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Valuable Coins That Are Still in Circulation Today

Have you ever heard the word Numismatics before? Well, it’s defined as the study or collection of paper currency, metals, and most commonly, coins. Even though coin collecting requires quite a bit of time and energy on the collectors part. If you take the time to learn about valuable coins and how to identify and collect them. You’ll find that taking part in coin collecting can be both a satisfying and potentially profitable hobby.

Coins from almost any era can provide an insightful look into what different civilizations and societies considered to be culturally significant. We can learn a lot about the spoken language. And what metals prized in a geographic location where coins are found. Likewise, the people featured on coins. And the other details etched into their faces give us a revealing glimpse into what viewed as important by different cultures from bygone eras.

It doesn’t matter if you’re interested in learning a bit more about world history or simply get a kick out of searching for a rare quarter from yesteryear. Coin collecting can be a fun and enriching hobby, especially if you know what you’re hunting for.

But not all valuable and rare coins are from past periods of human history. Quite a few coins that have fetched thousands or even millions of dollars at auction; actually are ones that are still in circulation. Join Facts Verse as we take a look at some of these hard-to-find US coins. Perhaps after watching this video, you too can learn what to look for so that you can start finding those precious quarters. And nickels in your piggy bank that might very well be worth a lot more than their face value.

1932 – 64 Silver Quarters

During the 1930s, quarters composed of 90% silver and 10% copper. That metallurgic composition gave them a gorgeous appearance and obviously drove up their value to collectors and smelters alike. A ton of quarters minted during this era, so if you want to find the ones that are worth the most. You’ll want to keep your eyes out for the ones that are in the most pristine condition. A coin shop typically uses the value of the silver itself to give a base value for a coin. But it should noted that it’s actually against the law to melt down US currency.

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1909-S VDB Lincoln Penny

This penny is consider as one of the most popular and best known Lincoln penny’s ever minted. It’s no wonder then that this cent recently racked up 36 bids when it auctioned off on eBay. The winning bidder from New Jersey ended up paying $1,153 when it sold a couple of months ago in August.

The coin is especially coveted and rare, seeing as how it’s designer; Victor David Brenner, included his own initials into it’s design when he created his variant of the common coin.

But not everyone thrilled that he left his mark on the currency, and the initials removed from the coin not long after it’s first run. Even so, approximately 480,000 coins made bearing the controversial mark.

1937 Buffalo Nickel

Recently on eBay a very rare and sought-after buffalo nickel minted in 1937 sold for an eye-watering $1,400. If you happen to find one of these bad boys in your loose change, you too could turn a pretty decent profit.

This especially hard-to-come-across five-cent piece features an image of a buffalo with three legs on one side and the image of a Native American on the reverse side. It minted in Denver, Colorado, and very few of the coins are believe to still in circulation.

The coin managed to rack up a total of 29 bids when it went up for auction on the popular online marketplace. The final selling price was 28,000 times the original value of the nickel; which is pretty mind-boggling if you think about it.

2005 Kansas State Quarter

This rare coin bears the somewhat humorous typo ‘In God We Rust’ which has sent it’s value through the ceiling. According to modern legend, a drip of grease fell into the die when these coins minted. Which resulted in a few coins to come out with the T in the famous slogan ‘In God We Trust’ to appear more like the letter R.

This iconic phrase invoking a higher power has featured on all pieces of US currency since the 1950s. But if you’re lucky enough to find one of these quarters which bears this comical typo. You just might be able to exchange it for up to $100 to the right collector. But if you’re wise, you’d be better off tucking it away for safekeeping as it’s value will; without a doubt, increase over the years.

1966 – Roosevelt Silver Dime

In the 1960s, America moving away from making dimes out of mostly silver to the nickel and copper composition that they are made of today. During this period of transition, a few silver dimes minted by accident using the wrong metals and die. This flub resulted in a handful of dimes minted that slightly heavier than they supposed to be. If you happen to own a very sensitive digital scale. Y

ou will find that some of the dimes produced in 1964 weigh 2.5 grams while others weigh .1 grams more. These error dimes are exceedingly hard to find, and only a few examples have documented. If you’re lucky enough to find one, it can be worth up to $7,000, depending on it’s condition.

1918 Buffalo Nickel

During the first world war, the US economy almost entirely focused on the war effort. This affected coinage in the way that fewer coins printed. These 1918 Buffalo Nickels reflect this cost-cutting strategy. And they are exceptionally rare, but quality is especially important when determining their value. Every last one entered into circulation, which means that there are none in existence today that are in perfect uncirculated condition. But if you happen to stumble upon one in reasonably decent condition, it could possibly be worth as much as $125,000.

1965 Washington Quarter Error Coin

Recently, a super rare Washington quarter sold at auction for more than $500. The reason why it so special and thus valuable the fact that it accidentally struck on a 10 cent silver planchet. When one auctioned off on eBay; it managed to rack up 25 bids before finally selling to the highest bidder on August 15, 2021, for $545. The coin had initially listed by it’s seller from Montana for $1.

1794 Flowing Hair Fifty Cent Piece

Another coin that recently sold on eBay for a small fortune this stupidly rare 50 cent coin minted back in 1794. After racking up 63 bids, this ‘Flowing Hair’ half dollar piece which actually the first incarnation of the denomination to ever struck; sold for $7,777 back in August. To be fair though, just because this is a coin that technically is still in circulation, you’d hard-pressed to find one just lying around. Given it’s strikingly unique appearance, any of these that are still in existence are more than likely kept under lock and key by knowledgeable collectors who are fully aware of their worth.

1870 Seated Liberty Dollar Coin

Here’s a great example of a coin that has gone up in value at an exponential rate over the years without having been mint in error. The artwork featured on this uncommon coin makes it particularly aesthetically appealing. And thus has inspired many investors to desire it for their personal collections. The coin’s obverse face depicts ol’ Lady Liberty in a seated position while wearing a flowing gown and holding the nation’s flag and shield of liberty in her hands. Her crown adorned with 13 stars representing the original 13 US colonies. Since it’s not the rarest coin out there. It’s condition once agian plays a huge part in determining it’s value. But that said, it’s known to fetch between $500 to $5,000 dollars at auction.

1927-D Double Eagle

These last few coins are going to be among some of the most valuable ones still in circulation. Welcome to the big league’s ladies and gentlemen.

This $20 gold coin had 180,000 made during it’s minting. Back in 1928, however, when the coins sold, the economy in free fall. And no one seemed that interested in purchasing gold coins from the government because, frankly, they couldn’t afford it. Then, in 1933, all gold recalled in the entire nation, and it became illegal for a stint to even own gold. So, by this time; it’s conceivable that the majority of the original coins that produced collecting dust in the vaults at the Treasury. And it’s likely that most of them eventually melted down for their intrinsic value. Even so, several of these coins manage to survive through all of these fascinating twists and turns of US history. And today they are one of the rarest coins sought-after by coin collectors. It’s estimated that these precious gold coins are valued upwards of $1.3 million.

1919 Liberty Head Nickel

In 1913, The Liberty Head Nickel swiftly replaced the old Buffalo Nickel design. And according to records from the US Mint; no liberty nickels produced during 1914, the year that saw the start of World War I. A few years later, however, an eagle-eyed coin collector discovered five specimens of this coin which previously thought to be nonexistent. It later speculated that this collector; Samuel Brown, had actually worked at the mint and had clandestinely and unscrupulously struck them on his own accord. Other theories present an alternative view. It’s plausible that they actually struck sometime during the latter half of 1912 as some sort of practice run to gear up for the following year. Regardless, these nickels are about as rare as they come and have sold at auction in recent years for around $5 million a piece.

1794 Silver Dollar

Last but certainly not least, we have this stammeringly rare and valuable US coin that virtually every collector who know’s what’s up would give just about anything to get their mitts on one. There only 200 made of these stunning beauties. And that more than two centuries ago, so very few are still existing. The artwork on the heads side features Lady Liberty with her distinct flowing hair and eyes raised towards the cosmos. It also, much like that flowing hair fifty-cent piece we touched on earlier, actually the first dollar coin to ever minted in the United States. Can you imagine what the founding fathers would say if they knew that this dollar coin would someday be worth as much as many mansions? These coins, which are pretty much impossible to find at this point, estimated worth as much as $10 million.

After watching this video, you’d be doing yourself a favor to sift through all of your pocket change, penny banks, and boxes in your attic to see if you have any of these valuable coins in your possession. Chances are, you probably don’t have any of the last three that we covered, but as far as valuable coins go, the others that we mentioned in this video are only the tip of the iceberg. Like and subscribe to Facts Verse for more videos on valuable and rare coins as well as deep-dives into some of your favorite Hollywood actors, films, and television shows. And if you’re really interested in learning more about coin collecting and how you can turn your newfound passion for rare currency into cold hard cash. There are numerous resources, books, and websites out there to help you learn the basics of this niche hobby.

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