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When Girl Who Waves At Cop Suddenly Stops He Knows Something Is Wrong

Police Officers

In today’s world, police officers often get a bad rap. A few unscrupulous officers have ruined the reputation of the profession for all of them. Fortunately, there are stories about wonderful police officers who go above and beyond for the citizens they protect. This is one of those stories.

Klynn Scales

When Klynn Scales was 9-years-old, she lived a tough life. She lived in a dangerous part of Kansas City, Missouri. Her neighborhood had a reputation for crime and drug use. She lived with her mother and her two younger brothers. Her mother was rarely at home, which left Kynn to care for her younger brothers.


There was never food in the family’s home, and the kids were often hungry. Since their mother was never around, it was up to Klynn to find food for herself and her brothers. Since she was only 9, she didn’t have any money. This meant that she would have to steal from the local 7-11 to bring food home for her brothers.

Kansas City Police Department

It didn’t take long for the officers in the area to know what was going on with the Scales family. They knew that these children were living in poverty, and they weren’t doing well. When the clerk at 7-11 saw Klynn stealing, they knew that they could call the police and someone would come to cover the cost of the food. They didn’t know any other way to help these desperate children. An officer on the force, Jeff Colvin knew how hard things were for the family, and he also did his part to make their lives a bit easier.

On Patrol

Jeff often patrolled the area where the Scales family lived. He made it a point to check up on the children to make sure that they were alright. His daily patrols were something that Klynn looked forward to. Every day, she would stand in the window and wait for him to walk by. When he walked by, she would wave at him. This became a daily ritual for the two. When Jeff would walk by, he says that her smile would light up her whole face. When Jeff walked by one day and didn’t see Klynn, he began to worry. He knew that she loved his daily visits, and the fact that she wasn’t in the window this day caused him great concern.

Checking On Klynn

When Jeff didn’t see Klynn in the window, he decided to go to check on her. When girl who waves at cop suddenly stops he knows something is wrong. He knew that her mother wasn’t around often, so he went up to the door. When he looked inside, he saw her lying on the floor, trying to catch her breath. He quickly rushed her to the emergency room. He sat and waited to hear from the doctor, and it broke his heart when he found out that she was suffering from severe malnutrition. Shortly after this episode, the family moved to Texas, and Klynn never had a chance to thank her hero.

Years Later

It was 20 years after Jeff saved Klynn’s life, and she decided to seek him out to thank him. She created a post of Facebook about what happened to her all those years later, hoping that someone would see it and help her find her hero. Jennifer Jones, a Sergeant with the Kansas City Police Department, saw her post letting Klynn know that she knew who she was talking about. She also sent Jeff an email letting him know that Klynn was looking for him. He immediately knew who she was talking about.


When Klynn got in touch with Jeff, she decided to take a trip to Kansas City to reunite with her guardian angel. As soon as she saw Jeff, Klynn broke down in tears. Jeff was also very moved. He says that meeting with Klynn reminded him of the reason that he became a police officer in the first place. Jeff says that many police officers go through their whole careers without realizing that they really helped someone out. Meeting up with Klynn again reminded him of this.

Klynn’s Future

Klynn told Jeff that not only did he save her life as a child, but he also put her on her current career track. She told him that she was enrolled as a police recruit back home in Houston. Jeff was thrilled that he had such an impact on Klynn’s life.

Klynn’s Final Surprise

After telling Jeff that she was going to be a police officer, Klynn had one more surprise for him. She showed him a bracelet that she had made. It reads, “Sgt. Jeff Colvin ‘A True Hero’.” She posted a photo of the bracelet and pictures from her trip to meet Jeff on Facebook. The Kansas City Police shared the post to theirs, and Jeff was shocked to see all of the comments people left. Many of them mentioned him personally, and the ways that he had helped them as well. For him, it was humbling. He was just glad that he was able to help someone during his career.

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