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10 Cartoon Characters That Exist In Real Life

#1 Princess Merida of DunBroch From Brave

Princess Merida is a fictional character from the movie, Brave. She was a princess, therefore, her parents were disappointed that she would rather fight will spears and practice archery rather than be a polite refined princess. Since she is such a great character, girls who are into Cosplay often dress like her. The girl in this photo has the look down from the red curly hair right down to the blue dress. Of all the girls that dress up like Princess Merida from Brave at Cosplay, this girl resembles her the closest.

#2 Mr. Burns From The Simpsons

When it comes to cartoon villains, Mr. Burns is one of the evilest. He is a metaphor for everything that is wrong in the world. He is corrupt and he is evil. He owns the Nuclear Power Plant in Springfield, and he is worth over a billion dollars. There is a man in the world who looks just like Mr. Burns. He may not be as rich or as evil as the cartoon character, however, the resemblance between the two is uncanny. Also, he doesn’t work at or own a nuclear power plant.

#3 Eggs From The Boxtrolls

Eggs is the main character in the 2014 children’s movie, The Boxtrolls. Eggs is a boy who was orphaned and then adopted by the Boxtrolls. He loved his family and would do anything for them. Eggs was pretty adorable, and there is actually a boy out there who looks just like him. He may not be an orphan, but the two look exactly alike. It is not known whether or not the boy that looks like Eggs is as nice as him, but they sure to look a lot alike.

#4 Granny From the Looney Tunes Cartoons

If you have ever seen a Sylvester the Cat and Tweety cartoons, you have seen Granny. She owns Tweety and Sylvester and she often saves the little yellow bird from being eaten by Sylvester. Granny has white hair that she wears in a bun with little round glasses. There is a woman who actually looks just like Granny. Chances are that she doesn’t have a black and white cat and a yellow Tweety bird, but the two look very similar.

#5 Carl Fredricksen from UP

UP is a children’s movie that follows Carl’s entire life. He is a good guy, but many people think that he is a bit strange. He makes friends in the movie and eventually realizes that he isn’t all alone in the world. Carl from UP has a human doppelganger. Not only do the two wear the same glasses, they also have the same nose and the same smile. They look so similar that you would think that Carl was based on this man. According to the UP cartoon department, this man was not the inspiration for Carl. It is a coincidence that the two look exactly the same.

#6 Flash From Zootopia

Flash is a sloth from the Disney movie, Zootopia. Sloths are known for being the slowest and laziest animals on the planet. Flash happens to be the fastest working sloth at the Department of Mammal Vehicles. The girl in this photo might not be a sloth, but she looks just like Flash. The share the same smile and the same lazy eyes. The resemblance between the two is unmistakable. It is crazy that a human girl can look like a cartoon sloth, but these two really do look strikingly similar.

#7 Edna From The Incredibles

Edna is a half Japanese and half German fashion designer from The Incredibles. She is a very sweet, talented character. If you have ever seen NCIS, you know who Linda Hunt is. She looks just like Edna. Some people believe that the character was based on Linda due to their similar appearance and mannerisms. Others think that it is just a huge coincidence. Of the 10 cartoon character that exist in real life, these two look the most similar.

#8 Ned Flanders From The Simpsons

Mr. Burns isn’t the only character from The Simpsons who has a human doppelganger. Ned Flanders is a good guy. He is very religious and he is often involved in social friendly activities. He also owns a store with items made especially for left-handed people. Ned’s human doppelganger has the same hairstyle, glasses, mustache, and even the same fashion sense. Since nobody is as nice as Ned Flanders, it is hard to fathom that the two share that trait as well.

#9 Elsa From Frozen

Every little girl dreams of being a princess. When it comes to Disney princesses, Elsa is one of the most popular. She is the oldest daughter of Arendelle’s king and queen and she is the heiress to the throne. Everyone is afraid of Elsa because he can create snow and ice, which in some cases, ends up hurting people. The girl is this photo looks just like Elsa. She is into Cosplaying and she looks exactly like the cartoon princess.

#10 The Dog Who Looks Just Like Scooby Doo

Scooby Doo is one of the most popular cartoon dogs. Along with Shaggy, his owner, and his other friends, Scooby Doo solves mysteries. The dog in this photo looks exactly like Scooby Doo. His owner is even wearing the same green shirt and red pants worn by Shaggy.

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