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Why No One Wants to Work with Jennifer Aniston

Some folks you see in your favorite shows are infamously difficult to work with when the cameras aren’t rolling. Take Lindsay Lohan for example who has the awful reputation of never showing up to set on time. But Jennifer Aniston? Let’s see.

Then there’s Mandy Patinkin who likes to throw a fit and storm off set whenever something doesn’t go her way. Hollywood celebs are notorious for being almost impossible to get any work done with when they are around. It makes you wonder how they rose to the top in the first place.

And what about Chevy Chase when he was on the set of Community? He is known to throw tantrums and storm out of the studio before filming wrapped up. Also, he got himself into quite a bit of hot water when he started throwing around racial slurs.

Don’t believe the hype. Just because you see the stars smiling ear to ear on magazine covers and you’ve watched a few interviews that paint them as fun-loving, reasonable individuals, there’s a real chance that when the camera isn’t in front of their faces, they aren’t exactly the people you think they are.

Hiding Their Awful Reputation

Some celebrities are just better at hiding their awful reputations. A perfect example is Jennifer Aniston. Don’t cry foul before you hear us out.

Sure you love friends. She seems like a sweetheart next to Chandler, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, Joey, and Ross, but just remember. Not all that glitters is gold. Some people aren’t what they seem to be.

In fact, there is ample evidence that even though Jennifer might be one of America’s sweethearts. She isn’t exactly besties with everyone she’s worked with her in Hollywood. Some actors absolutely despise working alongside her. Let’s take a look at the evidence.

Oh, and you’re going to want to stick around to hear who think”s Aniston is lacking in the talent department. Some of her former associates have some downright juicy things to say about her.

Apparently She’s a Bit of a Snob

If you want to know what it’s like to work alongside Aniston, just ask Isla Fisher, Will Forte, and Tim Robbins.

While she was on the set of Life of Crime, her co-workers described her as a lot of things – but none of these descriptions included the word ‘friendly’.

One source told Radar Online that when the cast and crew would head to the cafeteria every day for lunch. Everyone else would sit around and chat for well over an hour. It was a bonding ritual and it kept everyone empathetic of each other’s needs.

The Radar Online

Guess who would grab their lunch and leave every day? That’s right, Jen wanted nothing to do with her cohorts when they weren’t on set.

And sure, you could argue that she just wants to have a little peace and quiet every day. No one can fault her for that, but some of her other antics on that set raised eyebrows as well. She requested a luxury SUV to drive her to set every day instead of the regular vehicles. It would transport the rest of the cast around. The trailer that she would eat her private lunch in was very purposefully far away from everyone else’s. It’s her request of course.

That same source told Radar Online that her behavior was downright ugly to anyone she came across. She made it loud and clear that she was in no way approachable. She reportedly has an air of superiority while on set that makes a lot of people feel uncomfortable.

She’s Admitted To Getting Violent

It’s not uncommon for an actress to act like a Diva while on set sometimes. It’s certainly not very becoming but it’s also not altogether unforgivable.

One thing that can’t just be swept under the carpet is getting violent. Jennifer herself has even admitted to crossing this line before.

She told Elle magazine in 2011 that she once threw a chair at a director. She described it as being ‘not her proudest moment’, but if you ask us, that’s the understatement of the year.

But before we totally condemn her for the act, it’s best to hear her side of the story. According to her, the director was being verbally abusive to a script supervisor. Her chair-throwing was an act of protest. No one was hurt and she completely missed her target. But she wanted the director to know that it was inappropriate for him to treat someone like how he did.

Even so, it seems like Jennifer’s mother never taught her how to solve problems with her words – not chairs

Seriously, would you want to work with someone who’s first impulse when they get upset is to start throwing furniture around? Or would you rather work with someone who can step aside for a moment, collect their thoughts, breathe, and then confront the situation in a tactful yet determined way?

And sure, everyone makes mistakes. Who hasn’t thrown something out of anger at some point in their life? But in Hollywood, you only get a few of those kinds of situations before your reputation starts tanking.

You Better Be A Superstar If You Want To Work With Her

One of Jennifer’s former co-stars went as far as calling her out as being flat-out mean.

When Jay Mohr played her love interest in the 1997 film Picture Perfect, as soon as he showed up on set, Jennifer let everyone know that she was unhappy – to say the least – about his presence.

He was relatively unknown in Hollywood and Aniston was upset that the studio didn’t get someone that was more famous.

She was so rude to Mohr that he would literally go to his mom’s house after work and cry on some days – although we question why he would admit this.

Jennifer was quoted as yelling on set ‘Six Guys! They Screen Test Six! And the one they effing pick is the guy that I hate!” If that’s not cringe-worthy then we don’t know what is.

Props for her honesty, but that’s all we can credit her with. Mohr went on to develop quite the opposite reputation. While Aniston is repeatedly reported as being difficult to work with, Mohr is said to be quite the gentleman.

Some Of Aniston’s Colleagues Don’t Think She’s Talented

English actor Rupert Everett gave an interview to the BBC Radio 4 show back in 2010. He talked about how business makes you more of a star in Hollywood than actual talent does, and to illustrate his point, he invoked the name of Jennifer Aniston as his case and point. He pointed out that she’s still considered an A-lister even though she’s had more than her fair share of flops. Then he basically implied that the only thing she was good for was dishing out tasteless romcoms one after another.

Joan Rivers seemed to confirm this sentiment when she told US Weekly that she was quote ‘So Bored’ with the actress. She added that she wished she could take Jennifer Aniston and cover her face with her hair – an obvious jab at the Friends star’s iconic ‘Rachel’ haircut.

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Some Say She’s Not Doing Enough To Better The World

Gossip columnist Perez Hilton took a jab at Aniston back in 2006 – and sure this one might be a personal beef, so take it with a grain of salt – but he said that what he didn’t like about her was the fact that she quote ‘isn’t a very nice person, is marginally talented, only adequately good-looking, and doesn’t do anything to make the world a better place”.

Jennifer confronted Perez in a Hollywood parking garage and gave him a piece of her mind. She called the encounter a ‘lovely encounter’.

She explained that she is a person too and that she was deeply hurt by his insulting words. As humanizing as that might be, it still doesn’t prove that she’s doing much to better the world though.

She’s Blind To Her Privilege

Do you know who else can’t stand Jennifer Aniston? Piers Morgan.

At the 2016 Giffoni Film festival which takes place every year in Italy, she was asked by The Sun if she ever woke up in the morning and didn’t know who she was.

The actress got really emotional and responded that there weren’t enough fingers and toes in the room to count the times that she experienced that feeling.

She went on to explain that no matter what job we might have, everyone eventually hits a wall and has fleeting moments of thinking that we can’t handle our lives.

When responding to her statement on Good Morning Britain, Piers expressed that he was rather unimpressed by Jennifer’s display of vulnerability. He called her words self-wallowing and went on to say that she was in such a privileged position in life that she was completely out of touch with what other people in lower standings in life had to go through. He wrapped up his critique by saying ‘Get a grip’.

Then, he didn’t stop there though. When Aniston wrote a piece on how she viewed tabloid culture which was published in HuffPost, Morgan replied via the Daily Mail saying that she should stop pretending that her problems were somehow other peoples fault and that she was part of the reason why young impressible girls

have such a problem with their self-image and body issues when they see perfect photos of her on the cover of so many magazines.

Her Demands Can Be Rather Offensive

There’s this sort of unspoken understanding between journalists and celebrities that they don’t really have much say about what is written about them. If famous folk could dictate what was written about them then that would undermine the free aspect of the free press.

Regardless, some stars demand to see the articles and photos that are published of them before they hit the presses.

Alexandra Shulman

Alexandra Shulman from Vogue UK says that there is one celeb that she refuses to work with for this very reason. Aniston reportedly won’t do an interview with anyone without copy approval and picture approval – demands that are seen as wildly offensive in the world of journalism as they imply that what is being written might be unfavorable in some kind of way. To express such outrageous demands signals very little trust for the one that’s doing the piece on you in the first place.

And just to clarify, we aren’t talking about TMZ or some tabloid, we’re talking about Vogue, a periodical that is highly regarded in the realm of entertainment journalism.

Well, that’s enough about Jennifer Aniston. Just cross your fingers if you ever get cast into a major motion picture that you don’t have to work alongside her. She sounds like a toxic co-worker if we’ve ever heard of one.

We’d love to hear from you. Do you think that Jennifer Aniston is as bad as the media makes her out to be, or do you think that she’s getting the short end of the stick here? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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