Grow Your Business with Video Ads

What is Facts Verse?

Facts Verse is an online media company specializing in strategic video advertisement placements for businesses around the world.

With an online audience of over 8 million subscribers, your video ad will rank higher and faster than it could on its own. That means you get more eyes on your business, more sales, and a higher ROI for each ad you create.

How It Works

We get our client’s results because of our channel’s authority on YouTube. This causes videos to rank quickly and ultimately boost your CTR, getting you more traffic than you ever could on your own. 

Check out this real client’s success story:

Within the first 3 weeks of this video was published, it got over 13,000 views. Of those views, a large percentage came from people who were SEARCHING for the content – not from our existing subscribers. As the video ages, even more of those views will come from direct searches as well.

The CTR for this video? 11.4%

Could you imagine your local St. Pete business ranking on page one of Google for the term ‘St Pete?’

This video ranks in the top videos on Youtube for popular keywords like:

  • St Petersburg
  • St Pete
  • St Pete Beach
  • Things to do in St Petersburg
  • St Petersburg travel guide
  • …and many more!

What’s Included in Your Purchase

  • A 1-minute placement in a video on our channel for your city
  • A company call-out in the description of the video + a link back to your website
  • Guaranteed 10k+ views of the video

What We Need From You

  • 3 bullet points of information you’d like to see in the video
  • Any images or footage you’d like included
  • The link to your website
  • A phonetic spelling of your business’s name


Placement Cost: $500

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