10 Most Amazing Playsets In The World

#1 Neptune Park

Neptune Park is located in Saratoga Springs, Utah. The park consists of a huge pyramid that is built with ropes for children to climb on. The pyramid is 30 feet tall, almost the size of a typical two story house. It is the largest play pyramid in the Western Hemisphere. The outside of the pyramid is made of metal and the inside is made of rope. This makes it impossible for kids to fall more than 6 feet. For younger children, the park has smaller areas for them to play.

#2 Swarovski Crystal Worlds

Most kids really don’t care about this history of Swarovski, an Austrian crystal company. If you take them to visit the museum, they may not be too interested. After the endure the tour, the playground will be well worth the trip. The museum contains a play tower that is four stories tall. It also has a climbing wall that is 45 feet tall, several slides, a few rope swings, and a trampoline. The views from the playground are amazing. Even grownups enjoy this play set.

#3 Lake Macquarie Variety Playground

This is a playground located in Australia and it is designed for all children to use. Even those with disabilities. There are certain sections of the playground the children who are in wheelchairs and for children who are visually impaired. The playground consists of a foot climbing tower, a zip line, and a spiral slide that is 30 feet long. It also has swings for wheelchair bound children, a play boat, and musical equipment for children to play with. It is one of the most popular children’s destinations in Australia.

#4 Imagination Playground

This playground was designed by architect, David Rockwell. It is meant for kids to use their imaginations rather than most playgrounds, which are designed to run and climb. Kids use sand, water, and blocks to create things. The water play stations are hits but it is the blocks that most kids love. This is one of the only playgrounds in the world that challenge children to use their imaginations before they start to run and climb. When kids are able to play on the works of art that they created, it can be very rewarding.

#5 The Nagasaki School

The Nagasaki School in Japan has one of the most unique playgrounds in all the world. It was designed by architects Hibinosekkei. It is located on the roof, and it has a play net that leads to the playroom one floor below. If kids don’t want to take the net down, they can use the fireman’s pole to get to the playroom. Recess is very fun at this school.

#6 Harry Thomas Sr. Playground

This park is located in Washington, D.C. It is one of the only math-themed playgrounds in the world. The design is inspired by the Fibonacci sequence, which is a numeric pattern where the next number in the sequence is always the sum of the two before it. The playground equipment is in the shape of Fibonacci spirals, and there are several paths to follow and equipment to play on. It is one of the most unique playgrounds in the world.

#7 Woodland Discovery Playground

This park is located in the forest of Memphis Tennessee. It was designed by James Corner Field Operations. The designers sat down with a group of children and asked them how they would like to play. The end result is a playground separated into four sections called nests. In each nest you will find something to do, whether it is climbing, sliding, playing in the sand, or playing in a tree house. It is up to the kids to find the fun. The more time they spend in the park, the more they will discover. Also, there is a walking track that connects each of the nests. It is one of the most amazing parks in the United States.

#8 Bounce Below

This fun attraction was built in northern Wales in what was once an underground mine. Today, it is a huge playground complete with trampolines and bouncy nets and each is connected by either slides or walkways. There are three different levels at the playground. This highest is 180 feet off the floor. For the younger children, the park recently designed a section that caters to children between the ages of 3 and 6 years old. Even adults have a blast at this park.

#9 City Museum

This is one of the most amazing playsets in the world. City Museum is located in St. Louis, and it has an amazing playground. For starters, the play area is huge. There is a giant tree house for kids to play in. There is also an indoor slide that is 10 stories and kids can slide from the top of the building to the basement in minutes. Outside the building is a 30 foot Ferris wheel located on the roof. There are also old airplanes for kids to sit and climb in and rope swings for kids to swing on. After visiting the museum, this is a huge treat for the kids.

#10 Wikid Trampoline Bridge

Not only is this a fun place to visit, it is also a bridge to get you to one side of the bay to the other. It is called the Wicked Trampoline Bridge, and many people call it futuristic architecture. Visitors can climb up the stairs and jump on the trampoline all the way across. Once they get there, they can jump back to the other side. It is a great place for anyone who loves trampolines.

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