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When A Woman Got A Text From Her Ex On The Eve Of His Wedding, She Just Didn’t Know What To Think

Unexpected Text

At one point or another, we have all received an unexpected test from someone in our lives, or someone from our past. Technology makes it easy to reach out to people, and tell them you feel. This is what happened to a woman named Alexsa Sanchez Aguliar. When a woman got a text from her ex on the eve of his wedding, she just didn’t know what to think.

Who Is This From?

Alexsa received a text message that started out with, “Is this still Alexsa’s number?” Alexsa didn’t recognize the number, but the sender obviously knew her. She said that it was her number, and she asked who was sending the message. The reply left her shocked. It was a guy that she had a romantic relationship with years earlier. The two were very young when they dated, which is what caused their relationship to fail. They were both too immature at the time to have a lasting relationship.

The Message

When Alexsa confirmed that it was her, the man went on to tell her that he was going to be getting married in 24-hours. He wrote that before he could get married, there were a few things that he wanted to tell Alexsa. He thanked her for being his first love. Then, he thanked her for always encouraging him, keeping him out of trouble, and always being there for him when he was sick or depressed. Also, he thanked her for loving him and showing him what love was all those years ago.

His Wishes

After the man thanked Alexsa or all the things that she had done for him earlier, he went on to let her know what he wished for her. He said that he hopes that she would one day find someone who loves her the way that she deserves. He says that if that person hasn’t already come into her life, that he hopes it happens soon. And he added that she showed him so much love when they were young, that her love must be compelling and strong after she got older. He also said that even though they were kids, she taught him what love was, and he wanted her to find love the way that he had.

What You Deserve

The man’s text was pretty long, and he continued to tell her that he hopes that she finds a man who treats her with great care and loyalty, which is what he found with his bride-to-be. As Alexsa read the text, she had tears in her eyes. Everything that her ex said in the text was touching. She was so touched by the gesture that she posted the text to Twitter, minus the man’s name and phone number.

Alexsa’s Twitter

Alexsa had been on Twitter since early 2014, and when he posted the texts from her ex, she had over 4,000 followers. Like with most posts on social media, friends and followers weigh in with their opinions. In some cases, people’s comments can be supportive. In others, comments can be negative. It all depends on the post. In some cases, the comments are a mixed bunch. This was what happened when Alexsa posted the screengrab of the text.

The Positive

Many of the comments posted on the photo were positive. People thought that it was great that her ex was mature enough and kind enough to reach out to Alexsa to give her credit for helping him to become the man that he is today. Many of the people who commented didn’t see his text message as a way to hit on his ex or to get her back the night before his wedding. He was just giving thanks where thanks was due.

The Negative

It is not uncommon to find someone who will look at just about everything in a negative light. That is just how some people are. The negative comments were from people telling Alexsa that they believed that her ex wanted her back, and this touching text was his last-ditch effort to get her back. Many asked how she thinks her ex’s fiance would feel about the text.

She Supported His Decision

Alexsa made sure that her followers knew that her ex’s bride-to-be knew that he was sending the text, and she was completely supportive. In many ways, what Alexsa did for her ex when they were together shaped him to be a good man for the woman who he would be marrying the next day. Her ex mentioned that his future wife knew about the text before he sent it, so there was nothing shady going on.

Alexsa’s Reaction

Alexsa says that she is grateful that her ex remembered their time together fondly. She was also grateful that he took the time to send her the text thanking her for the wonderful things that she did for him. The relationship didn’t last, and Alexsa says that she never held any ill will toward her ex. She is just happy that he wasn’t holding a grudge either. She made sure to text back and congratulate her ex and his future wife on their upcoming nuptials.

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