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This Man Ordered Domino’s Pizza Every Day For Ten Years, You Won’t Believe What Happens Next


Pizza is one of the most popular food items in the world. In the United States alone, it is estimated that over 3 billion pizzas are sold each year. This is just the restaurant ordered pizza. When you count the frozen pizza, and the store made pizza, the number would be much higher.

Kirk Alexander

One person who really loves pizza is Kirk Alexander. This 48-year-old man from Salem, Oregon, loves pizza so much that he orders from his local Domino’s Pizza every day. Due to his daily orders, he got to know the delivery drivers and the manager on a first name basis. He lived alone, and if he didn’t order pizza one day, it likely meant that he wasn’t eating. This man ordered Domino’s Pizza every day for ten years; you won’t believe what happens next.

Kirk’s Orders

Kirk didn’t only order pizza. He often switched it up by ordering sandwiches, pasta, and wings. When he ordered his pizza, he often did so online. When the employees saw his name and address run across the screen, they were never surprised. They knew that by 5 pm each day, they would get getting Kirk’s orders and someone would be delivering his food to him.


When the staff noticed that they hadn’t received an order from Kirk in a day or two, they started to worry. First, they thought that maybe he was on vacation. If he were away, he wouldn’t be there to order. A few employees knew Kirk better than others, and they knew that he didn’t take vacations. Over the years, he had never gone away once. Other staff members were sure that the next day, his name would shine across the screen. Unfortunately, it didn’t.

11 Days

When Kirk hadn’t placed an order in the past 11 days, the manager, Sarah Fuller, was worried. She spoke to a few of the other employees, who were equally as concerned. One of the drivers was heading out to make a delivery, so Sarah asked him to stop by Kirk’s house and check on him. Because the employee knew Kirk well, he was more than willing to do so. He considered Kirk to be part of the Domino’s family, so he gladly accepted the responsibility of going to check on him.

Kirk’s House

When the driver arrived at Kirk’s home, he noticed that the lights and the television were on. He assumed that Kirk was inside, so he knocked on the door. After knocking for a few minutes, the driver was surprised that nobody answered. He called Kirk’s phone, but it went straight to voicemail. The driver was worried and went back to Domino’s to let Sarah know what happened.

Calling For Help

Sarah could have just let it go and hope for the best, but something in her gut told her that there was something wrong. She realized that she couldn’t ask her drivers to break into Kirk’s home, so she decided to call the police. When the dispatcher asked her why she was calling, she told him that Kirk was a Domino’s Pizza customer who has been ordering from them every day for years, and for the past 11 days, he hadn’t placed an order. The sheriff’s office dispatcher thought that it was odd that Domino’s Pizza was calling for a welfare check, but he was willing to send someone out to check. Sarah felt better after hanging up the phone.

Deputies Arrive

When the deputies arrived at Kirk’s home, they knocked on the door and called out his name. They listened closely, and they heard a weak voice coming from inside the house. They broke down the door and found Kirk lying on the floor. He looked awful. They quickly called the rescue, hoping that they got there in time to save Kirk’s life.

A Stroke

When Kirk got to the hospital, they determined that he had a stroke. Because the doctors didn’t know when the stroke occurred, they weren’t sure about Kirk’s prognosis. Fortunately, after a few days in the hospital and with hydration and medication, Kirk started doing better. The doctors told him that with physical therapy and proper care, he would make a full recovery.

Viral Story

When the story about what Sarah and the Domino’s team did for Kirk, it quickly went viral. Sarah and her assistant manager, Jenny, were invited to be on Good Morning America to tell their story. As a reward for their good deed, GMA gave the entire store movie tickets to see Captain America: Civil War. They were also sending Sarah and Jenny to Domino’s Worldwide Rally, which was a convention that took place every year. Sarah was happy about these gifts, but she was happier that Kirk was going to be alright.

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