10 Motorcycles You Will Not Believe Exist

#1 The Honda CBX

The Honda CBX is one of a kind. It was built in the 1970’s, and it had a twin cam straight six with the crank in the middle. Today, the Hayabusa has created a motorcycle that has a similar engine in the middle, however, the Honda CBX was the first. It was a very sharp looking bike. The Honda CBX is no longer in production and the ones that remain are treasured by collectors.

#2 The Rokon Trailbreaker

This is a cross between an ATV and a motorcycle. It has two seats, which makes it perfect for riding with a passenger. The wheels are hollow and they can hold up to 2 ½ gallons of fluid each. The bike only goes 35 miles per hour and it can drive that way for over 9 hours on the solid ground. Due to its slow speed, it wasn’t very marketable. It is, however, one of a kind. The Rokon Trailbreakers that still exist are owned by collectors and are found in museums.

#3 The Jaguar Motorcycle

The Jaguar is a very popular luxury car. Since the car was so popular, Jaguar decided to create a motorcycle. It is one of the strangest bikes ever built. The entire body of the bike is shaped like a jaguar. The front of the bike is the jaguar’s head and you sit down by his bottom. Most people thought that it would strange to straddle a cat while driving down the street, therefore, this bike wasn’t a huge success for Jaguar.

#4 Haleson Steam Powered Motorcycle

At the beginning of the 20th century, more and more motorcycle companies were building steam powered motorcycles. While the concept seemed to make sense, most people didn’t like the idea of having a boiler between their legs. Since most saw it as a recipe for disaster, these bikes didn’t last too long. The steam-powered bikes that still remain are owned by collectors who don’t ride them.

#5 The Uno Dycicle

This bike was created by a man named Ben Gulak. Most people think that it is a motorized unicycle, but it isn’t. It actually has two wheels side by side. It isn’t the safest bike in the world, unfortunately. When Ben did his first test run, he wiped out. It resulted in a chipped kneecap. He had to wait until his knee healed before he could make the necessary changes to make the bike a bit safer. It never became as popular as he had hoped. Most people would rather ride a bike with wheels on the front and the back rather than two wheels in the middle. Not only are two wheels at each end safer, the two wheels look better.

#6 Vespa 150 TAP

Die hard motorcycle riders look at the Vespa and they laugh. Not only is it not really a true motorcycle, it is cute. Nobody finds cute to be terrifying. This Vespa, however, is actually pretty frightening. It is painted matte green to make it look tougher. It also has an M20 recoilless rifle attached. This gun wasn’t meant to be fired while you ride the bike, but it does make it look much tougher than the typical Vespa. Chances are that the bike isn’t street legal since police don’t want people driving around with a rifle between their legs.

#7 The Roaddog

This motorcycle was built by a man named Wild Bill Gelbke. The bike itself was 17 feet long and it weighed over 3,000 pounds. To date, this is the largest motorcycle ever built. After he created the prototype, he was actually able to sell a few to motorcycle enthusiasts. The bike itself resembled a small train. If you wanted to find one today, it might be impossible.

#8 The Whitlock Tinker Toy

The design and the engine in this bike earned it a spot in the Guinness World records. It has an amazing 46 cylinders and 6 crankshafts, 6 Jaguar E-Type distributors. Simon Whitlock is the man who created the bike and he made just one. This is likely because there weren’t too many people who would even want a bike that is so outrageous.

#9 Megola

There have been some pretty crazy choppers built, however, none of them are as crazy as this bike. The engine on this bike is mounted on the front wheel. When the bike is started, it needs to be on a stand, with the front wheel pointing up. This is because the 14 horsepower motor applies the power right to the front wheel. If it isn’t on a stand, it would take off on its own as soon as the key is turned. That really isn’t the way that you want to start your afternoon ride on your bike.

#10 The Shilovsky Gyrocar

This motorcycle was built by a Russian Count in 1912. It rides on two wheels, therefore, it is considered to be a motorcycle. It is balanced by a gyroscope. This motorcycle earned its spot on the 10 motorcycles you will not believe exist list because it is large enough to hold up to 6 passengers. You won’t find a motorcycle like this anywhere else in the world. Sadly, only one was made. This means that your chances of riding one are non-existent. They do look like a lot of fun, though.

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