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This Man Was Working Out At The Gym – Then He Was In The ER With Green Slime Coming Out Of His Mouth

Daphne Buxman-Carley and Kevin Carley

Husband and wife Daphne and Kevin are from Greenville, Wisconsin. Also, they’re parents to two daughters, Ramona and Ivy. They were planning a family trip to Florida. They wanted to look good for the vacation, so they started working out together in March 2015 ant their local YMCA gym. Hoping to drop some weight, the couple started a diet and working out six times a week.

Focused Areas

When the couple went to the YMCA, they started with cardio work. This often meant walking on a treadmill. They also focused on weight training. Daphne also took part in a high-intensity interval training class, and Kevin took the class once in a while. The two were very dedicated to their health and fitness regimen. They also focused on their diet outside of the gym.

Diet and Supplements

The couple was dieting together, which was great because they always had each other to stay motivated. Kevin often drank protein shakes before a workout. Many people who are planning to engage in a strenuous workout need an injection of energy, and in most cases, this comes in the form of a supplemental drink. Many of these products contain creatine. This is found naturally in your muscles, and the liver and the kidneys create it. It helps grow muscles by attracting moisture to the area. It also gives you an energy boost.


Many people drink energy drinks with a substance called beta-alanine for a pre-workout energy boost. This chemical also occurs naturally in the body and is created by the liver. It is an amino acid that can reduce fatigue. Right before a workout, a shot of this in a pre-workout shake can improve your overall performance.×707.jpg

5 Caffeine

Another chemical that is often found in pre-workout shakes is something very recognizable to most people. It is also found in many other products. It is caffeine. Caffeine is commonly found in coffee, tea, and in workout drinks. It is included in pre-workout shakes to give you a boost of energy. Since a person needs the energy to get in a good workout, caffeine is great.

March 2018

Kevin and Daphne had plans to go to the gym on a weekend in March 2018. Daphne got to the gym first, because Kevin had to do drop off his daughter, Ivy, at the local high school for a cooking class. Their oldest daughter, Ramona, was going to stay home and sleep in. This gave the couple a chance to work out for a few hours. When Kevin arrived at the gym, he joined Daphne in her workout class. He kissed Daphne and said that he was thinking about skipping the gym that day, but he decided to go ahead and meet his wife.

Splitting Up

After Kevin said hello to Daphne, he told her that he would be going to the treadmill. She was planning to meet him there when her class was over. A half-hour later, one of Daphne’s friends stepped out of the class to use the bathroom and saw a commotion at the treadmills. She went over there and realized that the confusion was about Kevin. Daphne’s friend told her what was going on, and she ran to be with her husband. She says that there were about 50 people around her husband in the workout area, and he was on a gurney with an oxygen mask. He was flailing uncontrollably, and Daphne was in shock.


Daphne got to her husband after CPR was performed, and after she was shocked with an AED. She was glad that she didn’t have to see him turning blue and falling unconscious. He had only gone without oxygen for three to five minutes thanks to the immediate action of the other people working out, the employees, and the first responders. Kevin was taken to the hospital in the ambulance with his wife by his side. The whole way there, Daphne says that Kevin was being combative, which wasn’t normal for him. The nurse in the ER asked Daphne to wait in the family room so that a doctor could examine Kevin.


When the doctor came in to see Daphne, she was told that he went into cardiac arrest. Because his brain had gone without oxygen for so long, his brain wouldn’t connect with his body. The doctors gave Kevin a sedative to calm him down so that they could conduct more tests. They decided to put Kevin in a medically induced coma for at least two days. For 24 hours, they wanted to put him in hypothermia, and then another 24 hours to warm him up. They hoped it would help regain his full mental capacity.


When Kevin was in the ICU, already in his coma, the doctors had questions about Kevin’s stomach. Daphne couldn’t figure out why they were questioning his stomach when it was his heart that stopped. The pulmonologist on Kevin’s case said that when they intubated him, bright green slime shot out of his mouth. They asked Daphne what he ate or drank before the gym, and she mentioned his pre-workout shake. After looking into his drink of choice, the doctors realized that it wasn’t responsible for Kevin’s condition.

Kevin Woke Up

Finally, when Kevin was taken out of the coma, he showed no signs of brain damage. The doctors performed a procedure a few days later to place an automatic defibrillator in his chest. The doctors believe that his condition was due to his heart being overworked. They say that it couldn’t handle the excess caffeine and other stimulants that he took before he worked out. When he started working out, it became the perfect storm. This Man Was Working Out At The Gym – Then He Was In The ER With Green Slime Coming Out Of His Mouth, and his wife wants to warn others. Do your research and talk to a doctor before beginning any workout regimen accompanied by stimulants. Kevin and his family had to learn this the hard way.

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