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Why Dolly Parton Isn’t Getting the COVID Vaccine

After a grueling wait for scientists to create vaccines against the Coronavirus, we have finally gotten some positive results. Creating a vaccine takes time and funding, so it’s no surprise that it took months to create. Now, we can finally move forward and immunize our population in an effort to reduce the spread of this deadly virus.

To ensure that the more vulnerable members of our population receive the aid they so desperately need. The vaccination process is taking place over a series of phases. Phase 1A is designated to healthcare workers and those located in long term care facilities. This ensures that the people working on the frontlines of defending patients against the virus can work without fear of contracting it themselves.

Phase 1B, which is currently taking place as supplies allow. And focused on vaccinating senior citizens that aged 65 and older. As well as those who work in teaching, childcare, food and agriculture, and emergency services. Sadly, it is difficult to immunize such a large number of people. As supplies are limited, and transporting goods in the middle of a pandemic comes with quite a few risks. Still, the nation is doing its best to ensure that the population receives the vaccine within a reasonable time.

Of course, the younger and healthier members of the population will have to wait a while before getting the vaccine. While rollout for younger people is expected to take place around May, some could receive the vaccine as late as August. We still have a long road ahead of us. And practices like social distancing and mask wearing won’t be going away anytime soon.

Furthermore, even people who receive the vaccine will still have to be careful. Firstly, the vaccine is administered in two doses. And after receiving the first vaccine, that certainly doesn’t mean it’s time to go out and party! Secondly, even though the vaccine expected to have a high success rate. It’s still important to remember that your chances of contracting the virus are never zero.

Many celebrities that older than 65 are lucky, because they likely vaccinated than others. Countless celebrities, such as Anthony Hopkins, Sir Ian McKellan, and Barbara Corcoran have already received their vaccination. Dolly Parton, however, is one surprising star who has chosen not to get her vaccine.

In today’s video, we’re going to take a look at Dolly Parton’s connection to the COVID vaccine. Make sure you stick around, because we’re also going to reveal the shocking reason why she refuses to get her vaccine!

Dolly Parton Reworked Her Iconic Song, 9 to 5′

Everybody knows Dolly Parton’s iconic single, 9 to 5,’ which featured in the iconic film of the same name. The movie a feminist tribute to working women. And released on December 19th, 1980.

Recently, however, Dolly Parton has proved that she hasn’t lost her talent as a singer. At the 2021 Super Bowl, which pitted the Kansas City Chiefs against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Dolly Parton unveiled a new version of the classic song during an ad slot. However, not everyone was quite as thrilled with the revamp.

While the original song focused on the working class, who pour hour after hour of their lives into keeping America’s economy stable. This new version, 5 to 9,’ focuses more on individuality. Many pleased to hear the fresh new lyrics of a classic song. Others more critical, wondering why Parton allowed such a meaningful song to turned into yet another advertisement.

Still, it’s important to recognize that even the greatest stars need to make a living somehow. And maybe instead of blaming Dolly Parton, we should be looking more critically at the advertisers who hired her in the first place. Regardless of your stance on the morality of the new song. It’s hard to deny that Dolly Parton’s voice still sounds amazing after all these years!

Why Dolly Parton Isn’t Getting the COVID Vaccine

Dolly Parton just turned 75 years old recently, meaning she is more than eligible to receive her own COVID-19 vaccine. However, she’s declared that she isn’t quite ready to receive it. While many celebrities, like Anthony Hopkins, Barbara Corcoran, and Sir Ian McKellan, have already received their vaccine, Dolly Parton doesn’t want others to think that she is jumping in line. It’s no secret that celebrities are already way more privileged than most people. Having an immense amount of wealth and popularity means that many celebrities are able to get away with crimes and scandals. And are also more likely to get what they want.

In the midst of an international crisis, however, Dolly Parton is all too aware of how her status as a celebrity can have an impact on others. She knows there are far more people in the world who are at a higher risk of contracting the virus. And she wants to make sure that a higher percentage of the population is vaccinated before using those resources for her own benefit.

After all, even though Dolly Parton is 75 and at risk for more serious complications from COVID. She is also in a position of privilege which guarantees her safety more than others. Many civilians don’t have the choice to go to work, or put themselves in danger. Dolly Parton, however, knows that, as long as she is safe and practicing social distancing, her chances of contracting the virus are much lower. Furthermore, if she were to get sick from COVID, she would be able to afford state-of-the-art care, when others are not so fortunate.

However, many people still shocked that Dolly Parton has chosen not to have vaccinated yet. Because she has a surprising tie to the very development of one of the vaccines in circulation. Make sure you stick around until the very end. Because we’re going to reveal the shocking and heartwarming reason why we can all thank Dolly Parton for the development of the Moderna vaccine. And if you’re enjoying this video so far, please take a moment to like this video and subscribe to our channel for more!

Dolly Parton Rejected the Presidential Medal of Freedom- Twice!

The highest honor any United States civilian can receive is the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Believe it or not, Dolly Parton was nearly a recipient of this esteemed accolade on two separate occasions. Former President Donald Trump offered her the medal twice, but Dolly Parton refused both times!

Throughout her career, Dolly Parton has donated a great deal of time and money towards charity, including towards child literacy, HIV and AIDS related charities, and the American Red Cross. When former President Donald Trump offered her the award for the first time, however, she had to turn it down. At the time, her husband was very ill, and she didn’t want to part from him. The second time, however, she refused to travel due to concerns regarding coronavirus.

Now, there are rumors circulating that President Joe Biden plans to offer her the award as well, but Parton isn’t so sure she’s going to accept. Firstly, she doesn’t want the choice to accept President Joe Biden’s offer to seem political. Secondly, in an interview, she explained, “I don’t work for those awards. It’d be nice but I’m not sure that I even deserve it. But it’s a nice compliment for people to think that I might deserve it.” Even as a potential recipient of one of the highest honors the nation has to offer, Dolly Parton remains humble!

How Dolly Parton Shaped the Making of the Moderna Vaccine

One of the major reasons Dolly Parton offered the Presidential Medal of Freedom was due to her amazing work towards funding the Moderna vaccine. The development of a vaccine requires a lot of money for materials, testing facilities, and other costs. Dolly Parton took it upon herself to donate an amazing $1 million towards the Moderna vaccine. Largely in part to her efforts, the vaccine has finally rolled out. And is estimate for 95% success rate.

Still, after doing so much to help the development of one of the leading vaccines in the fight against covid, Parton still wants to wait before getting a vaccine of her own. She’s expressed that while she really wants the vaccine. She wants it to be clear that she won’t jump the line just because she donated to the cause. When she finally does get the vaccine, Parton says that she’ll make sure to film it all. So that people know she’s telling the truth. Many people are frightened or skeptical about these new vaccines. And Parton wants to do her part in assuring others that the vaccines are safe and ethical.

While we still don’t know how long it will be until Dolly Parton finally chooses to get the vaccine herself, we’re all hoping it’s soon.

Dolly Parton has made the selfless decision to wait for her vaccine until others have the opportunity. Do you think more celebrities should wait for less privileged citizens to get their vaccines, or not? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to subscribe to Facts Verse for more!

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