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10 Animals That Came Back From Extinction

10 Animals That Came Back From Extinction

#1 The Mountain Pygmy Possum

It was believed that this animal was extinct because all they ever found are fossil remains. In 1966, one of these possums were found at a ski lodge in Australia. Since the first one was discovered, scientists began tracking the animal trying to find more. Eventually, they found the Mountain Pygmy Possum in three separate regions in southern Australia. Many people are glad that this animal is no longer extinct because it is so adorable.

#2 Clarion Night Snake

The existence of the Clarion Night Snake was first documented in 1936. After that, it was never seen again, which led scientists to believe that it either never existed or that it was extinct. In 2013, they used the original field notes as a guide to rediscovering the snake. It was finally found on the volcanic island of Clarion, which was only accessible with the help of the Mexican army. The snake was hard to find thanks to its camouflaged skin. When they rediscovered the Clarion Night Snake, they also found 11 other species.

#3 New Guinea Big-eared Bat

Scientists believed that the New Guinea Big-eared bat was extinct because the last time one was spotted was in 1890. In 2012, during a scientific study, the bat was accidentally found. The scientists knew that it was this species due to the bat’s extremely large ears. Since they have only found this bat once since 1890, what the bat sounds like and where it lives is unknown since there are not bats to study.

#4 Terror Skinks

The Terror Skinks is known to be the T-Rex of the lizard world. It got its name due to its long, sharp, curved teeth. The lizard was found on the Isle of Pines in New Caledonia in 1990. Since then, it was never seen again, leading scientists to believe that they were extinct. It wasn’t until 2003 that it was found that the lizard wasn’t extinct. When the creature was found, it was filmed by specialists from the French Natural History. Because the lizard is still so rare, they don’t know much about it and it is one of science’s biggest mysteries.

#5 The Bermuda Petrel

The Bermuda Petrel is also known as the Cahow. It was believed that these ground-nesting seabirds were extinct for 300 years until they were discovered in 1951. Scientists discovered 18 pairs of these nocturnal birds and decided that they needed to be protected. A massive conservation effort took place, however, after the English began settling in Bermuda and they brought their dogs, cats, and rats to the island, the population began to dwindle. Due to the eerie cry that they use for their mating call, the Spanish sailors believed that Bermuda was the devil’s home, keeping them from settling there.

#6 The Chacoan Peccary

This pig-like animal was believed to be extinct. The only evidence of their existence was the fossils that had been found in the Gran Chaco region in South America. In 1975, scientists found the animals living in a harsh, dry region. These animals are very social. They travel in packs of 10 or more and when they are attacked, they run away and spray, the same way that skunks spray. Today, it is believed that there are 5,000 Chacoan Peccaries alive.

#7 The Lord Howe Island Stick Insect

This insect is also known as the Tree Lobster. The giant insect can grow to be close to six inches long. It was originally found on the Lord Howe Island off the coast of Australia. In 1960, the insect was declared extinct. Scientists believed that after a shipwreck, black rats made it on the island and brought the insect to extinction. Since then, there have been rumors about the insects living on a giant volcano about 18 miles from Lord Howe Island. In 2001, scientists set out on an expedition that found 24 of these insects. Today, there are over 9,000 and they are bred in the Melbourne Zoo.

#8 Takahe

This flightless bird was once native to New Zealand and it is believed to have been driven into extinction in 1898 after the birds were excessively hunted. The first group of Takahe was found in 1948. They were discovered on a mountain on New Zealand’s south island. When they were discovered, scientists began breeding the bird to bring it back from extinction. They used glove puppets to help raise them with minimal human contact. Over time, the birds believed that the breeders were their mothers.

#9 Pygmy Tarsier

Of the 10 animals that came back from extinction, this one is the cutest. This tiny animal weights close to two ounces and has been described as a cross between a Furby and a Gremlin. The animal was last seen alive in the 1920’s, which led scientists to believe that the animal had become extinct due to logging destroying its habitat. After an 8 year expedition in 2008, the Pygmy Tarsier was accidentally trapped in a rat trap by an Indonesian scientist. This animal is known for its giant eyes that help it see at night. To communicate, they use ultrasonic frequencies.

#10 The Coelacanths

This fish disappeared about 65 million years ago, leading scientists to believe that the fish was extinct. It turns out that the fish is just great at playing hide-and-go-seek because it was rediscovered in 1938 when it was caught in a South African river by a fishing boat. Up until 1938, all that was ever found of this ancient fish was its fossilized remains.

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