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Woman Declared Deceased Wakes Up With A Creepy Message For The World

The Afterlife

Have you ever wondered what happens when you die? Some people believe that they will go to Heaven and life in everlasting peace. Some people believe that they will be reincarnated so that they can live on Earth again. And some people believe that they have a choice between everlasting peace and reincarnation. Unfortunately, we don’t know what will happen until we die. One woman thought that she had all the answers. This woman declared deceased wakes up with a creepy message for the world.

Dorothy Eady

Dorothy Eady was born in 1904 in London, England. When she was three years old, she fell down the stairs and hit her head. She had a serious head injury, and the doctors didn’t think that she was going to survive, but fortunately, she made it. When she woke up, something extraordinary happened that left her parents struggling for answers.

Going Home

When Dorothy left the hospital, she kept asking her parents when she would be going home, even though she was already there. Her parents just thought that she was still confused due to her head injury. She also developed a strange accent. Her doctors didn’t know what was going on, saying that she was perfectly healthy. They had no explanation as to why such a young girl developed an accent from a land where she had never been. On a trip to the British Museum with her family, one specific thing caught Dorothy’s attention. It was an old, faded picture.

The Pharaoh Seti I’s Temple

When Dorothy saw the photo, she ran over to it. She told her parents that it was her home. She asked them where the trees and gardens were, as she moved through the gallery. Her parents didn’t know what to think as they followed her through the museum. She walked over to the statutes of ancient Egyptian royalty. She stopped at each statue and kissed its feet. And she told her parents that they were “her people.”

E.A. Wallis Budge

When Dorothy got older, she went to speak with E.A. Wallis Budge, who was an Egyptologist who worked for the British Museum. Dorothy’s passion surprised him, and he encouraged her to learn more about hieroglyphics and history. He had never met a girl so young with such a passion for Egyptian history.

A Visit In a Dream

When Dorothy was 15-years-old, she said that the mummy of Pharaoh Seti I visited her in a dream. She claimed that the ancient ruler helped her understand where her passion for Egyptian history came from. His visit reminded her that she lived a past life in ancient Egypt, and she was reincarnated as a girl in London in the 1900s. She was sure that it was true, and in 1931, she married a man named Emam Abdel Meguid, and she moved to Egypt. As soon as she saw the desert in Egypt, she knew that she was home.

Her Past

When Dorothy arrived in Egypt, she bent down and touched the ground. She says that being there helped her to reconnect with her past life. She claimed to have been a girl named Bentreshyt, the daughter of a vegetable seller. Also, she was raised to be a sacred priestess and consecrated virgin. When she met Pharaoh Seti I, they fell and love and conceived a child. She knew that if anyone found out that it would cause a scandal, so she committed suicide.


She told her story to many people, and when historians heard her tale, they were skeptical. They created a test to prove once and for all if she was really reincarnated and lived in Egypt in her past life. The historians asked Dorothy to identify ancient wall paintings in complete darkness. If she really were a priestess, she would remember which image was on which wall. She passed the test with flying colors.

A Trusted Local Figure

After passing the test, people believed her story, and she became a trusted local figure. She spent a lot of her time praying in ancient temples and reconnecting with her past. Historians and civilians called her Omm Sety and often sought her counsel. She was able to help archaeologists translate the ancient text so that they could understand historical customs better. She was even able to tell them the location of many sites in the Valley of Kings before they were uncovered.

Her Death

In 1981, Omm Sety passed away in Abydos, Egypt. She was buried in an unmarked grave in the desert facing west. This would allow her to watch the sunset over Egypt. She was sure that she was reincarnated, and she was able to help archaeologists expand their understanding of Egypt. If she was reincarnated once, she could be living another life somewhere else in the world.

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