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This Photo Is Not Edited, Look Closer at the Hogan’s Heroes Blooper

Attention all Hogan’s Heroes fans! Are you ready for some behind-the-scenes hilarity that will have you seeing the show in a whole new light? We’ve dug deep to uncover the most side-splitting bloopers and mistakes that the cast and crew prefer to forget. From the prop malfunctions to screwing up the lines and how they keep a straight face, we have it all. So grab a snack, kick back, and join us as we take a humorous journey through the blunders and missteps that added to the charm of this classic TV show. It’s a rare peek behind the curtain that you won’t want to miss!

Factsverse Presents: This Photo is Not Edited, Look Closer at the Hogan’s Heroes Blooper

Hogan’s Heroes Workplace Drama

Colonel Hogan’s claim at The Pentagon may not be accurate unless a time machine is his and working in 1942. The fact is, the iconic building isn’t complete until January 1943. It means that every instance where Hogan is false. Looks like we’ve caught a slip-up in his otherwise impressive record.

Color Changing Uniforms of Hogan’s Heroes

The devil is in the details, and in Season 2, a minor wardrobe glitch causes a major stir. Blink and you will miss – during one episode, LeBeau’s red hat changes to green very fast. Upon closer inspection, it turns out that the actor receives a green hat for the first scene. Then, his signature red hat returns to him in subsequent shots. Perhaps LeBeau was too busy focusing on more pressing matters, like the war, to worry about a minor wardrobe malfunction. But for eagle-eyed viewers, this blunder certainly didn’t go unnoticed.

All Patched Up

In several episodes, viewers won’t notice something. The eagle and swastika patch on the right breast of Schultz’s tunic is incorrect. It is facing the opposite direction. The eagle on the patch is supposed to face Schultz’s left and toward his heart.

Lost In Translation In the Show Hogan’s Heroes

In the third season, episode “How to Win Friends and Influence Nazis”. A classic blunder occurs when an important German document arrives and a “Top Secret” for the officials’ eyes only. It’s like a no-brainer to label such sensitive material with a clear warning. The fact that the document is originally from the enemy camp makes this oversight all the more glaring.

The document presents to Col. Klink by none other than General Burkhalter. He’s a German officer who, won’t stamp the words “Top Secret” in English to a document of sensitive nature. Such an obvious mistake would have likely attracted far more attention to an already extremely volatile document.

Forgotten Knowledge In The Episode of Hogan’s Heroes

In the episode, “The Scientist,” Carter mentions that he can’t teach LeBeau any chemistry. He only works at a drugstore and not a chemist’s shop. However, in a previous episode “German Bridge Is Falling Down,” Carter demonstrates his knowledge of chemistry. He makes explosive chlorine gas from ammonia and bleach. Additionally, in a later episode titled “Hogan Springs,” he had no trouble preparing a convincing batch of “mineral water.”

Misleading Seasons In Winter Scenes of Hogan’s Heroes

In several episodes where winter scenes portray with patches of snow on the ground. Viewers know that there are leaves in trees and green grass can be seen in the background.

The Secret Mistress

In several instances, Hogan’s men or the Germans make references to Eva Braun, Hitler’s mistress. However, Braun’s connection to Hitler is confidential that reveals to inner circle and not in public until after the war.

Taken To The Cleaners

Carter’s favorite jacket with its cozy sheep fleece lining is a character in its own right. It appears in every scene and sporting the shabby look whom they trust. However, viewers might spot an intriguing detail in Season 6 – in one episode. The jacket appears inexplicably new, its once-dirty surface now clean and shiny. How did this transformation occur? Was the jacket taken to the dry cleaners or did the production team have to replace it altogether? Such a small detail, yet it raises tantalizing questions for true fans of this classic series.

Hogan’s Heroes: Serial Number Switcharoo

Oh, Schultz – he just can’t seem to keep his story straight! The episode “The Flame Grows Higher”. Guard declares his serial number as 23789. Then, it’ll change his tune in “Bombsight” and claim that it’s actually 34789. It’s understandable that details like this can mix up in the chaos of wartime. One can’t help but wonder why Schultz didn’t have his facts straight to begin with. Come on, Schultz, you’ve got one job – keeping those prisoners in line and your serial number straight!

Elementally Inaccurate

During a an easy to miss scene set in a German laboratory, a periodic table of elements can be seen hanging on the wall. Interestingly, the table displayed all 103 elements that were known to science in the 1960s. However, during the war period, only 92 elements were known, with the rest being created by nuclear science, including some that played a crucial role in the top-secret and world-changing Manhattan Project.

Mouse From The Future

Ah, the perils of historical accuracy – in a show set in the 1940s, it’s a bit jarring to hear characters discussing a certain speedy Mexican mouse who didn’t make his debut until the 1950s. Yet, in Hogan’s Heroes, Speedy Gonzales is a topic of conversation on more than one occasion. While it may seem like a minor detail, this blunder speaks to the careful attention that must be paid to the historical context of any period piece. Of course, most viewers probably wouldn’t have noticed the anachronism, but for those with a keen eye for detail, it’s enough to raise an eyebrow.

The Vanishing Well

In the fifth season’s episode titled “The Well,” a significant portion of the action takes place near a water well that is situated to the right and slightly behind Klink’s office. Interestingly, this well is not visible in any other episode of the show.

Out Of Place Palms

When you watch Hogan’s Heroes, you might notice that the outdoor scenes have a distinct Californian feel to them, complete with palm trees dotting the landscape. While this might not seem like a big deal, it’s actually quite interesting since Germany, where the show is set, doesn’t have many palm trees due to its cooler climate. Next time you sit down and watch an episode, keep your eyes peeled for these exotic trees that don’t quite belong in the show’s setting.

Sweet Kicks

In the fifth season episode “Standing Room Only,” there is a noticeable blooper that might have slipped past the show’s viewers during it’s initial run. During a shot where LaBeau climbs a ladder, he can be seen wearing high-top sneakers, while the rest of the guys are all sporting their military-issued boots. It’s an amusing detail that adds a touch of humor to the episode, and it’s a testament to the show’s enduring popularity that fans are still noticing these small but memorable moments today.

Taking The Plunge

One of the recurring plot devices on Hogan’s Heroes involves the prisoners receiving packages from a courier plane. As the plane drops its cargo with a parachute, Hogan would often observe the drop through his trusty binoculars. However, keen-eyed viewers might notice a discrepancy – in the original frames, we catch a glimpse of the delivery man’s legs as he jumps from the plane, yet in later scenes, the prisoners are shown gathered around a package without any delivery man in sight. Perhaps the delivery man simply vanished into thin air, or maybe the show’s editors simply decided to focus on the more exciting aspects of the scene. Either way, it’s a small but intriguing detail that adds to the show’s enduring mystique.

Reverse Alchemy

In the 18th episode of the series titled “The Gold Rush”, Hogan and his team create steps leading to Commandant Klink’s headquarters using gold bricks disguised as regular masonry bricks. However, in the remaining 150 episodes, the steps seem to have reverted to the wooden ones seen before the episode, and the gold bricks were nowhere to be seen.

Ahead Of Their Time

While historical accuracy – as we’ve already firmly established – is a crucial element in any period piece, it seems that the fashion trends of the 1960s couldn’t help but influence the wardrobe choices of the ladies on Hogan’s Heroes. Despite being set in the 1940s during World War II, the female characters on the show often sported styles more reminiscent of the era in which the show was produced. While this may raise some eyebrows for those seeking a more authentic portrayal of the time period, it’s hard to deny the appeal of the chic and colorful ensembles that graced the screen.

I Can See Clearly Now

During the initial season’s episode “Hello, Zolle,” sharp-eyed viewers would have spotted that Major Zolle’s glasses were evidently fake during any close-up shots. Surprisingly, the glasses lacked lenses! Similarly, in the sixth season’s “The Dropouts” episode, Professor Bauer’s glasses were also missing the essential lenses, leading to yet another noticeable blooper. Who knows though, maybe they were just for looks! Remember back in the early 2010s when all the Urban Outfitters hipsters rocked this look?

Not The Tanks You Are Looking For

While Hogan’s Heroes may not be known for its historical accuracy, with discrepancies ranging from soldiers’ ranks to the medals they wear, it’s the historical inaccuracy in the second episode of season one that stands out as the funniest. “Hold the Tiger” centers around a tiger tank, yet the showrunners settled for an American M7 tank instead, likely due to the easier availability of the latter in Los Angeles.

So, what do you think? Were you surprised to see that any of these bloopers, mistakes and anachronisms wound up appearing in Hogan’s Heroes? To be honest, we only covered a small fraction of the countless bloopers that ended up making it to air, but alas, we’re just about out of time.

Before you go, we’d to hear from you. Where you a fan of Hogan’s Heroes and did you catch any of these humorous mistakes when watching the series for the first time? Let us know in the comments and feel free to share any other bloopers, continuity errors, or out of place props that you might have discovered in the show. As always, thanks for watching and we’ll see you soon with more facts-packed content.

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