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Why Jennifer Aniston is the Most Hated Woman in Hollywood

It may come as a surprise judging by the sort of characters she often portrays, but Jennifer Aniston has somehow become one of the most hated women in Hollywood. The American actress, film producer, and businesswoman is most often recognized for her portrayal of Rachel Green in the American sitcom Friends. The Hollywood star has since branched out from television to movies with such films as We’re The Millers, Along Came Polly, and Horrible Bosses.

As America’s sweetheart, Jennifer Aniston is a full-fledged superstar, but more recently, it seems that she is on the verge of being one of the most hated women in Hollywood. But why is this? What has she done that’s been so bad to garner such a negative reputation? Stay with us as we take a look at Jennifer Aniston and how she could possibly be so hated and loved at the same time.

Jennifer Aniston: A Diva and A Snob

For those that want to know what kind of co-worker Jennifer Aniston is, simply ask the stars of the 2014 comedy, Life Of Crime. Aniston starred alongside Isla Fisher, Tim Robbins, and Will Forte. According to Radar Online, while she is on the set of the movie the 51-year-old actress presents herself as an unapproachable individual. While it is common on set for the entire cast and crew to enjoy their lunch together and chat for well over an hour. The one person that didn’t join them was… you guessed it, Aniston.

An anonymous source told the American gossip website that she would typically just grab her lunch and leave. This diva-ish persona that the cast and crew label on her isn’t helped by the fact that her private trailer was placed miles away from the film set.

The source explained that Aniston’s behavior is a clear indicator that she’s not approachable. This begs the question, though, of why? Does she really think she’s above everyone else on the set? Maybe she just needs her peace and quiet at lunch?

But it observes that Aniston’s behavior goes further than that. Apparently, the Friend’s star insisted on having a luxury SUV drive her to set rather than the vehicles that the other cast members used. While it makes fairly clear that her behavior isn’t exactly what can call nasty, it’s still worth mentioning that she never invited anyone on set to accompany her.

Jennifer Aniston Has Gotten Violent On Set

If there’s one reason why people dislike actors, it’s because of all the behind-the-scenes horror stories of how actors are so difficult to work with. From Val Kilmer’s notorious self-centeredness and unwillingness to co-operate with his directors all the way back to Marlon Brando and not showing up to the set of The Godfather two, leaving him completely absent from the final scene of the movie, bad behavior from actors is far from unheard of.

Steven Seagal continues his bullying behavior against several cast and crew members on film sets, including alleged inappropriate behavior with female co-stars. Shia LaBeouf has earned himself a reputation for being weird on-set. He refused to bathe while filming the Brad Pitt World War Two movie Fury and once reportedly even pulled out his own tooth while on set. Die-hard star, Bruce Willis accuses of shadow-directing and describes as being grumpy and miserable while on set. Director Kevin Smith even described his experience with Willis as soul-crushing to work with.

Jennifer Anniston Violent Behavior

So, it’s important to remember to not be fooled by the smiles you see on screen. Another actor who’s apparently difficult to work with is the one and only Jennifer Aniston. Unfortunately, there seems to be more than one reason for this. While Aniston has built her reputation as being America’s sweetheart, acting like a diva isn’t the worst of her behavioral issues while on set. Violence is something that no one should have to deal with anywhere, but especially not in a professional work environment, but it seems someone has to remind Aniston of that.

Aniston herself has admitted that she’s guilty of violent behavior as she once threw a chair at a director during filming. She claims that it wasn’t her proudest moment. She reveals that it is due to the director mistreating a script supervisor and claims that no one hurts in the incident.

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Jennifer Aniston Refuses To Work With Anyone Except Big Stars

Jay Mohr is another actor who has spoken out about the negative behavior of Jennifer Aniston, specifically her passive-aggressive side. Mohr went into detail about a leading woman he worked with in 1997. Since Picture Perfect was the only film he did that year, the timeline suggests that he’s talking about Aniston. Allegedly, Aniston was unhappy with Mohr’s presence on set and from day one made it perfectly clear.

At that time, Mohr wasn’t as successful or famous as he is today. Having landed the role of the lead in that movie was a big deal to Mohr. The actress which Mohr is speaking of often yelled out, “No way! You’ve got to be kidding me!” between takes at the actors on set. This was very hurtful for Mohr, so much so that he would go to his mom’s house and cry. But to the man’s credit, when asked if the actress he’s talking about is Aniston, he made it clear that he would never reveal the answer to that question. That was until Mohr got his own podcast.

In a 2012 episode of Mohr Stories, he opened up about the issue and explained that once she arrived on set the first day of shooting, Aniston spoke to co-star Illeana Douglas, complaining about the studio’s choice of lead. She complained that of all six guys that screen-tested for the role, the film’s producers picked the one actor that she disliked the most.

With words like that aimed at someone new to the business, Aniston should rightly be ashamed of herself, but Mohr had people on his side. The director of the movie, Glenn Gordon Caron, came to the set and told Mohr that he had fought for him to get the role.

Jennifer Aniston Is A Notorious Control Freak

One thing that Jennifer Aniston is candid about is the fact that she’s a control freak. Aniston did an interview with the Hollywood Reporter where she explained that she feels the need to be in charge of practically everything in her life because she was so out of control while growing up. She stated that she would find it difficult working with certain directors, particularly some bad ones, who would give her terrible direction, but Aniston did what she could to remain a pro. This meant always controlling herself and biting her tongue.

Jennifer Aniston’s Feuds With Other Celebrities

Jay Mohr isn’t the only celebrity that issues Jennifer Aniston. Several other celebrities, including Joan Rivers, Piers Morgan, Elisabetta Canalis, John Mayers, and Kristen Stewart, have dished out their own negative comments in Aniston’s direction. Not one to shy away from expressing how he feels, Piers Morgan, back in 2016, said that Aniston was self-wallowing and needed to get a grip after she took part in a live Q&A in Italy at the Giffoni Film Festival.

Jennifer Aniston’s Peers Don’t Think She’s Very Talented

Considering that Jennifer Aniston refuses to work with anyone who’s not a big name, it’s ironic that some people don’t want to work with her because they don’t think she’s very talented. It was English actor Rupert Everett, star of My Best Friend’s Wedding and An Ideal Husband, who made the most direct attack at Aniston’s talent as an actress. During an interview back in 2010, Everett was discussing success in Hollywood and made the point that an individual is made a star by the business rather than their talent. He then used Aniston as an example. He even went on to label her work as merely tasteless romcoms.

Should You Meet Your Idols?

Both Quora and Reddit are websites where fans of Jennifer Aniston love to talk about having met the famed Friend’s star – whether out in public or as an extra on the set of one of her films, both have stories to tell. There are even other celebrities, including Kaley Cuoco, star of the Big Bang Theory, who have told their own stories about meeting Aniston before they became famous themselves.

While you’d expect to hear some nightmare tales about the star, considering the subject of this video, you’d be surprised to hear that the average person who has encountered Aniston on the street says that she is delightful. The actress has proven to be more than happy to chat with her fans, even if it’s just for a moment. Not only that but in some cases, she’s taken the time to pet her fan’s dogs. According to her fans, Aniston is a class act who is warm and kind toward her fans even when they might ask for something that she is hesitant to give them.

Jennifer Aniston Sets Boundaries With Her Fans

While labeling an actress a class act is one thing, it might be a bit surprising to hear from the same person that they hated that she refused the one thing they really wanted from her, a photo.
This specific fan shared on Quora their experience of meeting Jennifer Aniston and explained that they approached the Hollywood actress while she was on set of a film with Adam Sandler.

According to the fan, Sandler engaged in some banter with them at the espresso bar, while Aniston was outside with a production assistant. The fan couldn’t help but break protocol and approached Aniston, asking for a photo. Aniston’s response does however sound pleasant and understandable even if it wasn’t what the fan was hoping for. She allegedly said that while it was a sweet request, but she doesn’t take pictures. She did, however, gladly offer to sign an autograph.

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