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Willie Nelson Is Battling a Deadly Lung Condition

For the past few years, fans have incredibly worried about country singer Willie Nelson’s health. The musician is apparently suffering from a pretty severe respiratory illness. But he isn’t letting that stop him from continuing to perform. According to Willie, he couldn’t imagine a life where he isn’t up on the stage. Join Facts Verse as we explore how Willie Nelson is battling a deadly lung condition.

Fans Are Worried About Willie Nelson’s Health

Diehard fans of country-music legend Willie Nelson have anxiously been awaiting health updates the past few years. As the singer has had to cancel numerous concerts as a result of his failing health. At the age of 89, it’s a wonder that the longtime smoker has made it this far! Though he quit recently, Willie has smoked marijuana throughout most of his life. And said to have chain-smoked cigarettes from a young age until quitting during his later adulthood. It seems that Willie is suffering from emphysema. And this deadly lung condition is likely going to kill him sooner rather than later.

Until his final moments, it appears that Willie is intent on continuing to perform in any capacity that he can. On top of recently releasing an album, Willie is currently touring and has every intention of playing as many shows as his decreasing physical condition allows. When the notion of retiring is brought up to the aging country singer. He claims that he wouldn’t know what to do with himself if he called it quits. Still, Willie is taking some precautions with his upcoming tour dates. With the singer claiming that he intends to give up performing indoor concerts indefinitely.

Being diagnosed with emphysema isn’t the only issue that Willie Nelson has had to deal with recently. There’s also the fact that the singer’s older sister recently passed away. A VBCs well as the fact that he’s apparently not getting along with his current wife. Willie Nelson has been married four times over the course of his life. And he’s been married to fourth wife Annie D’Angelo since 1991. However, it seems that, after all these years, Willie is still somewhat hung up on Dolly Parton. Dolly has always denied Willie’s advances despite the latter figure’s longtime crush. A thought that hasn’t stopped Willie from continuing to lust after her, much to his wife’s chagrin. Join Facts Verse as we explore how Willie Nelson is battling a deadly lung condition.

Willie Nelson’s Sister Recently Passed Away

Willie Nelson’s recently deceased sister was the late Bobbie Nelson, who also counted herself amongst Willie’s fellow musicians in the country-music scene. Bobbie was a singer in her own right. But she was perhaps best known to the public for performing the piano in her younger brother’s band. The death of 91-year-old Bobbie Nelson certainly hit Willie hard. And trying to move on from the event is likely one of the reasons that the singer is so anxious to keep up with his touring schedule despite his own falling health.

Willie Is Still Consuming Marijuana… Just Not Smoking It!

Though Willie Nelson has always been synonymous with marijuana smoking, the singer has allegedly given up smoking altogether. Willie gave up smoking cigarettes a while ago, as previously discussed, but has only given up smoking marijuana recently. However, that doesn’t mean that Willie is no longer enjoying the drug’s psychological effects! Willie has simply found other means to consume marijuana that don’t require him to abuse his lungs.

According to Willie’s son, Luke, the singer is consuming just as much THC as ever, with THC being the main compound that gives marijuana it’s psychoactive effects. Willie claims that it’s getting more and more difficult to breathe. And that he’s trying to take every course of action to prevent further damage to his lungs. The singer also claims that he tries his best to exercise everyday, even if it’s just a little walk.

Willie Nelson Likes to “Pay for the Day”

Willie Nelson has always had a phrase that he holds dear to his heart when it comes to his health. And that phrase is that “you’ve got to pay for the day”. According to Willie, the little exercises that he does are his way of paying for the day. When he’s done with his exercises, Willie relaxes by consuming some edible form of marijuana, whether candies or drops. The singer even has his own brand of smoke-free marijuana products, with the brand being called Willie’s Remedy. Though Willie has given up smoking, there is no doubt that he is just as adamant as ever about the positive effects of marijuana.

Given that he’s seemingly going to accomplish his goal of continuing to perform into his 90s despite being a lifetime smoker and heavy drinker that’s recently been diagnosed with a deadly lung condition. Perhaps there’s some truth to the country-music legend’s insistence that THC heals! If you’re enjoying this video so far, be sure to hit the like button to show your support! Also, subscribe to the channel I you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

Willie Still Has an Unrequited Crush on Dolly Parton

Though Willie Nelson is continuing to perform despite his battle with a deadly lung condition, it seems that the singer knows that his time is nearly up. Now that he’s approaching death’s door, it seems that one of the singer’s biggest goals is to perform on stage with Dolly Parton again. However, neither Dolly nor Willie’s current wife are interested in this happening. It seems that Dolly finds Willie Nelson too difficult to perform alongside. While Willie’s current wife seems to think that her husband has some ulterior motives in trying to get Dolly to perform with him as a last request.

Willie’s wife seems to think that her husband is lusting after Dolly. And the fact that her husband is dying isn’t preventing her from being mad about it. It also seems that Willie’s current wife, who is the aforementioned Annie D’Angelo, has had just about enough of her husband’s continued use of marijuana.

Annie seems to think that Willie’s marijuana use makes him act weird. Recently, it seems that Willie was spotted partying alongside the much younger country music singer Kacey Musgraves. And it’s likely that Annie also blames her husband’s marijuana use for his continued lusting after Dolly Parton. It remains to be seen whether or not Willie and his current wife will be able to make things work.

Willie Has Allegedly Been Smoking Since Kindergarten

Willie Nelson claims that he started smoking when he was in kindergarten. According to the singer, he would steal a dozen eggs from his family chickens and then go and trade them for a pack of cigarettes at the store. This habit continued into the singer’s adulthood, and is arguably the number-one culprit responsible for the country-music legend’s current health predicament. If Willie could take it all back, he’d likely think about it. However, it’s Willie’s crazy life that has made him such a success in the music scene.

A Woman Claimed Willie Could Last for Nine Hours in Bed

Back before Willie Nelson became an old man and had to deal with his recent health problems. The singer was reportedly so virile that he could have nine-hour sex marathons on a whim! During the 1980s, a former lover infamously sued the singer after Willie had allegedly promised to marry her. While the context of the lawsuit itself wasn’t of that much interest to the public, a story came about from the lawsuit that subsequently became the stuff of legends. This story is still brought up today when the question of Willie’s virility is brought up, though it has never proven true. The story goes that, after promising to marry the woman in question. Willie went on to have sex with the woman for nine hours straight!

This story comes straight from the testimony of the woman herself. And the testimony also alleged that the singer performed an acrobatic stunt in the midst of the marathon! According to the woman’s testimony, halfway through this supposed nine-hour sex marathon. Willie Nelson did a backwards somersault while still holding onto her.

While there are certainly many who choose to believe this crazy story of Willie Nelson’s supposed nine-hour sex marathon that included a backwards somersault. Others consider it unlikely that this event went down the way the woman said given that Willie was in his 50s at the time. Also, there’s the fact that Willie has always smoked. Still, it’s hard to believe that a woman would’ve come up with such a ridiculous story out of the blue. Regardless of the truth, not much came out of the lawsuit, and the story has largely forgotten. When pressed about the issue, Willie Nelson has refused to deny the story on the grounds that he thinks the story is too impressive for him not to take credit for.

Willie Nelson Wants to Die on the Road

Whether or not Willie Nelson ever capable of engaging in nine-hour sex marathons remains to be proven. But there’s no doubt that the singer isn’t capable of engaging in them now. At the age of 89, it appears that Willie’s health is likely only going to continue to get worse until his inevitable death.

Willie Nelson turned 89 years old on April 29 of 2022, and that’s also the day that the country-music legend released his latest album. That album was titled A Beautiful Time. At this point in time, it seems that any album Willie Nelson releases may be his last, and fans continue to anxiously await health updates from the singer in the wake of his continued touring. At the rate that he’s going, it’s likely that Willie Nelson is going to die on the road. However, it seems that this is the way that the singer wants it to be.

Though 89-year-old country-music legend Willie Nelson has recently been diagnosed with a deadly lung condition. It seems that the singer is still adamant on forgoing retirement and continuing to tour and record as much as he can. Now it’s time to hear from you: did you know that Willie Nelson is continuing to tour despite suffering from a deadly lung condition, and that he apparently wants to sing on stage with Dolly Parton one last time as a dying wish? As always, like this video to show your support, and subscribe and hit the notification bell if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

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