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Tom Selleck’s Wife Finally Breaks Her Silence

There’s no actor out there that is as distinctly American as Tom Selleck. Move over, Chuck Norris. This guy has been killing it bald eagle style since the mid-60s. His first big breakout role was in the quintessential crime drama series, Magnum PI, in which he played the series lead, Thomas Magnum. And since 2010, Tom has co-starred as New York City Police Commissioner Frank Reagan in the hit cop procedural drama Blue Bloods.

There is one man that scares the heck out of every last 80s bad guy out there – and no, it’s not Columbo – sorry, Peter Fink. Tom Selleck strikes fear in the hearts of the crustiest cronies and the most dim-witted would-be criminal masterminds. He’s tough as nails, and flat-out refuses to allow anyone to walk all over him.

Besides his still-thriving television career, Selleck has appeared in films such as Three Men and a Baby and it’s sequel, Three Men and a Little Lady, which hit theaters in 1987 and 1990, respectively. If you think the titles of those films don’t sound very ‘macho’ like the image that he carefully crafted for himself, especially in the early 80s, well, then you’re right! Because regardless of how we just hyped this guy up as the manliest, no-nonsense, he-man around – in fact, he’s just an old softie at heart. Or at least that’s how his wife, Jillie Mack, has described him.

Join Facts Verse as we see what Selleck’s wife had to reveal about her husband. You’ll be either pleasantly surprised or wildly disappointed to learn who the real Tom Selleck really is. So, be sure to stick around to hear all about the man behind that now-legendary mustache.

Tom Selleck’s Storybook Marriage To Jillie Mack

Tom Selleck has been acting in Hollywood for decades. And throughout his prolific career in the limelight, he has had the support of his loving wife, Jillie Mack. Selleck and his second wife have become quite the item since getting together in the mid-80s. Many couples, especially in Tinseltown; struggle to make their relationships last for more than a few months. But these folks have been going strong for more than 30 years.

Tom and Jillie first met when she was starring in a West End production of the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical Cats in 1984. Jillie caught Tom’s attention freshly after he had divorced his first wife; Jacqueline Ray, whom he married to from 1971 to 1982.

Reportedly, Selleck blown away by Jillie’s performance. His Lassiter co-star, Jane Seymour, recalls how he kept telling her how wonderful Cats was. Eventually, he was able to work up the courage and approach her backstage.

Selleck told AARP back in 2015 that Jillie ‘looked pretty good in a leotard’. At first, he was a bit nervous to ask her out but right before she was about to go out on stage. He finally asked her out for a drink.

After going out for a few cocktails, Tom and Jillie went on another date in which they had dinner together. And their relationship just continued to blossom from there. They continued to see each other often; And when Jillie’s West End contract came to an end; she decided to move from the U.K. to be with her new lover.

The couple got married on August 7, 1987. In a surreptitious wedding ceremony near Lake Tahoe in a town called Incline Village, Nevada. A year later, in December, Jillie gave birth to her and Tom’s first and only child together, Hannah. In addition to Hannah, Tom has another son, Kevin; who was born in 1966 while he was still with his ex-wife Jacqueline.

Around the same time that Tom and Jillie welcomed their daughter into the world. Selleck was doing his best to find a balance between his demanding Hollywood career and his duties as dad. He really struggled to juggle his professional and personal responsibilities. And eventually, he concluded that he had to take a step back from the entertainment industry; at least temporarily – to shift his focus primarily on his family.

Selleck told People back in 2012 that at the time; he was working 90 hours a week and was filming a movie in between any break he got. That’s ultimately why he decided to quit Magnum PI to shift his attention to where it needed to be – his wife and children.

As Tom and Jillie’s children grew up, Tom eventually moved back into show business. Appearing in shows and movies such as the Jesse Stone Series, Las Vegas. And more recently, Blud Bloods. Even though he had his work cut out for him, Tom was never one to let his professional life come between his time with Jillie. He’s adored her since day one and vowed to never let anything destroy that beautiful bond that they share.

In truth, he’s constantly going out of his way to do sweet little things for the love of his life. There is very little that he wouldn’t do for Jillie and visa versa. Tom told Closer magazine back in March 2021 that he always gets up early to put on hot water so when Jillie gets up; her morning tea is already piping hot and ready to enjoy. If only we all could tap into whatever magic they stumbled upon.

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Jillie Mack’s Backstory

While Selleck was born in Detroit and raised in Sherman Oaks, California, Jillie hails from the United Kingdom and was born on December 25, 1957, in Devizes, England. Like her mustachioed husband, Jillie was once also kind of a big deal in Hollywood. She has appeared in offerings like The Wizard, Silverfox, Hooperman, Frasier, and Magnum P.I. According to her IMDB page, her last acting credit was in an episode of ER in 2002.

Much like any other couple out there, Tom and Jillie have experienced their fair share of highs and lows. They’ve managed to overcome just about every marital woe under the sun because they consider each other to be ‘true partners’.

Tom told ET in 2015, that what makes their relationship work so well is the fact that he and Jillie are friends as well as partners. But even though they’ve been together for so many years now. It’s also clear that he is still very much so in love with her. He told the Hollywood news outlet that Jillie still seems to light up a room whenever he’s around.

Jillie and Tom own a 65-acre ranch in Ventura, California, where they have lived together for decades. This beautiful plot of land includes an ornate Spanish colonial-style house that features eight bedrooms, horse stables and corrals, a heliport, swimming pool, tennis court, and even a three-hole putting course.

The couple’s lone daughter, Hannah, chose not to follow in her acting parent’s footsteps. Instead, she has become a gifted equestrian. Besides horseback riding, Hannah is also studying for her MBA. Because even though horses are her main passion; Tom has always been clear that he wants her to have something to fall back on just in case. Even so, he has no problem shelling out up to $300 thousand for each horse.

Jillie Says That Tom Is A ‘Softie’ At Heart

When asked how he and Jillie’s marriage and love life has changed over time, Selleck has said that he believes that their love has only grown deeper. While the 76-year-old is still busy with his professional life and Jillie maintains her own personal life, they still make time to spend with each other and don’t let the little things get between what matters most to bost of them. At the end of the day, they are just like any other happily married older couple. Tom told GQ back in 2014, that they even still sometimes get mixed up with remembering things like whether their anniversary is on 8/8/88 or 8/7/88 – which is kind of adorable if you ask us.

Over time, they have both simplified their lives in many different ways, which has led to their relationship becoming only richer and more rewarding. Even though Tom freely admits that the infatuation stage of any relationship eventually fades, in their case, that infatuation only grew into a more satisfying form of love.

Clear and concise communication has always been key to keeping their relationship afloat as well. Jillie says that she and Tom never do anything without consulting each other first, and beyond that, they also set aside time to actually talk with each other face to face every day. How many people can say that in this day and age?

While Tom clearly has a lot of gushingly beautiful things to say about his wife, Jillie too can’t seem to say enough positive things about her husband of 34 years. Even though he’s had this tough-guy persona for so many years starring in all of those crime dramas, she says that his heart, he’s just a softie. She adores the amount of care, consideration, and attention that he directs her way and acknowledges the many ways that he goes out of his way to make her smile.

Did you know about Tom Selleck’s long-standing marriage to Jillie Mack? We’re you surprised to learn how sentimental the man behind Thomas Magnum is in real life? Let us know what your thoughts are on this celebrity coupling in the comments section down below.

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