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When This UPS Driver Saw Something Moving In Fallen Leaves, He Knew He Had To Warn Everyone

Delivery Drivers

The life of a UPS driver or a FedEx driver can be very interesting. These drivers go to different homes all the time, and they have some pretty crazy experiences. Between running into family pets who hate delivery drivers, angry customers who have been waiting for packages, and trying to get through an obstacle course to reach the door, every day is different.

Byron Nash

Byron Nash is a driver for FedEx. His route took him through the streets of Lake Charleston, Louisiana. Most days on the job were typical. He spent his days delivering packages from house to house until his truck was empty. When it was, Byron would head home. On a chilly day in October 2018, something happened that left Byron shaken.

Making a Stop

Byron pulled up in front of the house where he was to make a delivery, and the sun was beaming on the blacktop. After grabbing the package, he jumped off the back of his truck and saw something that he never expected. It was a baby. She had crawled onto the road and was sitting right beside his truck’s tire. He couldn’t believe his eyes and grabbed his photo to take a picture of what he was witnessing. He also made a video of the little girl sitting on the ground, dangerously close to the tires.

Heading Toward the Home

Byron knew that he couldn’t just leave the baby in the road, so he crouched down beside her and said hello. He put the package down on the ground and picked up the child. She whimpered quietly, and he picked up the package in his other hand. Byron was determined to find the baby’s parents to find out where they were and why the baby was outside in the street. He looked up and saw that the garage door was open. He assumed that this was how his daughter got out of the house. A few minutes later, he saw a woman inside the home. She saw Byron coming, and he told her that he found her baby under his truck. He added that he didn’t see her until he noticed the dog. The woman seemed shocked that her daughter had made it outside.

The Mom’s Excuse

Byron handed the woman her child and then her package. The baby’s mother told him that she thought that she had her child trapped in the house with a gate. Byron told her that he was scared when he spotted the baby. Had he not looked down and drove away, he could have easily run her over. The mother apologized profusely for her child being outside. Byron told her to keep a good eye on her daughter because if he had run her over accidentally, he would have been in real trouble. He suggested that the mother close the doors to the house and even the garage door to keep it from happening again. The two said goodbye, and Byron headed back to his truck.

Uploading the Video to Facebook

After leaving the home, Byron posted the photo to his Facebook. He added a caption that read, “Look at what I saw when I got off my damn work truck. This baby is right under my tires, and her parents are nowhere to be found. Look at this!” Byron’s video quickly went viral. Since it was uploaded in October 2018, the video was seen over 10 million times. It was shared over 188,000 times and received over 37,000 comments.

Jordan Weaver

Jordan is a UPS driver in the Elkhart, Indiana area. He was running his regular route in November 2018, when something shocking happened. When this UPS driver saw something moving in fallen leaves, he knew he had to warn everyone.


Jordan grabbed the package to be delivered and jumped off the back of the truck. He saw a woman blowing leaves with a leafblower, and there was a big pile right next to the street. Some of them had overflowed to the road. Jordan gave the homeowner her package, and she put down the leafblower to sign. When he headed back to the truck, he spotted something strange. The leaves were moving, but there was no wind. When he got closer, he saw that a child was hiding in the leaves.

Telling Mom

Jordan ran back to the woman and told her that her child was in the pile of leaves. Because of its location, he could have easily been run over, and the driver would never have seen him there. The woman apologized profusely, and she said that with the sound of the blower, she didn’t know her child was there. She thanked Jordan for letting her know.

A Training Opportunity

Jordan told the woman that things like this needed to be pointed out to other drivers so that they could drive more carefully. He asked if he could take a photo to send it to the main office. She agreed, and they recreated the scene for the picture. Jordan had the little boy stick his head out a bit, so the people receiving the photo could see what was happening. Jordan thanked the woman and sent it to his boss to be shown at the daily meeting. He says that he is glad that he spotted the rustling when he did because if Jordan didn’t, he could have run the boy over.

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