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Anyone Who Sees Their Dog Standing In This Position Should Know This


Dogs make great companions. Life would be great if they could talk to us and tell us what they are thinking and feeling, but they can’t. You can tell your dog is happy when he is jumping around and wagging his tail. You can tell when he is sad when he puts his ears down and whimpers. If you want to understand more about what your dog is thinking, there are a few cues that you can pick up on. Anyone who sees their dog standing in this position should know this.

Standing Position: Eye Contact

When your dog makes eye contact with those adorable puppy dog eyes, it is the equivalent of him kissing you. If he stares at you, he isn’t creepy; he is trying to show you that he loves you.

Bringing You a Toy

If your dog brings you a toy, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he wants you to throw it. If he doesn’t want to play catch, you throwing his toy could hurt his feelings. He may just be bringing you his favorite toy so that you can enjoy it yourself.

Sleeping With You

If your dog would rather sleep with you in your bed rather than his own, it is because you are his favorite person in the world. It means that he wants to spend as much time with you as possible.

Jumping On You

If your dog rushes to the door and jumps on you when you get home, it means that he missed you. He is trying to get to you as quickly as possible to welcome you home. You are his best friend, and he missed you all day. He just wants you to know that.

Standing Position: Calmness Before You Leave

Before leaving the house, your dog might get very quiet and stare at you. This shouldn’t make you feel guilty. He is calm because he knows that you are going to come back.

Look In His Eyes

Studies have shown that dogs can speak more with their eyes than with their body language. If you want to know what your dog is feeling, look into his eyes for a few minutes.

Cuddling After Meals

If your dog often cuddles with you after a meal, he is trying to tell you that he is your best friend. He is also thanking you for his delicious meal.

Leaning On You

If your dog leans on you while you are sitting or standing, it isn’t because he is dizzy or tired. It is his way of hugging you. Since he can’t put his paws around you for a real hug, this is the closest he can get.

A Flick Of the Tongue

If your dog flicks his tongue at you, it is his way of telling you that he is sorry for what he has done. He knows that he is irresistible when he does this, so you should forgive him.


If your dog is yawning in front of you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he is tired. It means that he feels safe with you. Animals in the wild yarn as a sign of submission, and he is trying to show you that he trusts you completely.

Standing Position: Yawning II

If you are out in public and your dog is yawning, he might not be tired, or he is trying to tell you that he feels safe. In some cases, it could be that he is feeling anxious or nervous about his surroundings.

Sitting At Your Feet

If your dog sits at your feet often, it means that he is trying to protect you. He is waiting for a simple move of your foot, and he will go into protective mode.

Chewing On Things

If your dog is chewing on furniture, cords, or shoes, it doesn’t mean that he is trying to make you angry. Dogs often chew on things when they feel cooped up. Your dog just needs more playtime, so try taking him for a walk. He may need to release some pent up energy.

One Paw Up

If your dog is walking with one paw off the ground, it doesn’t mean that his paw is in pain. If he is sniffing around the ground with his paw up, he may be playing detective. He is trying to figure something out, and this is his detective position.

Head Tilt

If your dog tilts his head when you talk to him in a high-pitched voice, he is trying to pick up on certain words. He is hoping to hear words like “walk,” “go out” or “treats.”

Standing Position: Howling

Many people believe that their dogs howl because they are the ancestors of wolves. The real reason that your dog is howling is to assert his rank and to communicate with you. He might even want to let loose.

Walking In Circles

If your dog walks in circles before lying down comfortably, he gets it from his wolf ancestors. In the wild, wolves walk in circles to flatten the twigs, leaves, and other debris to make his sleeping area comfortable. Walking in circles is just instinct.

Eating Grass

If your dog is eating grass, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he is hungry. He might be doing it because he needs the grass. Grass can make up for his lack of fiber, it can treat intestinal worms, and it can aid in his digestive health.

Sniffing Butts

Your dog doesn’t sniff other dogs’ butts because he is gross. It is how he gets information about the dog and also a way to say hello.

Eating Poop

If your dog is eating the poop from his crate, he isn’t hungry or disgusting. He is trying to clean up the crate to make things easier on you.

Staring At You

If your dog is continuously staring at you, he isn’t trying to brainwash you or freak you out. He is staring at you because he is begging for your attention.

Dragging His Butt

If your dog is dragging his butt, he may have an itchy rear end. He also might feel poop stuck on his fur, or he could have an issue with his anal glands.

Chasing His Tail

There are plenty of reasons that your dog is chasing his tail. He could be bored, and he is trying to entertain himself. He may have no idea what his tail is. And he could be chasing it due to anal gland issues, or if the space around him is just too cramped.

Hyper After a Bath

If your dog is hyper after his bath, it is normal. He is happy that the bath is finally over, and he wants to dry off his coat quickly.

Sticking His Head Out The Car Window

Dogs love to stick their heads out the window of the car to see the world. Also, the speed and the wind can give him a high.


Dogs don’t always hump inanimate objects for sexual pleasure. Your dog could be doing to assert his dominance. He could also be doing it because he is so happy and excited that he can’t help himself.

Following You

It is not uncommon for your dog to follow you everywhere, even in the bathroom. He isn’t trying to invade your privacy; he wants to be with you and to protect you.

Rolling On His Back

If your dog is playing and he rolls on his back, it is a strategy. He might roll over to avoid a bite or give a bite. If he is playing with a smaller dog, he might roll on his back to give the little dog a fair chance while playing.

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