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This Woman Embarked On An Extreme Diet And Now Claims She No Longer Needs Solid Foods To Survive

Healthy Lifestyles

Today, more and more people are trying to live a healthy lifestyle. Some people change their eating habits, and some try to become more active. There are several diets that people begin to live a healthier lifestyle. Diet and exercise is one thing, but there are people who take living a healthy lifestyle to the extreme. This woman embarked on an extreme diet and now claims she no longer needs solid foods to survive. This is the definition of drastic.

Audra Bear

Audra is a woman from Las Vegas and has been trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle for a long time. Over the hears, she has taken on a number of different eating regimens hoping to achieve her goal. In 2014, she became a vegan. She stayed on this diet for four years and decided to make a change when she heard about another diet that she believed would work great for her.

Audra’s Early Life

Audra grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and from a young age, she cared a lot about her health. She started studying at eCornel University, and later enrolled at The Health Sciences Academy in London, England in 2016. Later, she enrolled at New York’s Institute for Integrative Nutrition. After moving to Las Vegas, she didn’t forget about her healthy lifestyle, and she wanted to learn more. This led her to try many eating regimens. This was what led her to become a vegan.


Vegans are similar to vegetarians because they don’t eat meat; however, they differ because vegans don’t eat any food produced by animals such as butter, eggs, milk, and honey. Vegans are only allowed to eat foods that grow from the ground. When she started getting into the vegan diet, she became a raw vegan. The same foods are consumed, and the difference is the temperature at which the food is cooked. Raw vegans believe that if the food is cooked at high temperatures, the micronutrients are eliminated. She remained a raw vegan for years until another extreme diet caught her eye.

Breatharian and Pranic Living

Breatharianism is a type of energy that is breathed in each day. People who call themselves “breatharians” believe that the prana that they take in will act as a valid substitute for food. At first, Audra was a bit hesitant about starting this unorthodox diet. She began by performing breathing exercises, and soon, noticed that her appetite was changing. For close to 100 days, she managed to abandon solid food completely.

What Is Prana

Prana is a form of energy that people breathe in throughout the day. Breatharians believe that they can live on this energy alone, and food is not necessary. At first, Audra was hesitant about starting this diet. She had a passion for food, and loved to eat her favorite dishes; therefore, she wasn’t sure if she would be able to give up eating altogether. After doing a great deal of research, she started the diet and found great success. She says that living a pranic lifestyle is about shifting your focus from nourishing your body with denser sources like food to less dense sources, like energy.

Still Eating

When people heard about what Audra was doing, she wanted to make one thing clear. She says that she doesn’t believe that food is detrimental to her body. According to her pranic lifestyle, she can still eat if she feels like it, but prana remains her primary source of energy. She says that after she began her breathing exercises, she had no appetite for solid or dense foods. Eventually, she reached a place where she didn’t need food to sustain her any longer. All she needed was prana.

No Intention

Audra says that she never intended to quit food altogether. She says that she started practicing her breathing exercises for 40 minutes a day, and after five days, she no longer had an appetite for dense food. This lasted for 97 days. Audra says that she would never have been able to pull off a lengthy fast if she weren’t doing her breathing exercises regularly.

What Does Breathing Work Accomplish?

According to Audra, breathwork is the base of healing and detoxification for the physical and emotional body. She says that the breathing guides your body into the parasympathetic nervous system, which relieves stress, aids in digestion, stops cravings, and increases happiness and mental clarity.


While Audra ultimately believes in her diet, she says that she wouldn’t recommend that anyone fast, cleanse, or restrict their calories until they learn about the breath and the breathing techniques. She says that without the breathing, she never would have been able to sustain her 97 days of fasting. Audra says that since she adopted the breatharian lifestyle, she feels healthier, better, and has much more energy.

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