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Two Sisters Posed With Tinkerbell At Disney World, But You Have To See What She Does With Her Hand

A Trip To Disney

Millions of people flock to Disney World and Disneyland every year. People young and old love the atmosphere, the rides, the characters, and everything magical that Disney has to offer. Children especially love going to Disney World. For some, it is the most magical time of their lives.

The Mansfield Family

When the Mansfield family, their daughter, Shaylee, and her little sister were very excited. Their parents had been saving up for quite some time to afford the family vacation. The Mansfields didn’t take too many vacations, because traveling was difficult for the family. In fact, many things were difficult for the family, because, with the exception of Shaylee’s little sister, the whole family is deaf.

Sign Language

Because everyone but the youngest daughter in the family is deaf, the family communicates using American Sign Language, also known as ASL. Being hearing impaired made it difficult for Shaylee’s family to travel. There aren’t too many people who understand sign language. This made getting on a plane, checking into a hotel, and even going to restaurants. The Mansfields had their youngest daughter there to translate for them, but it still wasn’t easy. Traveling was a struggle, but the Mansfields knew how badly their daughters wanted to visit Disney World, so they booked the trip. They knew that it would be the trip of a lifetime for their girls, so they were willing to make the trip.

Having Lunch

The family was having lunch at one of the restaurants in the park. This was an exclusive restaurant for children, because many of the Disney characters were in attendance, and they would go over to each table to see the children and take photos. For Shaylee and her sister, it was like a dream come true.

Disney Movies

The sisters had seen every Disney movie there is. They both loved all of the Disney princesses. Ariel, Belle, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Snow White, Ariel, and Jasmine all were their favorites. Shaylee says that each of the Disney Princesses is so beautiful that it is impossible to choose just one to be her favorite. It wasn’t only the princesses that they loved. The girls also loved Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, and Goofy. The girls loved all of the Disney characters.

Seeing the Characters

Before the family sat down for lunch, they walked through the park. Anyone who has been to Disney knows that there are characters walking around everywhere. The girls would spot one of their favorites and get excited. The Mansfields loved the joy that their daughters were experiencing, so they decided to take their children to a special lunch where they would be able to see the Disney characters and sit down with then. They knew that it would be something that their daughters would remember for the rest of their lives.

Sitting Down For Lunch

When the family sat down at their table. Shaylee and her sister were in awe. They had only been sitting for a few minutes before the girls were met by Sleeping Beauty and Ariel. Soon, Minne Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, and Cinderella stopped by their table. Shaylee couldn’t believe that she was having lunch with her Disney heroes. Since she was deaf, she was unable to have a conversation with them. This changed when Tinkerbell sat down at their table.

Talking With Tinkerbell

Two sisters posed with Tinkerbell at Disney World, but you have to see what she does with her hand. Tinkerbell sat down with the girls, and Shaylee’s sister began talking to her. The whole family was shocked when Tinkerbell began signing to Shaylee and her parents. Shaylee couldn’t believe it. Her Disney hero knew sign language.

Introducing Herself

Tinkerbell signed to the family, “Hi, my name is T-I-N-K.” The family was thrilled that they were able to communicate with her. Shortly after, Minnie Mouse sat down. She was also signing. She told them that she was learning to sign so that she could communicate with the hearing impaired guests. It turns out that Disney provides these services for their hearing impaired guests, and there are many characters in the park who know sign language. Disney believes that everyone, regardless of their disability, should be able to experience Disney World to the fullest.


A woman named Sheena McFeely was sitting at a nearby table and caught the whole thing on video. When she returned home, she uploaded the heartwarming video to YouTube, and it has had thousands of views. There were many comments posted on the video, and many of them congratulated Disney for hiring people who could sign to make the experience unique for those who could hear and those who couldn’t. It was a day that the Mansfields would never forget.

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