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Woman Fed Up With Searching For The ‘Perfect Man’ Comes Up With The Strangest Solution

Finding the Perfect Man

Many women dream of their wedding day. They dream of their beautiful white dress, their perfect man, and getting married in front of everyone they love. For some women, this happens when they are young. For others, it takes a while to find the right person. Some women don’t actually find a person to fall in love with and marry, but that doesn’t stop them from having a wedding. This woman fed up with searching for the ‘perfect man’ comes up with the strangest solution.

Inanimate Objects

There are some people who actually fall in love with inanimate objects, and they marry them. One woman married a Ferris wheel named Bruce; a man married a robotic doll, a woman married a Seattle warehouse in front of 50 onlookers. A woman in Ireland took it one step further, and she was fell in love with a ghost.

Amanda Teague

Amanda Teague is a 45-year-old woman from Northern Ireland. She always said that she had a special connection with Johnny Depp‘s character in the Pirates of the Caribbean films, Jack Sparrow. Her connection was so deep that she worked as a Jack Sparrow impersonator and took jobs all around Ireland. She went to fairs and other celebrations dressed as the pirate. People loved her, and she loved to dress like her hero. Amanda loves Jack Sparrow, but her obsession is much stranger than just impersonating Jack Sparrow.

Visited By a Ghost

Amanda gave People Magazine a bizarre interview in 2014. In the interview, she claims to have been visited by the ghost of an 18th-century Haitian pirate named Jack while she was in bed. She says that the spirit told her that he was executed 300 years earlier for theft. He visited her many times while she was sleeping, and she started to feel a romantic bond forming.


At first, Amanda says that she was horrified that she was having romantic feelings for the ghost. He visited her all the time, and over the next six months, the two developed an intense and intimate relationship. Amanda realized that she was indeed in love with Jack, and she wanted to take the next step in their relationship. She wanted to marry the ghost who visited her every night.

Ghost Marriages

Amanda knew that ghost marriage wasn’t recognized throughout the world. She knew that she would never be able to find someone willing to officiate a wedding to a ghost. Her only option was to sail out into international waters and say, “I do.”

The Marriage

Amanda got a few of her friends together, and they got on a boat. She wore a beautiful wedding dress, and her guests dressed for the occasion. She had a skull and crossbones flag on board, which represented Jack’s presence on the ship. And she brought a Shaman priest on board to officiate the wedding. He was experienced in the ways of the spirit world, so she knew that he could make contact with her true love. When it came time to exchange rings, she slipped Jack’s ring on a candle in front of a picture of Jack Sparrow because her true love looked just like him.

It’s Official

After the wedding, Amanda was given the official paperwork signed by her and the Shaman priest. She and Jack were legally bound by law, and Ireland acknowledged it as a legitimate marriage. She and Jack were a couple, and she couldn’t have been happier. Her marriage to Jack was her second marriage. Her first marriage lasted five years, and she wasn’t as happy as she was with him as she was with Jack. She was sure that in him, she found her soulmate.


Amanda’s marriage was great at first, but soon, things started falling apart. Each time she was intimate with Jack, her health deteriorated. She developed abscesses and cirrhosis. She was sure that Jack was trying to steal her energy, so she stopped all physical contact. This angered Jack. She started seeing a terrifying side of him. When her dog, Toby, acted out aggressively, he killed him. This was it for Amanda, and she decided to end her marriage. She couldn’t let him steal her energy because she was worried about being a ghost herself.

Mingling With the Spirit World

Amanda realized that the Haitian ghost reached out to her because of her obsession with Jack Sparrow. Her experience made her realize that mingling with the spirit world was dangerous, and it is not something to mess with. She is single now, and she is hoping to find someone to love again, but they need to have a pulse. Her experience with Jack has turned her off pirates and ghosts forever.

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