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YouTubers Explored A Secret Cuban Missile Crisis Bunker – And The Footage Has Left Viewers Floored

The Cuban Missile Crisis

Over the centuries, there have been plenty of conflicts between different countries and groups. Of all these conflicts, there were few that were as potentially for the entire world as the Cuban Missile Crisis in the early ’60s. Because of the high tensions at the time, a missile silo in Kansas was prepped and ready. The Cuban Missile Crisis began at the height of the Cold War. The Soviet Union was trying to come to an agreement with Cuba so that they could store many nuclear weapons. Weapons in the country. By the summer of 1962, several silos were built for the missiles. The conflict began when an American jet took photos of the facilities.

Blocked Access

When the United States viewed the photos, the Navy blocked the Soviets’ access to Cuba in October 1962. This caused officials from both sides to try to diffuse the situation. Fortunately, a deal was made a few days later, which ended the prospect of a nuclear war. Before the agreement was made, the silo in Kansas was ready to go just in case. Since it was no longer necessary, the facility was dumped a few years after the deal was made. In 2008, the facility was sold to a man named Larry Hall. In 2018, YouTubers Explored A Secret Cuban Missile Crisis Bunker – And The Footage Has Left Viewers Floored.

What’s Inside

The YouTube channel is called “What’s Inside?, and it made its YouTube debut in May 2008. It started as a school project and became much more. The school project had a boy named Lincoln being tasked with looking inside various sports balls. With his father, Dan’s help, he completed the project, and the idea for the YouTube channel came about. On the channel; however, the content would be a larger scale. Currently, the channel has 6.5 million subscribers. The content on the channel has over one billion views. Of all the videos, the most popular was “What’s Inside a Rattle Snake?”, with 86 million views. When Dan and Lincoln decided to go into the old missile silo, it proved to be their most vicious project.

The Beginning

At the beginning of the video, you can see Dan and Lincoln at the entrance of the silo. Dan lets the audience know that they are standing outside of a real doomsday bunker and that there are 72 of them scattered around the United States. He also mentions that these silos can withstand a 2,000 MPH wind.

The Location

Dan mentions that this particular bunker is located in Kansas, in the middle of America. He also gives the audience a short history lesson on the Cuban Missile Crisis, so that they would understand what the silo was built for. He mentions that the facility was once used to store a giant nuclear weapon, that was ready to be fired if ordered by President John F. Kennedy. If that had happened, the missile would have been brought up to the surface for launching. Dan and Lincoln wanted their audience to understand what the silo was and also its purpose. Dan also mentioned that four years after the silo was abandoned, new technology for missiles was developed, making the silos useless. Lincoln adds that the silo was sold in 2008. Dan informs the audience that private buyers already purchased all 12 silos around the U.S. for $1.5 million to $3 million.

Repelling System and Decontamination

When the two go into the silo, Dan says that if you listen carefully, you can hear a clicking noise and a ringing. He tells the audience that these are part of a bird-repellent system so that when the door is open, birds won’t fly inside. Next, Dan and Lincoln head to the decontamination area, which is ahead of another door. Dan explains that in the event of an emergency, the door would be closed to protect those in the bunker. Since there was no emergency at the time of the filming, the door was open.

History Map

After the duo made it through the decontamination area, they came to a wall that is like a history map of everything that happened there. The two filmed the photos on the wall, which included pictures of the silo being built, with John F. Kennedy looking on.

Strange Areas

There were some areas that you would expect to see in a silo like this, while there were others that were a bit strange. One room contained planted trees with benches spread around. There was another room with a rock-climbing wall. Off to the side, there was a special area where dogs could go to the bathroom. Next, the father and son YouTubers came across a futuristic-looking elevator, which was lit by red and bluer lights. The purpose of each floor was listed on the wall.

Volcanic Ash Removal and Other Areas

Shortly after, they come across the volcanic ash remover. Lincoln says that if a volcano were to erupt that there would be as much as 4-feet of ash covering the ground. This could make it impossible for people to breath, so this machine was designed to clean the ash, giving the people in the silo clean air to breathe. They also found a security room, a silo prison, and a movie theater. They also found a bar, a dental office, and a grocery store. The silo was designed for people to live for five years.


There was one point in the video where the father and son team were 190-feet underground. This was where the residential areas were located, and they walked through a kitchen, a bedroom, and bathrooms. The bathrooms didn’t have toilet paper; instead, they had a bidet. At the end of the video, Dan and Lincoln take a dip in the silo’s pool. The whole place is a safe and luxurious place to wait it out after a disaster. Today, the video has over 11 million views.

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