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10 Dumbest Life Hacks Of All Time

10 Dumbest Life Hacks Of All Time

#1 Use a Toilet Seat To Put Your Plate On While Watching Television

Any person who has tried this life hack needs to have their head examined for a few reasons. First, who has an extra toilet seat laying around the house? To eat this way, you would either need to go out and buy a new toilet seat or you would need to take your existing toilet seat off, which would be really disgusting. It would be much easier and less awkward to buy a TV tray or just use the coffee table. The whole idea is just ludicrous.

#2 Take a Selfie Though a Toilet Paper Roll Tube To Pretend That You’re The Moon

This is a pretty bizarre life hack because who would even want to look like the moon. This hack has you holding the roll close to your face and then taking a selfie holding your phone at the other end. If you have never seen any photos on your friends’ news feeds, it is likely because it is a really stupid idea.

#3 Spray Your Headphones With Johnson’s No More Tangles When They Get Tangled

This life hack makes no sense at all and you can be sure that it would never work. Johnson’s No More Tangles works great to get painful tangles out of a child’s hair. Thinking that it will help get the knots out of headphones is completely outrageous. If you don’t want tangled headphones, try storing them properly. You can wrap them around an empty toilet paper roll or you can find some other way to keep them from getting tangled. because Johnson’s No More Tears certainly won’t work.

#4 Save Space In Your Tennis Ball Can By Cutting One of the Tennis Balls In Half

Of the 10 dumbest life hacks of all time, this is by far the dumbest. It defeats the purpose entirely. If you want to be able to fit an extra ball in your can, and you cut a ball in half you aren’t adding a ball to the can. You are destroying one ball just to fit another one. If you do the math, this life hack in nonsensical. If you just leave the balls as they are, you can leave your extra ball at home or put it in your gym bag and you won’t need to destroy a perfectly good ball.

#5 Sneak a Candy Bar Into the Movies With This Trick

Here is yet another moronic life hack. According to this hack, you remove the clip from your gun and replace it with a candy bar. If you get caught with a candy bar in your pocket when you go to the movies, the worst thing that can happen is they might ask you not to eat it inside. In most cases, you won’t even get caught. If you get caught bringing a gun into the theater, you will be arrested. There aren’t too many people who would be dumb enough to try this.

#6 Use This Subway Vest To Keep People Out of Your Personal Space

This vest looks absolutely ridiculous and it won’t even work. The spikes on the vest are made out of rubber. If someone were to invade your personal space, the spikes wouldn’t harm them at all. The only thing that this vest will do for you on the subway is make you look like a crazy person.

#7 Use the Metal Part Of Your Seat Belt To Open a Beer in the Car

This is a very stupid life hack. While it makes sense, in theory, it is really pretty stupid. If you know anything about life, you will know why. For starters, you shouldn’t be opening beer in the car whether you are the driver or a passenger. If you are caught in the car with a beer, you will be arrested. Since they make bottle openers that you can hang on the wall in your home or hang on your keychain, you certainly don’t need and will never need this life hack.

#8 Magnify Your Phone’s Screen By Putting It In a Glass of Water

Most people know that if you put something in a glass of water, it will look larger though the glass. Most people also know that if you put a cell phone in a glass of water that it will destroy the phone. This is why it makes you wonder who would be dumb enough to suggest this as a life hack. If what you are reading on your phone screen isn’t big enough, use your index finger and your thumb to blow up the screen. If you don’t want to do this, but a phone with a bigger screen. Don’t ever put it in a glass of water.

#9 Keep Cake Moist By Eating It All In One Sitting

This is a stupid life hack and it can make you sick. According to the person who posted this hack, a cake will stay moist if you eat it in one sitting. There are plenty of other ways to keep cake moist. You can wrap it in plastic or aluminum foil or you can keep it in an airtight container.

#10 Don’t Buy New Socks, Use a Permanent Marker

This life hack says that if you have a hole in your sock that you don’t need to buy new ones. Simply color the hole with a permanent market. What?!

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