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What REALLY Happened Between Marilyn Monroe & Tony Curtis

Marilyn Monroe and Tony Curtis were two of the biggest stars of Hollywood’s Golden Age. They starred together in the classic 1959 motion picture Some Like It Hot. Though their chemistry in the film certainly clicked with audiences. The real-life relationship between the pair has long-since been a subject of debate amongst film historians. Tony Curtis himself claimed later in his life that he and Marilyn had an affair during the filming of the classic movie. Which was extramarital given that they were both married to other people at the time.

However, other remarks that the actor made call into question just how much the two stars liked each other and whether or not the affair between the two occurred the way Tony claimed. Still, the pair certainly had a history together both on and off the screen, and many fans choose to take Tony’s stories at face value.

During Hollywood’s Golden Age, there were certain celebrities that shined brighter than any others and remain icons to this day. One of the preeminent icons of the time was Marilyn Monroe who died tragically young after rocketing to superstardom. A slightly lesser icon from the time period was Tony Curtis. Who was Marilyn’s male costar in Some Like It Hot. One of Marilyn’s most popular features is her performance with Tony in the film remains one of the ways that fans know the actress best. Because of this, her image has become intrinsically tied with that of Tony Curtis. And it easy for the public to convinced that the two might have actually been in love.

Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe Affair

Almost immediately after Tony Curtis filmed Some Like It Hot alongside Marilyn Monroe. Critics began drilling the male star about what it was like to kiss one of the most lusted-after female celebrities of the time; In response, Tony memorably quoted saying that kissing Marilyn Monroe was akin to kissing Hitler. He is a recently deceased political figure that was even more vehemently and actively despised during the time period; due to the close historical proximity of World War II.

Of course, the public was shocked to hear Tony Curtis claim that kissing Marilyn Monroe was akin to kissing the infamous Nazi fuhrer. Though Tony later claimed that the quote had been taken slightly out of context. According to Tony, he had said the remark sarcastically because he felt that the question was absurd. If Tony’s rectifications of his infamous remark regarding Marilyn and Hitler is acceptable. Tony apparently enjoyed kissing Marilyn very much, so much so that they even had an affair!

Marilyn Monroe was already one of the biggest stars in Hollywood when filming the Some Like It Hot. And Tony Curtis was comparatively not as big of a deal. Over the course of her tragically short lifetime; Marilyn had a romantically involved with such heavy hitters as Frank Sinatra and Joe DiMaggio. With the actress seemingly having been able to get pretty much any man that she desired.

If Tony is to be believed, his name can be added to the list of men that Marilyn Monroe had romantically affair. Not only that, but Tony claimed before his death that he had gotten Marilyn pregnant during the extramarital affair that they had shared during the filming of Some Like It Hot.

Marilyn Monroe Marriage with Arthur Miller

Marilyn married to playwright Arthur Miller at the time when filming movie. And the two were actively trying to have a child together. Marilyn was verifiably pregnant during the filming of the movie, though she later publicly suffered a miscarriage. Tony went on to claim that the child Marilyn was pregnant with was his; though Marilyn wasn’t alive to verify this.

If Marilyn Monroe and Tony Curtis were involved in an extramarital affair during the filming of Some Like It Hot, then perhaps Tony’s remarks regarding his female co-star and Adolph Hitler had been an attempt by the actor to cover their tracks. Since Tony didn’t come forward with the tale of the supposed affair until long after Marilyn’s 1962 death. We will likely never know the truth about exactly what went down between the pair!

Although Tony Curtis’ remarks comparing kissing Marilyn Monroe on the set of Some Like It Hot to kissing Hitler were certainly shocking; Tony adamantly maintained later in his life that the remarks had been entirely sarcastic. According to the late actor, he had simply become tired of hearing the same mundane question over and over again. And wanted to provoke an interesting response to entertain himself. Other theories include the actor trying to cover his tracks regarding a possible extramarital affair. He and Marilyn may have been engaged in or the possibility that Tony Curtis had simply felt true and honest loathing for his costar.

Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe Rumored affair

If Tony Curtis had been trying to disguise the fact that he and Marilyn Monroe were truly in love. Then his Hitler remark worked! For decades after he made the remark while doing press for Some Like It Hot. Rumors continued to persist that the two stars despised each other. Marilyn passed away in 1962, only a few years after the supposed affair had occurred between them. And Marilyn never given the opportunity to speak up and clear her name. So the claims of Tony Curtis are the closest thing we have to go off to know what actually happened.

Sadly, it’s hard to tell exactly what is the truth in Tony’s stories. While he claimed up until his death that he and Marilyn had actually been in love with each other. Even to the point where they had been lovers during the filming of Some Like It Hot; Many continue to question the truth of these claims.

One thing remains certain, and that is that Marilyn Monroe was pregnant during the filming of Some Like It Hot, But then later suffered a miscarriage. She and Arthur Miller had certainly been trying to have a baby to no avail, and they never ended up making good on their attempts. Meanwhile, Tony Curtis married actress Janet Leigh at the time. And the marriage certainly proved that Tony wasn’t impotent. The famous Hollywood couple went on to procreate, yielding subsequent Hollywood star Jamie Lee Curtis. Actress Janet Leigh became one of the first cinematic scream queens ever with her performance in Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 feature film Psycho. And daughter Jamie Lee Curtis carried on the mantle when she appeared in such films as Halloween in 1978 and Terror Train in 1980.

Marilyn Monroe’s Mental Health

Though Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller never had any children of their own. Arthur Miller did have plenty of children from outside of the short-lived marriage. Marilyn never had any children whatsoever during her tragically short life, dying in 1962 at the age of only 36. She and Arthur had divorced a year prior. Marilyn’s mental health subsequently took a sharp decline in the time leading up to her death.

According to Tony Curtis, he and Marilyn Monroe had made a pact with each other to tell Arthur Miller about their affair; During the confrontation when Marilyn apparently revealed to both Tony and her husband that she had become pregnant with Tony’s child. Following this supposed confrontation between Tony, Marilyn, and Arthur, Tony went on to claim that he was told by Some Like It Hot’s creative staff; that he needed to stay away from both Marilyn Monroe and her husband for the rest of the film’s shooting. He did so, and he ended up learning about Marilyn’s miscarriage of his supposed child through third-party means. It appears that Tony and Marilyn didn’t have much involvement after this. And Tony didn’t speak about their relationship until many decades later.

Tony Curtis Book Documentary

Only a few years before his death, Tony Curtis released an autobiography by the name of American Prince: A Memoir. This book documented Tony’s claims that he had an affair with Marilyn. And he further elaborated on the claims in a making-of book detailing behind-the-scenes trivia about Some Like It Hot. He would also often touch upon the subject in public interviews, referencing his infamous remark regarding Marilyn and Adolph Hitler. Tony ended up passing away in 2010, at the age of 85.

Before he and Marilyn Monroe had become involved in an extramarital affair on the set of Some Like It Hot. Tony Curtis also alleged that he and Marilyn had an romantically affair a decade prior, in 1949. While the public continues to question whether Marilyn and Tony could even stand to be around each other. Tony claimed up until his death that the times he spent with Marilyn had been some of the most unbelievable of his life; And apparently enjoyed making love to her much more than he would have to Adolph Hitler.

Although the public still continues to question the truth of what exactly occurred between Marilyn Monroe and Tony Curtis over half of a century ago during the filming of Some Like It Hot; we will likely never know the full truth! Now it’s time to hear from you: do you think that Marilyn Monroe and Tony Curtis truly had an extramarital affair during the filming of Some Like It Hot. Or do you think that Tony made the whole thing up after Marilyn’s death?

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