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When A DNA Test Finally Proved This Man’s Identity, He Inherited A $60 Million Fortune Overnight

Jordan Adlard Rogers

Jordan Adlard Rogers lived a tough life. His mother, Julie, got pregnant with him out of wedlock. About three weeks after Jordan was born, Julie got married to a man named Gary Galloway, who wasn’t Jordan’s father. Gary stuck around for the first few years of Jordan’s life in Cornwall, England. Jordan believed that Gary was his biological father, and he adored him. He has fond memories of being raised by this man until his mother took him and left.

Another Relationship

Shortly after leaving Gary, Julie got into a relationship with a man named Buster who came from a traveling community. This meant that suddenly, Jordan had no home. Instead, he lived like a nomad traveling around with his mother and her new boyfriend. He just started nursery school when he began traveling. Jordan says that even though kids are adaptable, it wasn’t a good life. He never felt like he fit in anywhere.

Lack Of Education

Because Jordan was continually moving, he didn’t get a good education. He would be in school for just a few days, and it would be time to hit the road again. The other kids made fun of him, calling him “dumb dumb.” He hated school because of this. He preferred to be playing at the camp with his air rifle or hanging out in abandoned cars.

Gary’s Death

When Jordan was young, he found out that Gary, the man who he believed to be his father, had suffered a fatal accident. When he heard, he asked Buster if he could be his new father. He even asked if he could call him Dad. Buster was okay with it. The family continued to move around, yet Jordan doesn’t hold a grudge. He says that moving around the way they did is what made him who he is today.

Gypsy Life Wasn’t Easy

Even though moving around made Jordan who he was, it was very aggressive. In the evening, there were cockfights. Buster and his friends would pit their birds against each other. Jordan had a black lab named Jess, who he loved. Jordan says that Jess was his best friend. One day, Jess attacked one of the birds, so Buster got rid of her. Jordan was devastated. Shortly after Jess was banished from the home, Buster’s daughter, Queenie, went to live with the family. She was almost seven-years-old at the time. Unfortunately, Julie and Buster’s relationship didn’t last, and Julie took the two children to live in public housing.

Starting School

Now that the family had a permanent address, Jordan was able to start school. Since his mother didn’t have a car, he had to walk a mile and a half to school each day on his own. Most days, his mother wasn’t even up to see him off before school. Thanks to his gypsy life, Jordan was a pretty self-sufficient kid, so he didn’t have trouble getting to school every day.

Questioning His Mother

Jordan questioned his mother often about his height. Gary, the man who he believed to be his father, was well over six-feet tall. Jordan was just 5-feet, 8 inches tall, and he wanted to know why he wasn’t as tall as his father. Finally, his mother told him that Gary wasn’t his biological father. She told him that his birth father’s name was Charles Rogers. He was part of the local aristocracy. Charles and his family lived in a famous house in Cornwall for over two centuries. It was called Penrose estate and was located in an area of Helston. The house was set on 1,536 acres of land, and the house was huge.

Lieutenant Commander John Pervell Rogers

The most recent owner of the home was a man named John Peverell Rogers, but he had died in 2012. He lived there with his wife, Angela. Charles, Jordan’s birth father, was John’s youngest son, and the heir to Penrose. He had outlived his brother, Nigel, who had no children. It turned out that Julie had a very brief fling with Charles, which left her pregnant with Jordan. When Jordan learned that he was related to such a wealthy family, he was shocked.

Meeting His Father

Jordan had no interest in his father’s family’s money. He just wanted a chance to know his father. When he finally met his dad, Jordan was a bit shocked. He didn’t look well. He was very unkempt with long straggly hair and a beard. Also, he looked nothing like Jordan expected based on who his family was. Jordan wanted a DNA test to see if Charles really was his father. Charles agreed, but only if it was done through a lawyer. Jordan found out that he would need to pay a prohibitive cost, which he didn’t have at the time. He decided that it was time to move on with his life and forget the DNA test.

A Girlfriend, a Son, and a Shock

Jordan decided to get on with his life. He fell in love with a woman named Katie, and they had a son together. He had given up on getting to know his father until he got a call from a man named Philip Care, the manager of the Penrose Estate. Then, he told him that Charles had died, and he asked Jordan to take a DNA test. Jordan agreed, and Charles was his father. Jordan was the heir to the estate, and he and his family moved into the estate. He also gets $100,000 per year from a trust fund that he will get for life. When a DNA test finally proved this man’s identity, he inherited a $60 million fortune overnight.

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