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World War II Veteran Reunites With French Woman 75 Years After He First Met Her And Fell In Love

First Love

Everyone remembers their first love. You will never forget the way that your first love made you feel. You will never forget the first kiss. The memories of walking together hand-in-hand never fade. Even if you find love with someone else, get married, have children, and grow old together, you will always remember that first person who makes your heart go pitter patter.

KT Robins

KT Robins served in World War II back in 1944. He was stationed in a small French town called Briey. He was walking down the street near the base and needed his closed washed. He saw a woman outside and asked her if she could help. Considering that KT was helping the people in her town, she was more than willing to help him. While he was talking to the woman, he saw her daughter, Jeannine Ganaye. He said that the second he saw her, it was love at first sight.

Spending Time

The two spent some time together, but sadly, KT was called back to the Eastern Front. When he said goodbye to Jeannine, he told her that maybe one day, he would come back for her. Unfortunately, life happened, and he never returned.

Moving On

Jeannine hoped that KT would come back for her when the war was over, but he never did. She ended up meeting a man in France. The two got married and had five children together. Even though she moved on with her life, Jeannine always wondered what her life would have been like if KT had returned to France for her.
KT also moved on with his life. When he returned to the United States, he met a woman named Lillian, and they fell in love. They worked together at a hardware store in Mississippi their whole lives. They were married for 70-years until Lillian passed away in 2015 at the age of 92. KT loved his wife, but he too wondered what his life would have been had he gone back for Jeannine all those years ago.

75th Anniversary Of D-Day

KT decided to head back to France for the 75th anniversary of D-Day. He wanted to be there for the soldiers who gave their lives in the war, and he had another agenda as well. He tried to find Jeannine. She was his first love, and she was never far from his heart. He wasn’t sure where she was or if she was still alive, but he was going to do what he could to find out for sure.

French Journalists

There were plenty of journalists at the D-Day celebration, and KT figured that one of them would be his best chance of finding Jeannine. He approached a journalist and told his story. He mentioned how, when his truck drove away, he saw Jeannine standing on the side of the road crying. He begged the journalist to try to find Jeannine so that he could see her again.

Good News

Just a couple of days later, the journalist got in touch with KT to give him some good news. They told him that Jeannine was still alive, but her last name was Pierson now. They told him that she had been living in a retirement home ever since her husband died. The retirement home was just 27-miles away from her hometown. KT couldn’t believe that they had found her.


The journalist told KT that Jeannine was excited to see him. She told her that she wished that KT never returned to America when he did. She asked the journalist to let him know that she would love it if he would visit her. KT didn’t have to think twice about it. He got the directions to her retirement home, and he headed there right away.

The Reunion

When the two saw each other in over seven decades, it was amazing for both of them. KT says that when he first saw his first love, it was as though not a single second had gone by since they saw one another last. KT told her that he always love her, and she was never far from his heart. She says she didn’t understand much of what he said, but she did understand that he loved her. The reunion was magical for them both.

A True Love Story

KT and Jeannine’s is a true love story. The fact that a first love can last the test of time, over seven decades to be exact, is amazing. After being separated for so long and each getting married and losing their spouse, they found their way back to one another. KT had to travel halfway around the world to find his love. Theirs is a fairy tale. Incredibly, a World War II veteran reunites with French woman 75 years after he first met her and fell in love.

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