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10 Exotic And Unique Birds Around The World

#1 The Blue and Yellow MacawThis beautiful bird is a large South American parrot that is blue and yellow. It is found in the woodlands of tropical South America. This bird is not only amazing because of its bright colors, it is also amazing due to its ability to talk. This makes it very easy for humans to bond with these birds.

#2 The Rainbow LorikeetThis beautiful bird is found in Australia. It is most commonly seen along from South Australia and Tasmania to Queensland, along the eastern seaboard. The colors on this bird are very bright and vivid. The bird’s head is bright blue and his neck, beak, and eyes are a bright color red. The wings are a vivid green. Because of its beautiful appearance and its bright vivid colors, this is a very sought after bird as a family pet.

#3 The PeacockThe peacock is absolutely amazing. It has a massive tail with iridescent colors, which make this bird one of the most beautiful in the world. The peacock’s feathers are more than just beautiful. The male peacock’s feathers quiver, and emit a low frequency sound that humans cannot hear, but female peacocks can. Whether the male is close to the female or very far away, she can hear the male’s call. These aren’t the only creatures in the wild with this amazing ability. There is only one other. Elephants can produce the same sound with their vocal cords.

#4 The Sun ConureThe sun conure is also known as the sun parakeet. Sadly, this beautiful bird is on the endangered species least. It is due to the fact that these birds are often captured and sold as pets. The reason this bird is so in demand is that it is beautiful. It is mostly golden yellow with an orange face and underparts. This bird can live for up to 30 years, making it a great pet. The bird is mostly found in South America and the male and female are very similar in appearance.

#5 The Red MacawThe red macaw is also known as the scarlet macaw and it is the national bird of Honduras. This bird is found in South America and it is very beautiful. It’s body is mostly red, and the wings are blue and yellow. It is the bird’s colors that make it so beautiful and so highly in demand. Like the sun conure, the red macaw is facing extinction because it is captured so often for the pet trade.

#6 The Golden PheasantWhen most people think about pheasants, they think about game birds that people hunt. The golden pheasant, also known as the Chinese pheasant, is still a gamebird, but considering how beautiful this bird is, it is very sad that it is hunted. It is found in many places around the world, including China, the UK, the U.S., Mexico, and New Zealand to name just a few. This bird’s body is bright red and it also has very bright red, blue, and greens in its body. The vivid colors and the beautiful designs make this bird extremely unique.

#7 QuetzalThis is a strikingly colored bird who is often found in the southern United States and Mexico. The wings are an iridescent green or a golden green. The body is a vivid red. Regardless of their bright colors, they can be very difficult to see in their natural habitat. This makes it difficult to for these birds to be caught for the pet trade. It may be difficult to catch them, however, many bird lovers would love to have this beautiful bird as a pet.

#8 The ToucanThe toucan is a very popular cartoon bird. If you have ever eaten a bowl of Fruit Loops, you have seen Toucan Sam on the box. The actual toucan is very similar to the cartoon version. His body is bright yellow and black. It is actually his beak that makes him so beautiful and so unique. The beak is much larger than the beaks on most other birds, and it is very colorful. It is very rare to see a toucan alone, and they are often found in pairs and in small flocks.

#9 The TuracoThe turaco is a very beautful bird. It is a very bright color green with bright red eyes. It is the feathers on the top of his head that make him look very unique. The feathers stick straight up, and it looks as though he has a green mohawk. The turaco is unlike most other birds, as it does not eat worms and bugs. The main food in this bird’s diet is plantains. This is a very beautiful and unique bird.

#10 The Mandarin DuckThis duck earns its place as one of the 10 birds exotic unique in the world because it is so beautiful. It is closely related to the North American wood duck, but it is much brighter and more beautiful. The colors on this duck are incredibly vivid. The colors most commonly found on this beautiful duck are purple, blue, yellow, orange, and red. It is one of the most unique ducks that you will ever see. This duck is so beautiful that its likeness is used as a symbol in Chinese weddings. In Chinese lore, the mandarin duck symbolizes wedded bliss and fidelity.

#11 The Blue Horned White BirdThis bird has never been seen by a human, and many people believe that the bird in this photo is fake. Because it looks like half mammal and half bird, the chances that this photo was faked is very high.

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