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This Surgeon Had A Confession About Heart Disease That Everyone Needs To Hear

Heart Disease

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States today. This has a lot to do with the way that we eat. According to the American Heart Association, to keep your heart healthy, you need to keep your saturated fat low and avoid sugar. They say that you need to avoid trans fat. If you are going to stay healthy, you need to pick fat-free or low-fat dairy products. If you eat red meat, the American Heart Association suggests that you choose cuts of meat that have the least amount of fat.


Another common cause of heart disease is living a sedentary lifestyle. Today, thanks to computers, tablets, cell phones, and Netflix, people rarely ever get off the couch. This causes heart disease. According to the American Heart Association, exercise is essential in preventing heart disease. Regular cardio workouts will keep your heart strong and healthy. Also, regular exercise prevents obesity, which puts a significant strain on your heart.

Dr. Dwight Lundell

For 25 years, Dr. Dwight Lundell gave his patients the same advice that the American Heart Association gives. Recently, he has gone back on everything that he believed and preached. He wrote as an essay titled, Heart Surgeon Declares On What Really Causes Heart Illness. He posted it on Facebook, and thousands of people have shared it. In the essay, he explains that he has changed his mind about the advice that he had given during his career, and he explained why.

“I Openly Admit To Being Mistaken”

In his essay, he wrote, “We physicians with our experience and authority often acquire a large selfishness that tends to make it hard to accept we are wrong. So here it is, I openly admit to being mistaken.” Dr. Lundell has changed his idea of what makes a heart-healthy diet. He believes that a diet low in fat and high in simple carbs is what causes our arteries to well. It also attracts cholesterol, which creates the plaque that causing dangerous blockages. The doctor believes that it isn’t just carbohydrates that are what is causing the problem. He believes that eating too much omega-6 fatty acids and not enough omega-3 also causes problems. He believes that we need to eat a healthier ratio of the two if we are going to keep our hearts healthy.

Natural Foods For Heart Disease

To prevent heart problems, Dr. Lundell says that you should be eating more natural foods, and you shouldn’t eat anything that your grandmother wouldn’t consider to be food. Complex carbs are the best, such as fruit and colorful vegetables. He believes that doctors have been wrong about what makes for a heart-healthy diet.

A Grain Of Salt

If you are going to take Dr. Lundell’s advice, you should do so with a grain of salt. After practicing medicine and being a board-certified cardiothoracic surgeon for 25 years, he ran into trouble. It all started in 2000. He lost a patient that year, and the board concluded that his postoperative management following carotid artery surgery was substandard and not documented properly. He censures for unprofessional conduct. Also, he pays a $2,500 civil penalty, and put on probation and ordered to continue his education in carotid artery surgery and medical record keeping. Finally, they produce the patient’s records.

2003 Censure

In 2003, he landed in hot water again. This time, the board found that 13 out of 20 patient charts didn’t include an adequate initial evaluation of his patients. He was censured again and placed on probation. His charts would be evaluated quarterly.

The End Of A Heart Disease

In 2004, the board found fault with the way that Dr. Lundell managed two of his patients. He was reprimanded and ordered to serve two more years of probation. He also had to undergo an evaluation of his fitness to practice medicine. In 2006, the board sent him a letter for failure to maintain adequate patient records and for a surgical error. In 2008, many of his patient charts were reviewed, and his license to practice medicine was revoked. Also, his privileges at Banner Desert Medical Hospital were suspended. He also has been in financial trouble for years, beginning in 1990 when he filed for bankruptcy.

Heart Disease: True Or False

With all of these allegations against Dr. Luddell, people aren’t sure if they should believe his new ideas. Many choose to listen to what is recommended by the American Heart Association because they don’t have any marks against them; it is hard not to believe them. It is essential that you listen to your doctor and other experts about your heart health. Dr. Luddell may think that he knows what is best, but with his record, it is hard to believe him. This surgeon had a confession about heart disease that everyone needs to hear, but there is a good chance that he is wrong.

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