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Tony Dow Died One Year Ago, Now His Wife Breaks Her Silence

What’s your favorite classic sitcom? When it comes to syndication, few show up as often as Leave it to Beaver.

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00:00 – Intro
00:28 – Tony’s Rise to Fame
01:41 – Leaving Leave It to Beaver
03:23 – Leaving Hollywood
04:14 – His Family
05:32 – The Fake Death Announcement
06:17 – His Real Death
07:30 – Outro

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The Cleaver family was wholesome yet relatable. They didn’t outshine others such as the Bradys or the Andersons in terms of ratings, but they’ll always be an important part of TV history. One of the major reasons for this was the cast who portrayed him. Tony’s life could have been completely different if he hadn’t followed a family friend to an audition. The producers took notice of his athletic build. They knew they’d found the boy to play Beaver’s older brother Wally. He rose to fame and became a favorite of the girls during his time on the show. He followed it up by guest starring in a few shows and even went behind the camera to direct and write. He returned as Wally in Leave it to Beaver revivals decades later. He couldn’t escape the name, even at home. His doting wife even once called him Wally!

The success didn’t make him rich or happy. He suffered from depression in his 20s but worked through it by making a video to help others who felt the same. His battle with liver cancer later forced him out of the spotlight. He began pursuing other passions such as sculpting. He also spent every moment he could with his children and grandchildren, even in hospice care. Linda was so distressed during that time that she delivered an announcement of his death. The world was shocked that one of the most beloved actors in Hollywood was gone, but that’s not the end of the story.

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Tony Dow Died One Year Ago, Now His Wife Breaks Her Silence

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