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You May Be Surprised By What 1950s Women Saw As Perfect Husband Material

You May Be Surprised By What 1950s Women Saw As Perfect Husband Material

When it comes to choosing a life partner, American women do not hesitate to state precisely what they want in a man. Now, this is not a recent development because even in the 1950s, women had clear ideas of what they wanted in their men. Below are some traits American women saw as desirable qualities in men at the time.


In the 1950s, most women had an average height of 5 feet 2 inches. Now, we all know that that it is very common for people (men and women) to crave what they do not have. Since most women were not very tall at the time, 1950s women usually wanted very tall men. Most women at the time set an exact number of the height specifications. The ideal man had to be at least six feet tall.

Blue Eyes

The idea of dark men as the right candidates did not apply in the 1950s. In those days, most women preferred men with blue eyes and this is an indication that fair men were preferred to dark men in the 1950s.


1950s women wanted their men to be strong and masculine. In those days, being sporty was a big plus because women were attracted to men who also happened to be avid sportsmen. The particular sport may not matter that much but there are indications that the 1950s women preferred men who played football, baseball or basketball.


In the 1950s, most women were full-time housewives. This means that the wife had a full-time job running the home and taking care of the kids. For all that, women preferred men who had some domestic tendencies to go with their masculinity. A man who tended to help his wife with some of the household chores was the ideal man in the 1950s.

A Steady Job

In the 1950s, the married woman did not have a job (full time or part time) and did not run a business. Since the husband was the sole breadwinner of the family, it followed that sensible women wanted men who had a steady job. This is important because a man who could not adequately provide for his family is not likely to make an excellent husband.


Generosity is an attractive quality in a man. This is true about today’s man and it was true about men in the 1950s. In those days, women considered stingy men unattractive and went for men who were generous with their money and time.

Attentive and Considerate

One thing most women look for in a man is the ability to listen. A man who is attentive and considerate is likely to make an excellent husband. In those days, women looked for men who will listen to them and value their opinions. Apparently, nothing much has changed in this regard. Today’s woman values men who are attentive to them and seek their opinions on a variety of issues.

Not Possessive

Women want the right blend of trust, affection and respect from their men. In addition, most women do not want men to treat them as another possession (like cars and furniture). For this reason, a man who is overly possessive and domineering is a huge turn off to most women. The women in the fifties preferred men who trusted their women and gave them a bit of leeway.

The Right Age

In the 1950s, people got married relatively early. Of course, husbands were usually older than their wives at the time. Now, while the men could afford to postpone marriage and get away with it, most women were conscious of their biological clocks. This is why 1950s women set precise “marriage ages” for themselves and even their future husbands. For men, the ideal age (from the woman’s perspective) was 23. In addition to the other qualities listed above, a 23-year-old man in the 1950s was simply irresistible.


A well-read man is an attractive man any day. This is because reading makes you smart, improves your mind and broadens your horizons. A well-read man is civilized, tolerant and easy to live with in most cases. The women in the 1950s knew all these things and this is why they preferred well-read men as life partners.

Good Looks

A good-looking man is usually hard to resist. Now, combine good looks with height, style and intelligence and you have the complete package. Back in the fifties, many women wanted to marry good-looking men and the standards at the time were Rock Hudson and Elvis Presley. Now, you cannot blame them because if you snag a handsome man, you are likely to have handsome sons and beautiful daughters.

Good Manners

A real gentle man is the one who is polite, considerate and thoughtful. A rude and unrefined man was a definite no-no in the fifties. Most women at the time looked for men who ticked all the right boxes in the manners department and you cannot blame them.

Final Word

When it comes to choosing the right man, nobody can accuse the fifties woman of being outdated or ignorant. These women were way ahead of their time because they knew what a real man ought to be. Even in this current age, you will do well to go with the qualities the fifties women admired so much.

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