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Why Mathematicians Are Obsessed With (and Hoarding) This Chalk


When a popular product is ready to stop being produced, people who love and live by the products start to panic. They cannot imagine their life without these products, so they begin to stockpile. Soon, the products become unavailable, never to be seen again. Those who were lucky enough to find out that the product was being discontinued are able to enjoy the product a bit long. Some popular stockpile items include food, certain makeup shades, and health and beauty products. One product that was stockpiled that you will find shocking is chalk. Mathematicians rely on chalk and chalkboards to figure out equations. Here is why mathematicians are obsessed with (and hoarding) this chalk.

Fulltouch Chalk

The chalk in question is called Fulltouch chalk, and it is manufactured by Hagormo Stationary in Nagoya, Japan. Many mathematicians say that it is the best chalk in the world. It was recently featured in a YouTube video by Great Big Story. The May 2nd video starts by explaining why mathematicians think that this chalk is so great.

What Makes the Chalk So Special?

Hagoromo has been producing its chalk for over 80 years. Those who have used the chalk say that it is unlike any other chalk in the world. They say that the chalk is almost impossible to break, and it lasts a really long time. The color that the chalk produces is brighter than any other chalk, making the writing on the board easier to read. They say that the chalk writes very smoothly, saying that it is as smooth as butter. Best of all, this chalk is practically dustless, which is a huge issue with traditional chalk.

The Legend

According to David Eisenbud, director of Mathematical Sciences Research Institute in Oakland, California, there is another reason why this chalk is so special. He says that there is a legend surrounding the chalk. According to the legend, it is impossible to write a false theorem with it. This may sound crazy, but those who have spent their entire lives in the field of mathematics believe it. Who wouldn’t want chalk that is this magical?

The Panic Starts

Those who didn’t live in Japan had trouble getting their hands on this chalk, but they found a way. Many mathematicians had to order their chalk, and wait weeks or even months to receive their shipments. In 2015, Hagoromo announced that they were preparing to shut down. With the company shutting down, mathematicians panicked. Where would they get their Fulltouch chalk if it was no longer being manufactured? As people started to panic, they started doing everything they could to get their hands on this amazing chalk.


When the news broke that Fulltouch’s maker was going out of business, it launched a full-blown chalkapocalypse. According to Brian Conrad, a professor at Stanford University in California, people were buying all the chalk they could get their hands on. Some people were buying enough chalk to last 10 to 15 years. Others made sure that they had enough chalk to last their entire careers. These people had closets filled with chalk so that they wouldn’t have to use average chalk again. Some believed that buying enough chalk to last until retirement was crazy, but for those who loved chalk, it was an excellent investment.

A Glimmer Of Hope

There are many mathematicians who didn’t hear about the end of the factory that creates the chalk. This means that they didn’t have a chance to stockpile. There are others who didn’t stockpile enough chalk to last their careers. Fortunately, there is a glimmer of hope for these people.

Selling the Recipe

Before Hagoromo shut its doors and disappeared forever, they sold the recipe for Fulltouch chalk to a Korean company called Sejongmall. They also sold two fo their original chalk making machines. This means that Fulltouch chalk has not died. This is excellent news for those who didn’t buy enough chalk to last them for the next few decades. What does this mean for mathematicians who don’t live in Korea?


If you don’t live in Korea, and if you don’t have friends or family in Korea, don’t worry. You can buy Fulltouch chalk right in the United States! It can be purchased on Amazon, making it easier than ever to get your hands on this chalk.

Fantastic News

It can be difficult for the layperson to understand the importance of a good piece of chalk. People who use chalk on a daily basis, such as teachers and mathematicians understand precisely how vital a good writing piece of chalk is. Now that it is available on Amazon, anyone can get this chalk anytime. If you have never tried Fulltouch chalk, you should give it a try. If people got as crazy as they did when word of the factory got out, this chalk has to be truly amazing. Since Amazon sells a box of the chalk which is 12 pieces, for just $8, you have nothing to lose by giving it a try. It could change your life at work.

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