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10 Longest Trucks In The World

#1 W900 Kenworth

This truck is extremely long and it is distinguished the most by its very long nose style. Its long nose is necessary to hold is huge 15 liter, 600 horsepower engine. The front axles can hold up to 22,000 pounds and the rear axles can hold up to 58,000-pound tandems. The nose on this truck is much longer than that of a traditional rig.

#2 Volkswagen Constellation

This truck is the first large truck created by Volkswagen. It released in September 2005 and it is very long. It is typically used for heavy hauling. This particular truck also entered in the Formula Truck Championship in Brazil and it came in first place. This is surprising considering it is so heavy and large.

#3 The International Lonestar

This is a Class 8 semi-trailer truck. It is manufactured by International Trucks and it is very easily recognizable. This is not only due to its size but also by its streamlined design. This truck is used to tow very heavy loads. These trucks have three or more axles so that they can tow the largest loads possible.

#4 Renault Magnum

This is a heavy duty truck that was manufactured by Renault Vehicules Industries and then it was taken over by Renault Trucks. The truck was first manufactured in 1990 and in 1991, it was awarded the International Truck of the Year. This truck is not only long, it is also tall. It has a great deal of power, which makes it a great truck for heavy hauling. Over the last 20 plus years, the manufacturer has made many advances, which make it one of the best trucks on the market.

#5 Tata Prima

This truck is pretty amazing since it is capable of towing other very heavy vehicles. It was produced by Tata Daewoo. Over the years, it has won a variety of awards. This truck is extremely long, and it can pull up to 40 tons. This is the go-to truck for auto manufacturers to get the brand new vehicles to the dealerships who will be selling them. Since buyers don’t want any miles on their brand new car, it takes a truck with this size and this kind of power to haul such a heavy load.

#6 The Peterbilt Truck

This truck is very large. It has two rectangular headlights that are about the size of the driver’s side window of a typical two-door vehicle. The rig is extremely large and it is considered to be a Class 8 truck. One of the most popular companies who use these rigs is Coca-Cola. These rigs transport the soft drink all over the country and it is capable of hauling a huge amount of the product.

#7 Lindsay Transport B-Double

This truck is extremely large as it is capable of pulling not just one trailer, but two. It has 18 wheels and can pull some really heavy weight. This truck makes it possible for companies to haul twice the amount of product in one run. This can save a lot of time and money. This is a very difficult truck to drive and in certain places, you need a special license to be allowed to haul two trailers at once.

#8 Volvo NH15

This is an incredibly long truck. It is also known as a Road Train. This is a trucking concept that is used in remote areas of countries including the United States, Mexico, Australia, Canada, and Argentina. These trucks are used to move as much cargo as possible. Since the trucks deliver to remote areas, they only get there occasionally. This means that they need to get as much cargo possible in each shipment. These trucks typically pull between one and three trailers, in some cases, more. These trucks have completely changed the shipping industry for the better.

#9 Mack Titan

The Mack Titan is the longest road train in existence. On February 18, 2006, a man named John Atkinson drove his Mack Titan in Queensland, Australia. The truck can typically haul over 200 tons. It is equipped with a heavy-duty frame that can deal with a great deal of stress and weight. It also helps it to drive on unpaved roads. The day John drove his truck, he was towing 112 trailers. In all, they measured 4,836 feet, 11 inches. This is currently the record for the longest truck (road train) in the world.

#10 The Australian Roadtrain

This longest truck in the world was designed to travel on the back roads of the Australian Outback. Since these roads are often deserted, they are the best for this monster of a truck to travel. These trucks need to be large because they carry valuable resources to farms and other buildings that are located in very remote areas of Australia. Since these places are so far from civilization, most trucking companies don’t add these places to their regular route. Since there are no regular deliveries, the trucking company must put as much product on the trucks as possible. This will last the buyer a long time, making regular trips unnecessary.

These trucks are similar to the Mack Titan, however, they are able to pull larger loads, longer distances. Of the 10 longest trucks in the world, this one is by far the longest. It is also a huge asset for those living in remote areas of the Australian Outback.

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