versatile product because you can use it to clean your vegetables and discourage germs. You can also use this potent product to discourage weeds in your driveway. Instead of using pesticides with chemical properties, just drop some vinegar on your driveway and you will stop weeds in their tracks without resorting to chemical herbicides.

Final Word

As you can see, gardening is fun and it is a rewarding pastime. You do not have to spend too much money on your garden. Use the tips above and you won’t have to throw away empty soda cans.

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