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Dahm Triplets Got Painful News After A DNA Test – On Live TV

The Dahm Triplets

The Dahm triplets dna, Erica, Jaclyn, and Nicole, were born in December 1977. Dahm triplets have another sister. Most multiple births have come with some complications, but the Dahm triplets were very healthy when they were born, and they were beautiful children. The girls have blonde hair and blue eyes. Raising three children who were all the same age was tough for their parents, but it was also a blessing.

Telling Them Apart

Because the twins were identical, their parents had to come up with a way to tell them apart. They chose tattoos because it was something that would never fade, and they wouldn’t need to worry about not knowing which baby was which. Each of the girls got a dot tattooed on their bottom, signifying the order that they born. Nicole was born first, so she got one dot. Erica was second born, so she got two dots. Jaclyn didn’t get a dot, because they could tell that the baby without a dot was her. As they got older, the tattoos looked like freckles.

Small Town

The girls grew up in a small town in Minnesota called Jordan. The population was about 30,000, and with such a small community, the triplets got a lot of attention. They stood out in school, and it seemed as though everyone in the town knew the twins. As they got older, the boys started to give them attention, and they also gained the attention of a modeling agency. When they were 16-years-old, they participated in a modeling contest called The Great Model Search run by Teen Magazine. The girls won, and they graced the cover of the magazine, and it was the start of their modeling career.


The triplets were as close as three sisters could be. Their mother dressed them alike for years while they were growing up and they liked it. They say that they never had their own identities. They always known as “you three” or “the triplets.” It’s not until they \married that they finally had their own identities.

High School and Playboy

When the girls finished high school, they put modeling on the back burner. They started school at the University of Minnesota to study nursing. They hoped that they could graduate together and get a job in a hospital together. While in college, they saw a flyer hanging up on campus. It was an advertisement by Playboy magazine, and they were looking for models to take part in their Girls of the Big Ten Special Edition. The girls won the contest, but they were still unsure about showing it all to the world.

After getting some encouragement from their parents, they did it and became the first triplets ever to be Playboy’s centerfold models. During the interview portion, they all agreed that they would never have been able to do Playboy as individuals. After the magazine came out, it opened up plenty of doors for the girls, and they again offered modeling contracts.


The girls got television offers, starting with a role on Boy Meets World. Later, they had roles in Juwanna Mann, and Pauley Shore is dead. They were on an episode of House Wars, where they beat their father and his interior designer. They even appeared on Family Feud with their father and their sister, and they took home $10,000. During their time on television, Erica met Jay McGraw, who is Dr. Phil’s son. She and Jay hit it off immediately, and they started dating. It wasn’t long before the two professed their love for one another. He asked Erica to marry him on camera, and she said yes.

The Weddings

Jay and Erica were married in August 2006, at the Beverly Hills home of Dr. Phil and his wife, Robin. Erica’s sisters were her maids of honor, and there were 400 guests at the wedding. After Erica got married, Jaclyn met the love of her life, Billy Dolan. Nicole met Michael Kelly, and they were married as well.


After Jay and Erica were married, the girls were invited to appear on the show, The Doctors. On the show, the girls announced that they were all pregnant, and they got pregnant within one month of each other. The girls all gave birth top healthy baby girls, and they stayed out of the limelight while raising their children.

The Doctors

At Jay and Dr. Phil’s request, the girls went back on The Doctors in 2017. This was the time that home DNA tests had become very popular, so they decided to take a test on the show. Because the girls looked so much alike, they thought that they would be great subjects to test the reliability of these DNA tests. When they went on the show, they were all pregnant again, and later, they all gave birth to sons.

The DNA Test

The girls also took a DNA test on the show. They took tests from two of the most popular companies, 23AndMe and Ancestry. Since it takes a few weeks to get the test back, the girls had to come back on the show to get the results.

The Results

Everyone expected their results to be identical since they shared a womb. The results shocked everyone. Erica was 16 percent British and Irish, Nicole was 18 percent of the same. They were all French and German, but the percentages were different. This was shocking because the girls were identical twins. Their Scandinavian descent was also different percentages, with Nicole having more. Everyone was shocked that identical triplets could be so different. Triplets Got Painful News After a DNA Test – on Live TV. They were still triplets, but they were shocked that they were so different.

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