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Why Clint Eastwood Refuses to Marry

You know what they say. The third time’s the charm, right? Well, that idiom might be true for a lot of things, but aging actor Clint Eastwood says that he has very little interest in walking down the aisle for the third time with his long-time girlfriend Christina Sandera.

While the “Gran Torino” actor says that he deeply loves Sandera, he claims to not feel compelled to tie the knot with her. Granted we’re receiving this intel from an anonymous source so take what you will from this report. But considering the fact that Eastwood just celebrated his 91st birthday, it makes sense that he wouldn’t want to get hitched again at this point in his life.

Eastwood may not be planning on popping the ‘big question’ to the 56-year-old blonde bombshell anytime soon. But that doesn’t detract from how much he cares for her. Christina and Clint have been romantically involved since 2014 when they met at Eastwood’s Mission Ranch Hotel, where Christina was working as a hostess at the time.

After they first linked up, apparently things progressed between them rather rapidly. Within months of meeting each other, Christina had moved in with Clint in his house in Carmel, California. And the word is that Clint’s children have all had the pleasure of meeting her and seem to approve.

Even though Clint and Christina have tried their best to keep the details of their relationship reasonably private. They made their public debut as a couple when they attended the Oscars together in 2015. They then attended an event together for Clint’s Eastwood Ranch Foundation in November of that same year.

The Academy-Award-winning actor and director and his lady are still going strong. And even though they tend to keep the juicy details of their romance private. Clint is said to ‘truly happy with her’.

That same anonymous source that we mentioned before told Closer last year that Christina is a ‘fun, easygoing’ person and added that Clint’s kids have taken a liking to her. She and Clint seem to operate as equals and compliment each other quite succinctly.

Clint is well known for having fairly decent family ties these days. He stays in touch with all eight of his kids as well as all of their families. So the fact that Christina gets along with them all is a major bonus. Family is something that is super important to Eastwood – especially at this time of his life. If Christina didn’t mesh well with the rest of his brood. It would be a lot less likely that Clint would keep her around.

Clint’s Previous Marriages Taught Him Painful Lessons

It’s nice to see that Eastwood has found love once again. Honestly, it’s been a bit painful to watch his countless failed attempts at achieving marital bliss over the years. But as we said, third times the charm!

And really this time that might actually be true. He and Christina certainly seem to possess quite a bit of chemistry and at 91, you would think that Clint isn’t trying to play games anymore. He did enough of that when he was young. We’re pretty sure that he’s in it to win it at this point regardless of whether they choose to exchange ‘I do’s’ or not.

But let’s take just a moment to reflect on Clint’s previous marriages to gain a better understanding of where he’s come from and where he might be going. It makes sense that he wouldn’t want to remarry though. For one thing, his previous two marriages went downhill in a fiery blaze so maybe he just doesn’t want to jinx it.

And then theirs the fact that his exes also made off with a substantial chunk of his assets when they parted ways. When you’ve burned like that not once, but twice, you probably start to rethink your approach a bit, wouldn’t you think?

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And make sure you stick around to learn all about Eastwood’s numerous extramarital affairs. It’s a miracle that his marriages even lasted as long as they did.

Eastwood Cheated On His First Wife Before They Exchanged Vows

Clint’s first wife a young lady named Maggie Johnson. But before he and Johnson even tied the knot he already involved in an affair with another woman. While Eastwood and Johnson engaged, Clint engaged in a passionate relationship with an unnamed individual who happened to get pregnant with his child. She ended up putting that baby up for adoption without even telling Eastwood. Years later when Laurie Murray went on a search to find out who her biological parents were. She was shocked when she discovered that she actually the daughter of one of the biggest stars in Hollywood.

From 1959 to 1973, Eastwood had another long affair with an actress and stuntwoman named Roxanne Tunis while he still married to his first wife, Maggie Johnson. The two met on the set of the classic western series Rawhide.

That affair also produced a child who also kept secret from Clint. When Roxanne gave birth to that daughter in June of 1964, Eastwood was completely unaware. Tunis told the Independent that she kept her child a secret from Clint. It is because he still married to Johnson at the time and didn’t want to complicate things more than they already were.

That daughter’s name is Kimber and in the past, she has had a pretty rocky relationship with her father. It’s also worth noting that she has made conflicting statements about her dad at different times. At one point she told reporters that her father has always been there for her. And while she expressed frustration that she couldn’t make an appointment to see him because he always seemed to have more pressing commitments.

Clint Eastwood’s Countless Affairs

Even though Clint and Maggie Johnson married for years and had two children together. And that didn’t stop him from cheating on her numerous times throughout their time together.

Eastwood met actress Sandra Locke while on the set of The Outlaw Josey Wales in 1976. Locke described their meeting as being that stereotypical ‘love at first sight’ moment. They immediately started dating despite the fact that both she and Eastwood both already married.

But Locke’s situation was admittedly different than Eastwood’s. She married to a man named Gordon Anderson who happened to be her lifelong best friend. Their relationship wasn’t a romantic or sexual one though because Anderson was gay and their marriage was essentially just a cover.

Locke and Eastwood in time moved in with each other and Clint broke things off with Johnson. He spent the last 5 years of their marriage before finalizing the divorce living with Locke. When the divorce was all said and done, Eastwood had to fork out $25 million to Johnson.

So while all of this drama is going on, Eastwood also having an affair with a flight attendant named Jacelyn Reeves. From that illicit union came two more children. At this point, Eastwood and Locke parted ways.

Eastwood then started dating actress Frances Fisher and they two had a daughter together that they named Francessca. Eastwood and Fisher ended up living together for six years but the whole time they were cohabitating. Clint was cheating on her with Dina Ruiz whom he eventually ended up marrying.

Clint’s Second Marriage to Dina Ruiz

Ruiz is a California reporter and news anchor that has worked in various capacities in the entertainment industry. She’s done everything from creating her own news magazine and reality show to giving acting a shot as well.

Dina and Clint met when she assigned to interview him in 1993 to promote his film Unforgiven. Not long after, the two spotted holding hands at the film’s screening.

Clint has always known to keep his private affairs out of the public discourse. But Dina has been a bit more forthcoming with sharing the details of their life together. She even created a short-lived reality TV show called Mrs. Eastwood and Company back in 2012 which gave viewers an unprecedented look into the couple’s lives.

In 2007, Clint and Dina sat down for an interview with Carmel Magazine and spilled the beans about their feeling for each other and their relationship dynamics.

She referred to Eastwood as the ‘least pretentious person’ that she’s ever met. She also praised him for being conscientious about nature.

When Eastwood asked about what it was that first attracted him to her in the first place, the Golden Globe-winning actor said that it was her ‘big doe eyes’ that drew him in. He went on to describe her as a ‘very forthright kind of person’ before joking that maybe it was just ‘pheromones or something’.

Eastwood and Ruiz’s Daughter Morgan

Clint and Dina welcomed a daughter, Morgan, into the world in December 1996. She is Eastwoods youngest and the only child that he and Dina had together. Morgan grew up in the seaside city of Carmel-by-the-Sea, California where her father and mother lived together for the majority of their 17 year-long marriage. There. the Eastwood’s owned and operated a Golf course. And led a pretty normal life together walking Morgan to school every morning.

Morgan was still just a teenager when her parents separated in 2013. But she has remained especially close to her father since then. And she’s even shown some interest in following in his footsteps by becoming an actress.

She landed her first bit part in 2004 playing an unnamed supportive cast member in Million Dollar Baby. She later appeared in the 2008 film Changeling which also directed by her father and starred actress Angelina Jolie. Most recently she received a credit in the 2019 short film ‘I See You’.

According to her Instagram, Morgan is also interested in fashion design and modeling which makes sense because she certainly has the looks to chase those dreams on a professional level. Join Facts Verse to learn more about Why Clint Eastwood Refuses to Marry.

Clint And Dina’s Divorce

The tabloids had a field day when Clint and Dina split in 2013. For a while, it seemed like their separation was the only thing that people were talking about. It’s speculated that the reality show ‘Mrs. Eastwood and Company’ was a significant source of derision between the couple and ended up the straw that broke the camel’s back so-to-speak.

Clint despised the show. It went against all of his values. He is a remarkably private person, but she shows up and suddenly his family is all over the TV screen.

After splitting, Dina checked herself into a rehab center in Arizona where she recovered from the emotional toll that their failed relationship took on her mental health. But even though their marriage ended under difficult circumstances. Dina showed her true colors by choosing not to contribute to any drama and defending Clint publicly from all of the negative press he was receiving following the breakup.

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