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This Man Lived On Nothing But Beer For Over A Month – And Here’s What Happened To His Body


Today, there are plenty of fad diets out there. You can Google the words “fad diet,” and plenty of them will pop up. Some fad diets aren’t effective, some will cause you to gain the weight back right away, and some are sustainable. It isn’t only about the diet that you choose; it is also about whether or not you can stick to the diet. Many diets have you giving up different types of food. For example, the Keto Diet requires you to cut carbs out of your diet completely. When you have no carbs in your system, your body goes into ketosis. When this happens, your body is forced to burn fat for fuel, helping you lost weight quickly. But, beer? Let’s see.

This is a sustainable diet which many people have found success with. There are other diets, such as the boiled egg diet and the cabbage stew diet. Both of these require you live off the particular food, which can help you lose weight. However, once you return your regular diet, you will put the weight back on. One man started a very strange diet, that has shocked many people. This Man Lived On Nothing But Beer For Over A Month – And Here’s What Happened To His Body.

Del Hall

Del Hall is a former soldier in the United States Army, and today, he works as a sales director for Cincinnati brewery. He was struggling with his weight, and junk food was his weakness. He made a crazy decision to live on a beer-diet for 46 days. The plan was to do this during Lent.

Bavaria Monks

Many people give up things they love for Lent, and after Easter, things go back to normal. Del says that he decided to give up food for lent, and then replace it with beer. He was inspired by the Bavarian monks’ fasting rituals that date back to the 17th century. He believes that fasting is a big part of being human, but people don’t really fast anymore. Centuries ago, people would fast as a way to do penance for their sins. In some cases, this still goes on today. Del decided that he would start fast not only to lose weight but also to bring some awareness to the company he worse for. The 43-year-old also hoped that it would break his dependence on junk food.

Clearance From His Doctor

Del understood that before starting any diet or fast, you need to speak to a doctor. He went to see his doctor, had a complete exam, and discussed the diet with the doctor. Del’s doctor discussed the benefits and risks with him and ended up getting clearance to start the diet. After being given the green light, it was time for Del to give up food, and rely solely on beer.

Del’s Diet

Del says that he isn’t really a breakfast person, so his mornings didn’t change much once he started the diet. He would have his usual cup of coffee in the morning, and then switch over to water. Around 1 pm, he would have his first beer. Throughout the day, he would consume between two and five beers, and he would take a multivitamin supplement to give him the vitamins and nutrients that he needed.

Stimulating His Taste Buds

Del knew that he would need some variety if he were going to be able to stick to his diet, so he switched up the types of beer that he drank. Since he worked for a brewery, he had access to a variety of ales. He says that he did enjoy the traditional beer often, he also enjoyed chocolate maple and toasted almond stout.

The First Week

Del says that he noticed a huge difference during the first week. He says day two and day three were challenging. After a few beers, he wanted to hit up a Taco Bell drive-thru, which is what he usually did while he was drinking. He got past the Taco Bell craving and said that by the end of the week, he felt amazing. He says that his mental fog had lifted, and he was thinking much more clearly. By the time he started the second week, he had no cravings, and the weight was coming off. He was feeling great.

The End Result

Del made it the full 46 days, and he lost 44 pounds. This equals to over 10 pounds per week. He says that he didn’t cheat once, and when he returned to the doctor after the fast, he was shocked by what he learned. He knew that he lost weight, and the doctor told him that his blood pressure, his cholesterol, and his blood sugar levels had improved. And he felt great, and he looked great, but he needed to find a way to maintain his weight loss and good health.


Del knew that he couldn’t keep up the fast forever, so to keep the weight off, he started intermittent fasting. This is where you fast for 16 hours every day and then eat for 8 hours. It was difficult for him since he wasn’t big on breakfast anyway. He also paid close attention to his portions. Through portion control and intermittent fasting, he was able to keep the weight off. He says that this diet may not be for everyone, and there are healthier methods for losing weight. This just happened to work for him.

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