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Vintage Hollywood Photos That Captured More Than Expected

If you want to know more about one of your favorite films or TV shows, then taking a quick peek behind the scenes or digging around to find some kind of untold story can certainly be both rewarding and telling. Why in the world did Mary Tyler Moore wear that ridiculous wig on her new show? And just those Hanson brothers in Slap Shot? These are the kinds of perplexing questions that leave us scratching our heads for decades, seemingly never answered.

But just remember, there is always some kind of explanation for virtually everything. No secret doesn’t have its back story or some hidden anecdote buried away just waiting to found. 

Where there really two Slave Leias in Star Wars? What was the deal with that sexy car wash scene in Cool Hand Luke? And how drunk was Jane Fonda during the production of Barbarella?

If you take the time to dig a bit deeper, then you might discover that obscure factoid or story that makes you enjoy a show. But fortunately, to save you some time, you’re good friends over here at Facts Verse have already done a bit of digging for vintage Hollywood photos. So sit back and relax and allow us to blow your minds.

Lynda Carter Wore Six Different Costumes As Wonder Woman

That costume that Lynda Carter wore as Wonder Woman was nothing short of iconic. Who could forget those star-spangled mini-shorts or that golden eagle bustier? Yet during that show’s run between 1975 and 1979, Carter actually wore several different outfits depending on whatever she was getting into at the time.

For example, when the audience was first introduced to Carter as Wonder Woman. In the TV film The New Original Wonder Woman which was essentially the series unofficial pilot and considered as one of the vintage hollywood photos. She was wearing a tight, white mini-dress and a lone ranger-esque domino mask.

The first get-up was the same athletic apparel that she and the other Amazonian women of Paradise island wore for the contest that determined who took the lost pilot Steve Trevor back to civilization. When she set out on her journey into the world, Wonder Woman given a red, white, blue, and gold outfit that essentially the same costume she wore 90% of the time for the remainder of the series. Although it should noted that for the pilot, she wore a short skirt instead of hot pants.

Wonder woman later given a ‘western’ outfit in an episode of the series called ‘The Bushwackers’. That one consisted of a red top and white riding pants. In several other episodes, she wore a blue spandex bodysuit which doubled as a wetsuit or as a Motorcross outfit. In another episode, she wore a blue skirt and a red, white, and blue cape.

Lastly, when Wonder Woman returned to Paradise island. She wore a white one-piece swimsuit with a sheer skirt and one of the vintage hollywood photos.

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And don’t you even think about going anywhere just yet. Stick around to learn all about the wild sex life of Batman’s Adam West. We’ll get to that in a moment, but first, check out this scene from one of the most notorious science fiction films.

Jane Fonda Drunk When She Filmed Barberella’s Steamy Opening Scene

The opening scene of the 1968 sci-fi farce Barbarella did a good job of establishing the overall tone of the film and one of the vintage hollywood Photos. Jane Fonda floats about in zero gravity virtually naked. The effect achieved by having her writhe about on a pane of glass while a cameraman positioned right below her filmed. Fonda was already a sex symbol by this time, but this salacious scene pushed her to her limits. And this considered as one of the vintage hollywood photos.

If you’ve ever seen the scene, you never actually see Jane Fonda inebriated. that’s because the sequence turned out to be totally unusable. The studio had to call her back in the following day, while she no doubt had an awful hangover. To film it all over again.

The reason she smashed in the first place that she’s feeling pretty nervous about filming the sexy, striptease sequence. She turned to the bottle to help calm her nerves but she accidentally got a bit too tipsy and became sloppy and unmanageable.

Cool Hand Luke’s Car Wash Girl Almost Quit Over Marijuana 

Cool Hand Luke predominately took place in prison as Luke, played by Paul Newman, struggled to fight against the powers that be that were trying to force him to conform to their standards. and have captured as one of the vintage hollywood photos.

The movie pretty much features only men except for one scene where the prisoners were out one day working on the chain gang. When they took a lunch break, a young woman began washing her car. Actress, Joy Harmon’s spirited scrubbing of her 1941 DeSoto of course drove the inmates wild.

While the scene was overtly sexual, Harmon has always claimed that she never really understood that part of it. She claims that she’s just having a good time washing a car while getting soaked with sudsy water. But while Harmon didn’t seem to get the subtext, the film’s producers certainly did. To help her loosen up for the scene, the film crew offered her some marijuana. But Harmon vehemently refused the offer and called her parents for advice. They told her to come home, which she fully planned on doing. But director Stuart Rosenberg showed up at her hotel room with flowers and apologized for offending her.

There’s A Playboy Bunny On The Dirty Dozen Set

Dolly Read was fresh off her appearance in Playboy as Miss May 1966 when she stopped by the set of The Dirty Dozen for a few publicity shots.

Born in the UK, she was one of just a few British Playmates and she was Bunny as well. Serving up libations and greeting guests at Playboy Clubs in New York, Chicago, and London. She was perhaps most famous for starring in Russ Meyer’s Beyond the Valley of the Dolls. Reed is also remembered for marrying Dick Martin from Laugh-In in 1974 and again in 1978.

The Love Boat Was Filmed On Real Cruise Ships And The Extra’s Actual Passengers

If you’ve ever watched an episode of the Love Boat then you’ve probably noticed how the cruise ship looked convincingly like a real cruise vessel, bustling with passengers unrelated to the show’s plot. The series pulled this effect off by actually shooting on a real-life seafaring cruise liner.

With Merril Steubing at its helm, The Love Boat was actually the Pacific Princess, which was a part of Princess Cruises’ fleet of ships. While the majority of scenes filmed on sound stages in Hollywood, there some outdoor scenes that captured as one of the vintage hollywood photos. And couldn’t easily pulled off in a studio environment. For such shots, the cast and crew actually embarked on real cruises on the Pacific Princess and actual ticket-holding passengers used as extras.

Adam West Of Batman Had A Prolific Sex Life

A news story published shortly after Adam West’s death reported that back during his Batman days, he would sleep with as many as eight women a night and regularly had quickies between scenes. He wasn’t the only one that was getting down and dirty either. Women were just as eager and willing to sleep with Burt Ward, the actor who played Robin, as they were to bed West.

According to stories, West and Ward often hooked up with these women while they were still wearing their iconic costumes.

There Were Two Slave Leias

Filmgoers hoping to catch an eyeful of sexy space ladies probably pretty disappointed when they saw Star Wars: A New Hope for the first time. Sure, Leia, played by the late Carrie Fisher was a great character and arguably gave one of the finest performances in that film, but she was just about the only woman in the first three films.

As the years have gone by, Star Wars fans have demanded more and more bonus and behind-the-scenes material. And Carrie Fisher fans, of course, can’t get enough of her in the costume known as ‘Slave Leia’.

Can you imagine how delighted fans were when a picture featuring two Slave Leias soaking up some sun side-by-side, emerged? No, Leia hadn’t cloned by the Empire – that’s Fisher’s body double and bestie from the set, Tracy Eddon.

Felix Silla Played Cousin Itt On The Addams family As Well As Twiki On Buck Rogers

Even if you don’t recognize him, you still probably are familiar with Felix Silla’s body of work. Silla played Cousin Itt on The Addams Family. A few years after that show wrapped up, he played a young gorilla in Planet of the Apes.

In 1978, he started playing Lucifer on Battlestar Galactica. Not long after that, he landed the role of Twiki on Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. And if you’re a fan of especially bad sequel films, you can check out Meatballs Part II where Silla played Meathead the Alien.

Shirley Eaton Painted Gold In Goldfinger – AND SURVIVED!

There’s an urban legend that actress Shirley Eaton killed while filming the James Bond film Goldfinger. You see, there this prevalent belief at the time that somebody could die by skin asphyxiation – essentially if the skin’s pores are clogged by paint, eventually it would deprive someone of oxygen and they would die.

While the gold paint that Eaton covered in for that film was difficult to remove, it did not result in her death. Shirley Eaton survived the making of Goldfinger and continued to act for many years afterward.

Mary Tyler Moore Was Elvis’ Leading Woman In His Last Film

In Change of Habit, the largely forgettable last film that Elvis Presley made as an actor, the King joined forces with a sitcom star who would arguably become the biggest star out of all of his leading ladies. Mary Tyler Moore was still playing Laura Petrie on The Dick Van Dyke when the film hit theaters in 1969.

Her fame exploded the following year when The Mary Tyler Moore Show debuted to immediate success.

Television kept Mary Tyler Moore so busy that she wouldn’t appear in another theatrical film until 1980s Ordinary People.

The Incredible Hulk’s Wig Was Made Out Of Yak Hair

Lou Ferrigno, the bodybuilder who played the mean-green monster superhero that Bill Bixby’s David Banner turned into every time he got angry, had to sit through hours of makeup and prosthetic application every day he was on set. Achieving the Hulk’s face called for a ton of grease paint that was thickly coated on to make his skin tone the appropriate shade of green.

The greasepaint was messy. It would come off on everyone else’s clothes and whenever they had to film a scene in a hot environment, it would separate into blue and yellow splotches forcing the makeup crew to have to continually re-apply it.

The Hulk’s hairpiece however never gave him too many problems. It was made of Yak hair which behaves somewhat like real human hair. So much so, in fact, that it can be styled by hairstylists just like human hair.

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