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10 Most Expensive Animals In The World

10 Most Expensive Animals In The World

#1 Green Monkey- $16,000,000

Green monkey isn’t a monkey who is green. It is actually a horse. The horse was purchased when he was just two years old by Demi O’Byrne. The Green Monkey comes from Kentucky Derby Champions, therefore, his owner had no problem spending millions of dollars on the horse hoping that it would be a winner as well. Sadly, Green Monkey never won a race. On February 12, 2008, O’Byrne retired Green Monkey for good.

#2 Miss Missy The Cow- $1,200,000

Of the 10 most expensive animals in the world, you would never expect a cow to be one of them. Miss Missy is a white Holstein cow. In 2009, she was the winner of the Western Fall National Show. She won the title of North America’s Grand Champion. Among all of the animal shows in the world, this one of the most renowned. After she won the championship, many people were fighting to buy her. The person who bought her ended up paying $1,200,000. This is a lot of money to pay for one cow.

#3 The Tibetan Mastiff- $582,000

If you are planning to adopt a dog, you might want to think twice about adopting a Tibetan Mastiff because of the enormous price tag. The average price of a pure breed is $582,000. This dog is also one of the largest breeds in the world. This dog stands over 32 inches tall and can weigh over 150 pounds. If you have the money to buy a Tibetan Mastiff, you might not have the money necessary to feed and care for the dog. Many people adopt these dogs because their fur never gets the unpleasant odor that many dogs have. Also, these dogs are very protective. These are qualities that dog owners look for.

#4 Sir Lancelot Encore- $155,000

Sir Lancelot Encore is not the first Sir Lancelot Encore. His owners were Edgar and Nina Otto who lived in Florida. After losing their beloved dog to cancer in 2008, the couple decided to clone his DNA. The result was Sir Lancelot Encore #2. The Ottos entered Sir Lancelot Encore into the Bio-arts auction in San Francisco and it was determined that this adorable dog was worth $155,000.

#5 White Lion Cubs- $138,000

White lion cubs are an extremely rare and adorable lion breed. The only place that you can really find these animals is in the South African wildlife reserve. Most are homegrown in the Timbavati region of South Africa. According to the Global Lion Protection trust, there are only about 300 white lions living in the world today. While owning a lion is a bad idea, many people think they are rare and cute. The price tag on one of these lions is $138,000, however, it is impossible to get your hands on one to keep as a pet.

#6 The Stag Beetle- $89,000

Having a stag beetle as a pet sounds very weird to most people. The stag beetle is very rare. It has a blood colored mandible and antlers coming out of the back of its head. This beetle can grow to around two to three inches long. A breeder in Japan had a stage beetle who was a bit over three inches long and he was able to sell the bug for $89,000. The buyer paid him in full on the spot.

#7 The Palm Cockatoo- $16,000

The Palm Cockatoo is a beautiful, rare bird. It is either black or smoky gray in color and it can grow to 22 to 24 inches. The Palm Cockatoo has a very large crest and an especially large bill. If you are lucky enough to try to find someone who is willing to sell one, you can expect to pay $16,000.

#8 The Hyacinth Macaw- $14,000

The Hyacinth Macaw is the largest flying parrot in the world. The bird is often found in the central regions of South America. Over the years, the wild population has declined due to the popularity of this bird being a family pet. This bird has a beak that is so strong that it can crack the hard shell of a coconut. It also eats fruits and vegetables. If you want to buy one of these birds, first you need to find someone willing to sell one. Next, you need to come up with $14,000.

#9 De Brazza’s Monkeys- $7,000 to $10,000

De Brazza’s Monkeys are also known as swamp monkeys. They are most commonly found in Central Africa in the wetlands. Thanks to their superior hiding abilities, they are very hard to find, which makes this monkey a rare find. De Brazza’s monkeys can live up to 22 years and if you wanted to have one for a pet, it would cost you a lot of money.

#10 The Toucan- $5,000 to $10,000

The Toucan is found in a variety of areas including the Caribbean, Southern Mexico, and Central and South America. The feathers on this bird are bright and amazing. If you have ever had a box of Fruit Loops, you have likely seen a Toucan because the bird on the box is Toucan Sam. These birds are rare to have as a pet. If you want one, you should be ready to pay between $5,000 and $10,000.

Bonus Animals: Frederik:

Frederik is known as being the most handsome horse in the world. He has shiny black fur and a beautiful, curly mane. He is so popular that he has over 12,500 followers on Facebook and he is priceless. The White Alligator: The white alligator is extremely rare. Only one in 5 million alligators are born white. It has bright blue eyes and white skin, which makes this animal priceless.

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